Dylan at Week 10

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 10. That means I only have another 6 more weeks to go before I go back to the workforce again. I don't even know how to put it, it's a sense of dread and anticipation that's completely unknown to me.

I anticipate going back to my office again and pick up all the tasks that I've left behind 16 weeks ago. I look forward to our year-end bonus (lol)... and stuff like that.

On the other hand, I totally dread the day where I have to leave my son under the care of another person. It is not the caretaker's problem, she can be totally experienced with kids, I will still be unable to let Dylan go. Every time I think about it, my heart wrenches a tiny bit. :(

Will she know what Dylan wants? Sometimes, he fusses cuz he wants his pacifier. Sometimes, he cries because he's hungry. Sometimes, he is just feeling hot. Will she know? Or will Dylan have to cry his lungs out before he feels comfortable?

These days, Dy and I have such a close bond, he doesn't need to cry for his milk at all. He will just fidget around and look at me and I will look at him and I will just *know* that he is hungry. How will it be if he has to cry for his milk again? :(

Will she follow what I want and have done for Dy? Will she not speak to him in baby language? (We don't speak to Dylan in baby language. If we are going out, we say we are going out instead of gai gai. If he wants milk, I'll ask him if he wants "milk milk", instead of "mum mum" etc.) I hate it when some aunties we meet outside decides to speak to Dylan in baby language. Like seriously. -__- 

Because Dy's bedtime is between 7pm to 6am, I am also worried that I may not see him awake enough. Of course I can still see him when he sleeps, but he won't be able to see and talk to me. :(

I start work at 8.30am and that means that I have to deposit Dylan at the caretaker's at about 7.30am. That will mean a 1.5 hours of interaction, before I am gone for 11 hours and come back and pick him up at 7pm.

By then, he will be asleep. WHY! WHY do we have to work such long hours! Why can't we have the good ol' 9-5pm these days! :(

That being said, I'm grateful that my existing job doesn't require me to OT. How many jobs give you this guarantee, right! So I should be thankful. Things could've been worse........ D: So I apologize for being such a paranoid and nervous mom who is going back to work. :\

In other (happier) news, Nian has been hanging out very often with Dylan and I cuz he was on off!

I love moments like these cuz I have an extra pair of hands for help. Nian spent the entire day helping me with the boy - from bathing to changing his diapers to putting him to sleep! *clap clap*

Apart from that, he also brought us out for a nice lunch and we rented loads of old movies. :)

Talking about movies, here are some old shows that we finally watched!

I think there's no point for a review now since most shows are last year's shows. My favourite among these four has to be We Bought A Zoo. The little girl was so cute!

I think Breaking Dawn Part 1 was not bad towards the end also, but the sex part between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan was kinda... awkward. Looking forward to the part 2 that is coming out next month because they are fighting the Vulturi omg!

On nice lunches, I got to satisfy my steak craving at Jack's Place om nom nom.

I will always, always order their set because I love their lobster bisque a lot! It is very fresh and has a generous amount of chunky lobster bits. And their garlic bread is almost always very good too.

The mushrooms with slipper lobster and crab was only average though. It didn't bear any tinge of lobster nor crab, all I tasted were the mushrooms and cheese. Very meh. Won't go for this next time!

Nian also helps me to take care of Dylan while we ate. I thought it was really sweet of him. :)

Because it was raining heavily outside and the restaurant was cold, here's a series of pictures of Nian trying to put on a cape for the little boy while he fidgets around. At one point, the cape was covering his face, hahaha! (see pic #3 LOL)

Totally made my day watching the two of them messing around like that. :)

Another note-worthy happening of this week would be my virgin Rainbow Cupcake bake!

The taste was really good. Not too sweet and the vanilla scent was just nice. The bad part was that the coloured batter somehow didn't rise simultaneously, so all the colours were somehow mixed together fml.

I'm gonna give it another go either today or over the weekend before baking the final stuff for Mama Chan and XY for their birthdays!

This is another good thing about being on leave. I get to do so many nice things that I like. :)

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