Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

For one year. One freakin' year, I didn't eat any raw / semi-raw food. That means there were no sashimi and no steak... and that's about 50% of my favourite food out of the to-eat list.

As soon as I delivered Dylan, Nian then told me, "I bring you to eat nice Japanese food after your confinement ok?"

And he true to his word, I had my Japanese lunch!

What touched me even more was his hands that he actually went to do research on Japanese buffets, when he could have brought Dylan and I to the usual Ichiban / Sakae Sushi. In the end, we ended up at Ikoi Japanese Restaurant at Hotel Miramar for their lunch buffet.

He really wants me to eat to my fill with all the sashimi!

Bought this Outfit of the Day recently, a colourful woven piece that even Nian paid compliments to it! I love it being a tube top, easy for me to feed Dylan, as you can see in the above picture. :p

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After feeding him for two months, I can say that I'm somewhat semi-professional in using one hand to do anything while feeding - I can eat, text, solve Math problems for my students. Once, I even attempted to cook some food! I decided not to do it in the end cuz I really don't want to scald the little boy accidentally while at it.

Back to Ikoi, I really enjoyed the fare because the food tastes so authentically Japanese! The teapot soup, for example, makes me feel like we were back in Tokyo and snowing outside! The sashimi range was also excellent. Apart from the usual salmon, we also had yellow tail, tuna and even swordfish! That's really pretty affordable at $35++ per pax, don't you think so?

Of course, there were even more that we didn't manage to stomach. They've got udon too, and many other side dishes, sushi and maki.

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The downside is that the restaurant is really small, so reservations have to be made way in advance. It was also difficult for us to maneuveur Dylan's pram around that confined space... not to say the amount of stares we get from the patrons. :x

But apart from that, we will confirm plus chop re-visit next time. :D I wanna bring all my favourite people there! XY, get ready, you'd be the first!

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
401 Havelock Road
#01-01 Hotel Miramar
Singapore 169631
Tel: 6887 3788

Opening hour:
Lunch: 11.30am - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.00pm - 11.00pm

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