Dylan Turns 2 Months

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Little things I remember this month:
  • Dylan could somewhat understand when I repeat the word "milk milk" to him when he cries for it, and he would calm down and wait for me to carry him up
  • He went for his first staycation with us
  • We cut his finger accidentally while trimming his nails :(
  • I destroyed his musical mobile because I wound it up too much. Now his favourite penguin and hippo don't move anymore :(
  • He tried turning to his sides!
  • I heard his laugh for the first time, then subsequently, he laughs out loud pretty often. :D
  • He loves eating my shoulders, still. :p
  • He fixed his sleeping hours - 10AM to 2PM is his nap time, 7.30PM to 6.30AM is his bed time. He knows that he needs to be in the bedroom for his bed time, and will fuss for that to happen.
  • He loves to be carried upright or sit upright now, so that he can look around!
  • He doesn't sleep while I push him on his pram anymore. Looking around seems more fun!

My dear son,

Sometimes, when I look at you, I am still marveled that you were the little one that huddled in my tummy for 38 weeks.. I'm still amazed that you were the one who hiccuped all the time, making little jerks on my stomach that Daddy and I will laugh till no end.

I still remember how you would snuggle to one end of my tummy when I watched thriller movies, or attending events with very loud noises. Even now, you're still not a fan of loud noises.

People tell me that the first two months of a child is a nightmare. You don't get enough sleep, you don't really understand the child (and neither does the child understand you). But I'm thankful that you're such a darling, my dear. You're such a breeze to take care, I'm grateful for it. 

You let Mummy clean your tongue, clear your nose and wipe your ears down without kicking up a fuss. You let me clean your backside when you poo-poo without losing your patience with me when I sometimes take too long. But you actually do wee and shoot poo at Daddy and I sometimes too! I wonder if that's a cheeky move from you because we made you raise your legs for too long. :p

You see, Mummy's not a super experienced care-taker. I'm clumsy at times and sometimes I hit you accidentally with the pillow when I try to adjust you. Sometimes, I have trouble putting the T-shirt through your head. Sometimes, I really cannot tell what you want. This, I'm sorry. But I'm really enjoying these 2 months with you!

We sleep side-by-side, go out for walks, cuddle and play little toys together... you make me amazed with myself that I can take care of another little human. :)

Let's grow together, Dylan. Let's learn to understand one another, with me more to you. I want to be your best friend whom you can always, always count on.


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