Brunch at Arbite

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I haven't seen Daen since Dylan's baby shower, so when he asked us out, I had to say yes! :)

I always love talking to him. Initially, I find him extreeeeeeemely naggy (which was annoying), but after you get to know him, you'd realize that Daeny is actually a very, very wonderful and funny person.

Or a little pony, as he calls himself.

He's always so optimistic and forgiving, I don't even... -__-

Sometimes, when our superiors drive us up the wall, he will always be the one who will take a deep breath, give it a shrug and continue to be happy like that. He doesn't really let his problems weigh him down too much, even though his problems are usually, well, problematic.

I love his contagious laughter too. It makes me laugh at a joke that is not funny at all wtf.

Once, I was telling the Vibes kids (the term I call for my ex-colleagues lol) a story on how my dad catches rats. It came to this part of the story where the rat was drowned in a pail of water, but this particular rat in the story, didn't die.

Instead, it drank up all the water in the pail! Everyone's expression was like...

WHAT KINDA SCORCERY WAS THAT? A really thirsty rat?????

But Daeny just burst into this hysterical, really funny laughter... so much so that tears were forming in his eyes. Like I just said the funniest joke in the world wtf.

And then all of us started laughing out of nowhere at the rat who drank a pail of water, which in reality, isn't exactly that funny at all. -___-

I think everyone should have a friend like Daen. Someone who is always happy and optimistic like that.. at least on the surface LOL.


So back to our brunch on Friday. I decided to go Arbite because I heard so much raves on their food and service, it makes me wanna go there and try it myself!

Before that, the three of us woke up super early to prepare to go for the baby fair in Expo! Unfortunately, the sale was not very good - there were only Huggies on sale for the diapers, and then the rest were pretty much the same. :(

Wanted to buy a bigger swaddle for Dylan because he's bursting out all that he has, but there was this annoying little girl who annoyed the hell out of me:

Me: Hi excuse me, do you have L sized swaddles? It will be great if you have those that can fit up to 6 months.

Her: Oh, 6 months no need to swaddle already.

ORLY? What if I WANT to swaddle him? What if there are L-sized babies who are the size of a 6-month-old at 4 months?

Btw, I really asked her back. I asked her what if I wanna swaddle Dylan at 6 months old. She stunned, didn't say anything, then the bitch-Jac went on further and said, "So, you all don't sell la?"

Ok sorry, I know I was very bitchy but seriously, stop telling me what to do already. I asked for a L-sized swaddle, if you don't sell it, just tell me you don't sell it. Don't come and tell me I don't need to swaddle him.

So we left the disappointing fair and went to Times book sale.

Bought Dy a book - The Very Sleepy Sloth. Dunno what's in it yet but the colours and images soooo colourful! I think he'll like it. :)

Other stuff we bought were a Picture Pocket, which is really cool cuz it has a magnetic strip on it. So instead of mounting on walls, we could stick it on our fridge! And then we also bought some wall decals for his room, need to find time to assemble them up! No hurry of course, it could possibly be another 2 more years before he moves into his own room LOL.
OOTD with my sleeping baby boy <3
 We also managed to buy more new plants for our humble abode!

Knowing that I love red roses, Nian bought me a pot of it. I officially have red roses for all the important moments of my life: First anniversary with him, my ROM, Chinese wedding, giving birth to Dylan and now for my first house.

With this pot of roses, I can have fresh and (almost) unlimited supply of roses for quite a while too! I think this is what we call... a practical and romantic man hahaha. :)

After that, we finally adjourned to Arbite. By then, we were all famished!

Hi baby, why you so cute! ^^
Daen couldn't make up his mind and decide between the burger or squid ink pasta

Here's our food!

Clockwise from top-left: Nian's Pappardelle with Mushrooms and Parma Ham ($19.90) | My Arbite Breakfast ($15.90) | Daeny's Squid Ink Tagliatelle Seafood ($21.90) | My Wife's Chocolate Cake ($8) and Truffle Fries

I think all the food we ordered were very delicious and served hot. The truffle fries is not available in the menu (so I don't know how much cuz Captain Daen bought us lunch. Thanks Daeny!), but available upon request. I think this is a must-order because the truffle fries is really very well done.

When the fries arrived, all I smell was the fragrance of truffle oil. It also came with the truffle mayo dip, which goes very well with the fries. *Om nom nom*

I didn't try Daen's Squid Ink pasta because since my first try of the squid ink pasta at Pizza Hut's tasting, I concluded that squid ink is not my thing. It doesn't fit my taste buds at all... so, yeah. LOL.

Between my Arbite Breakfast and Nian's Pappardelle, I think I prefer his dish! I love how creamy the entire get-up was, and there was spinach and mushrooms. Both my favourite vegetable! Topped with the slightly salty purma ham at the top, this dish is almost orgasmic. LOVE.

On the otherhand, I find My Wife's Chocolate Cake a tad bitter. The cake inside was very moist and sweet, but I think it was coated with dark chocolate fondant, which contributes to the bitterness. I like my chocolates sweet, so I didn't really like the cake. The Movenpick ice-cream was very creamy though!

I also appreciate that the ice-cream didn't come half-melted or re-freezed, which is very common in many eateries.

So we spent the whole afternoon sitting in the quiet cafe (I was still worried that it may be crowded cuz it was Hari Raya Haji!), playing with Dylan, eating and talking about nothing important.

I'm thankful to know my bunch of Vibes kids, even though my stint at Vibes was a short one. They are always so funny and happy (during lunch time and off-work lolwtf), I'm glad that I took this friendship along with me even after I leave. :)

"Always hang out with happy, optimistic people, because they cheer you up and cheer you on. Hanging out with sad, emotional people just makes you feel like them. A day passes with you being happy, a day also passes with you being sad or angry. So why not choose to be positive every time?"

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Tel: 62870430

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  1. Hi jac,

    Do u need the L size swaddle?? I hv it n nvr use before as my gal do not like it to be swaddle anymore. If u wan I can sell u at $35 which I bought at $40+.

    You can contAct me at



  2. Hi Jac, saw your entry about the swaddle. You may want to consider this instead? :)

    Sleepy Wings for babies and sizes are based on weight. :)

  3. Hello dears,

    Thank you for your offers and suggestions! We managed to get Dylan the swaddles online already. :)

    As Dylan grows out of the swaddles very fast, we are only planning to spend abt $20 on them so most were out of our budget. :)


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