How buying a cupcake can help someone

Monday, October 08, 2012

If weekdays are simply not your thang because you've ridiculously long working hours, terrible colleagues... or just well, you'd prefer staying at home or be out shopping rather than sitting in the same ol' cubicle, you should try the cupcakes therapy.

It's something that I come up with actually. What I do is that I'd buy a dozen of cupcakes of my favourite flavour (currently it's either Swirls' Mint Chocolate Bliss or Red Velvet), then bring it to work. After every hour of hectic work, I reward myself with one cuppie as a pat on my back.

It's very useful! I love feeling the sugar rush and then I become chirpier and more positive almost instantaneously. By the end of my cupcake-therapy, I am good to chiong for another few more meetings. :)

What a great quote this is
Now, apart from spuring yourself on, would you be interested if your cupcake purchase can actually help someone?

To be exact, it's Chevy's granny.

Chevy and Granny

Chevy is my ex-colleague from Vibes. She's a cheerful, funny, God loving and a helpful lady whom I was thankful to meet back in 2010. In fact, both Chevy and her husband were the ones helping us with our wedding decorations. Remember our wedding invites and little fridge magnets? It was the work of this couple.

Fast forward now, Chevy's granny has been in & out of the hospital for the past few months. Aside from dealing with the illness, Chevy's family also had to deal with the huge amount of finance that came along with the hospitalization. There were times that they wouldn't know where to get the resources to sustain her granny.

Chevy's grandmother has been discharged from the hospital about 1.5 months ago. Supposedly, she will undergo for a minor surgery. However, the doctors didn't push through as she failed one of the tests - she had pneumonia and this has to be cured first before they can move on to the next level.

And with that, they allowed her to be discharged and be treated from home, with a 24/7 Oxygen support until everything stablises. An oxygen tank per day will cost about $15, which is very costly as they don't know when would Chevy's granny get well from the illness.

Thankfully, she recovered from pneumonia about 2 to 3 weeks back and the doctors are now allowing her to go through with the initial operations. That said, there is still money needed, even though the worst is over. As such, Chevy has decided to start a little project herself - the Cupcake Project.

Basically, anyone can order a dozen of Red Velvet cakes from her at $60. She will then bake the cakes and then meet up with you somewhere and pass them to you. All of these monies will be used to help Chevy's granny in the operation and recuperation (and partially to the ingredients, of course)

I've also done my part and bought a dozen of these delectable cupcakes from her yesterday. Here are some pictures!

The cakes were very well done! Everyone knows how difficult it is to make red velvet cakes - the beetroot juice, the correct proportion of batter etc. Besides, red velvets are not cheap in the market to begin with wtf.

You can expect Chevy's Red Velvet cakes to be moist in the inside and rather springy to bite. It is not too sweet, so you don't get sick of eating many of them at one go. So far, Nian, my youngest sis and I have already finished 6 (I kinda ate 4 hahaha) and I'm still not sick of it yet.

That's probably why her Red Velvet tasted so good. :)

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