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Thursday, October 11, 2012

So I've been toying with the thought of changing my blog address and finally stop calling myself thesuper-girl.

How it started
The name thesuper-girl started back in 2006. In fact, I made my first post as thesuper-girl on 28 July 2006 complaining about abnormally crazy people. Here's an extract which I still found it rather funny:

A few days back I met this certain crazy person, whom I happen to have dinner with, and he asked me this really stupid question.

Why to people smile when they take a picture?

Seriously, I used to find this person’s thoughts so intriguing and all, like, “WOW you actually think of such things! Like, it’s so amazing you’re so into details!”

But weirdly, when he posed that question to me, I found it extremely lame and totally pointless. Pardon me, but what answer was he expecting out from me?

“People smile into the camera so that they look pretty,” I said.

Then who defines beauty? Who says that people who smile looks pretty?

Maybe he just needs someone to be really mean to him and give him a somewhat-screwed up face, and that he might find it pretty. :)
Anyhow, I pretty much ignored his comments, and continued having my dinner.

I don’t know, but it’s funny when I meet crazy people consecutively in a few days running. Like, they’re not those normally-crazy people. They’re those abnormally-crazy ones.

I happen to be in Wheelock’s Burger King, hoping to grab some cheese sticks and drink before heading down Phuture with the partying bunch, when there was this woman creating such a huge commotion, it was crazy.

She was right in front of me in the queue, and there was this guy in front of her, ordering his food. She kinda cut right in front of the guy, and told the cashier.

“Excuse me Miss, can you help me prepare a cheeseburger, no pickles, little tomato ketchup and god-knows-how-many slices of cheese? I’m in a hurry I cannot wait!”

So, the cashier, being a cashier, told her to queue up because it doesn’t mean that she’s in a hurry it gives her the right to queue-cut. Cuz, then everyone would be in a hurry already!

But no, she kicked up such a mighty big fuss, threw packets of tomato ketchups and paper bags and what not at the cashier, and then stormed off. Oh wow. And she only bought a cheeseburger with a small barley. And that’s less than an hour’s wage of the poor cashier.

Sometimes, customers ain’t always right, eh?

Anyhow, the third crazy episode is actually me.
I got my tongue pierced, just a month after I got my tattoo.

You think I’m mad, I think I’m mad too. The stud has been helping me lose quite a substantial amount of weight.

I don’t know, but 1kg in 4 days is a lot to me!

Can't believe 6 years passed just like that. :)

Why thesuper-girl
Many people used to ask me this question. "Why supergirl? You very li hai meh?"

This name actually came up from my group of friends back then because apart from studying, I was working 3 different part-time jobs. I was working in Redbull, as a tutor and a waitress in a wine bar. I also don't know why I was so hardworking back then lor, haha!

So basically, my daily schedule goes like this: school > work > party > home > shower > school

As you can see, my relationship with sleep was not very good when I was younger. Now, we are of better terms. We see each other every day for at least 8 to 10 hours, albeit interrupted ones.

Thesuper-girl saw through most of my best days and my crappiest days and now, it is also sharing Dylan's life through me. But I think at 27, it is about time I should stop calling myself a girl.

Actually, I can still be a girl at 27 lah but given that I'm married and have a boy, it sounds ridiculous to call myself a girl anymore. Don't make people puke please. LOL.

Which brings me to my initial thought - time to change a URL and call myself something else.

My friend, Smith, suggested re-naming it as thesuper-mummy but wtf I don't think I'm very super in motherhood so that would be a lie!

I also wanna deviate from the name the-somethingsomething. So many people have been using names beginning with the it's so what the fuck lor.


Btw, I think I really led quite an eventful life when I was younger. Some of the favourite quotes & memories of myself when I read back, LOL

These days I see friends who are younger than me getting married, pregnant and starting up their own little cosy housey. And it gets me all envious of them. Well, at least they met someone who loves them enough (or guilty enough) to marry them. Ain’t it great to be marrying early? 

I actually know the reason why the instructions of Death Note was written in English.

Oh, last night was a night-out for my ex-boyfriends. I saw Jerry in Plaza Singapura while we were tidbits shopping for the movie. He’s much taller now, and it was quite funny that he actually shook my hands when he saw me.
So formal. Hahaha.
And then, I saw someone whom I dreaded to see the most. Andrew. He was in his usual blue cap and blue top and board shorts, and he was holding the hand of another girl.
I mean, of course it’s ok. I’m out with another guy too and there’s nothing to make a big hoo-ha about. But what I found it disturbing was that I knew he was going to pretend he didn’t see me, and he wouldn’t mention any single thing to his now-girlfriend at all. 
The difference was perhaps there isn’t any love being produced after the love-making session.  - On a certain man I knew who was sleeping around
I mean, I’m 21 and I know what’s fling and crush. But love?
I think I need to be older to know that better.
Dear Jac,
Your A&P test is coming tomorrow, so it is necessary that you plan your time properly. Miss Yee’s topics are only the digestive system whereas Dr. E’s topics are the homeostasis and the Central Nervous System.

It is very essential that you do well for them, or else, you’re pretty much screwed for the semester.

And since you’ve been piling on quite a huge amount of carbo these days, it is very obvious that you are soon turning into nothing but a big piece of walking meat. Hence, you should arrange your time table so to work out as well.

No excuses such as tiredness or the test is coming would be tolerated and accepted.

Please note the following classes that you are scheduled to attend:

Tuesday 17/10:
5.20-6.20PM Introduction to Step
6.40-7.40PM Hip Hop Class

Since you end school 2.30PM, please take note that you should have sufficient time between this period to study at least one chapter.

That leaves 2 chapters for you to cover for the night.

Please also remember to do your daily catching up with the army guy inside the camp, for he just ran his SOC this morning.

That would pretty much end the schedule for your day.

For the schedule for the next coming days, do refer back to this space and we will provide you with as much details and advice as necessary.

We wish you all the best in completing your schedules for today!

Yours Sincerely,
Jac’s time-plan

WTF. -.-”

I really think I was quite funny. Sorry if you think I'm not, then perhaps you'll enjoy my blog posts now, since I'm less funny. Aiyah whatever lah. I think once a funny, always a funny.

Gosh, I still remember how I used to hate some of my Biotech modules. A&P (Anatomy & Physiology) wasn't so bad, I sucked the most at DNA sequencing wtf.

Henceforth, thesuper-girl shall be renamed as HELLOMRSTAN (which says Hello, Mrs Tan. Hello back to you too!). It will be live tomorrow, hopefully! If is not up, at least will be for the moment. (I wanted blogspot but after migrating all my posts there, it didn't show up wtf. So I had to make do with wordpress for the mo'!)

Do update your bookmarks and favourites, because I'm un-registering, which means you won't be able to get back to this page by next week and that would probably means we will lose each other forever. :'(

I'm now sorting out the backends of the blog URL - not to say, I've to update so many things - Twitter, Facebook page, Nuffnang, NuffnangX etc so do gimme some time! :)

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