Mama Chan's Birthday

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy birthday, Mama Chan and XY jie!

Actually, today's Mama Chan and XY's birthday, but we celebrated Mama's birthday in advance on Sunday, because that is when everyone else is free and not working. :D

Before I begin, I wanna wish these two important ladies in my life a wonderful birthday. I'm thankful for them being in my life, with Mama Chan always coming over with home-cooked food ever since we got our new place and taking such good care of me, even though I'm already a married woman and a mother myself. :)

I'm also thankful for XY, whom for the past 4 years, has been my emotional support. Whenever I meet unreasonable people, she will be the one there for me, telling me to ignore them cuz they are crazy. (LOL her favourite sentence: "Aiyah, she siao one lah!")

As you're reading this post now, I think Nian, Dylan and I are having a lovely time at Ikoi with her, stuffing ourselves with fresh sashimi, jokes and gossips. Hehe.


Back to Sunday, we woke up early to prepare for a dim sum brunch at Peach Garden.

Say hi to my boys!


I've been constantly on the look out for front-buttoned dresses like these because (for the millionth time) it is easy for me to feed Dylan. That aside, it is quite hard to find front-button tops that fits me. Most of them fits about 15" to 16" pit to pit, but I require at least a 17" to be comfortable, so I'm really happy I got this dress. At a sale some more!

Well... looking at the bright side it means that I'm well-endowed hahaha #humblebrag

I paired it with two belts (both from BKK) and Nian was saying, "Why you wear so many belts! First one not working meh?"

Men. -___-

We went back to Peach Garden for dim sum because it is located really near our place and their service and food quality have improved greatly since the first time we visited. Thumbs up for their effort!

Ordered a whole table of our usual dim sum - I think their siew mai is really good! The deep fried prawn dumplings were also very fresh and not soggy after the deep-frying.

I also tried my first custard bun (流沙包), but I didn't like it at all. I think it's too sweet for me, but my sister insists that the one at Peach Garden is a bad representation of the very delicious custard bun.

Well, we will be trying the one at Toa Payoh (I dunno where, but according to her it is so good she craves for it every time she goes to school wtf) so I'll have a verdict if all custard buns are bad, or just this one alone. :p

The bill came up to about $123 for the 7 of us, which works out to be slightly lesser than $18/pax. Now this is something I'd pay for for a good breakfast in a restaurant la. $30 is too much lor! (Refer to my previous post below if you catch no ball)


Before the dim sum arrived, I whipped out the very ugly looking birthday cake for my mom and granny. Did you spot it in the picture above? Everyone was amused by how thin the cake was...

Aiyah, I ran out of batter what. :p

World's ugliest cake

I think I've also given the cake a really ugly coat of buttercream frosting. LOL. How do people actually frost their cakes so nicely?!

When I piled on the cream, it was so hard to spread them. Everything was just oily and slippery, but it tastes amazingly good lol. I thought the cream will definitely melt the next day, but to my surprise, it was firmer after I refrigerated it overnight and therefore more presentable.


Here's how it looks inside. Initially, I think all my family members were quite unwilling to eat it because it looked so ugly, but after Mama Chan cut it, everyone was like "Whoaaaa SO COLOURFUL!"

Wait till I perfect the rainbow cake, you guys! :p

Here's another close-up look on it.

Anyway, do you know that you shouldn't be eating too much rainbow cakes? All these colours are all artifically coloured with food colouring and they don't actually get digested very well.

After eating 2 batches of cupcakes (which is like 11 of them, with Nian eating 4 and myself 7 OMGWTFSOMANY), I had blue poo just the day before.

Gave me the biggest shock of my life. I thought I was turning into a Na'vi or something. You know, Avatar. Then I realized it was from the undigested food colouring. Why not let me shit rainbows then, body???

So yes, after XY's rainbow cakes, Imma bake some other cakes - like my favourite Oreo Cheesecake for example. I think that will digest better. Yes?

Peach Garden @ Orchid Country Club
#02-35 Orchid Country Club
1 Orchid Club Rd 
Singapore 769162
6759 3833

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