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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm sure regular readers of my blog will not be new to Pilot's erasable ink series. Previously, I've blogged about [FriXion Colour Markers], which I gave Snow White a make over....

Remember her?
I've also talked about the revolutionary [Pilot FriXion pens] even before these incredible, erasable markers.

This time, thanks to Pilot and Vibes, I managed to lay my hands on the latest FriXion series - the Pilot FriXion Clicker.

If you were to compare this latest generation of FriXion pens with the previous one, you will realize that Pilot has done away with the caps and replaced it with a clicking mechanism instead.

Can I say hallelujah? It is almost like my constant whines when I lose my pen caps are answered by the God of Pens. :D

To be honest, I lose my pen caps all the time - especially so during a meeting. Somehow, 2 hours later when the meeting ended, my pen cap also mysteriously disappears! I can't really put the cap at the end of the FriXion pen because that is where the erasable bit is. I'd need to be able to turn it around and erase my mistakes as quickly as possible in an information-loaded meeting.

Besides, I think it's kinda heavy to write when I have a pen cap slotted at the back of my pen. It's like the entire pen equilibrium on my hand is off-set and.... can I blame my bad handwriting to that? :p

So you can imagine my joy when I've this latest FriXion pens. It's like, "NOOOO MOOOOREEEE LOOKINGGGG FORRRR MY PEN CAPPPPPSSSSS!!!!"


This batch of FriXion pens come in 7 different colours (black, green, blue, light blue, pink, red and purple). Upon receiving it, I tried it out immediately.

Of course, you can try out a pen with the good old way, by writing. However, to ensure that my pens pass the smooth test (i.e. how smooth it glides on the paper), I prefer to draw instead.

To make things even more interesting, I'm gonna incorporate my Pilot FriXion Clickers in my drawings... I even set a theme for the drawings!

Because I've been watching so much movies recently, the theme shall be MOVIES. Who doesn't love movies, right? I LOVE movies and I love Pilot FriXion pens, so I'm sure this is a really good combination! ^^

Give it a go, can you guess what I'm drawing?

When I penned down my first few strokes, I was quite amazed that the pen tip is amazingly smooth. Even though the above drawing looks like the ink doesn't flow properly, it is not true. The ink is really dark and intense in real life, just that this was lost when I took a photo and uploaded it.

I hope you already know who I'm drawing! If you don't, nvm. I'll reveal the answer as we move along. :p

If you already know, good for you! There are more drawings I did, so continue reading!

After testing out the ink intensity (which I think you can assess it better here), I'm going to test the erasing capability. Its predecessors all have remarkable erasing capability, leaving no traces at all after erasing.

So does this FriXion Clicker live up to its former batch?

Gently erasing and the ink is coming off already. Erasable bit is still at the top of the pen

Not too bad, considering that I used very slight pressure to erase the mistake!

Yes! It's Wolverine!

Apart from drawing, I also used the FriXion Clicker to shade and "colour" some parts of the picture, just to check if the ink flows consistently.

Not too bad isn't it? And told'ya the ink is pretty intense!

I like pens with dark ink because it is obviously easier to see and read. One of my pet peeves is to use pens that looks like the ink is gonna run out soon, but actually it's not. It's just incredibly faint. *faint*

Adamantium? No, it's PILOT FriXion

Here's a final picture, with Wolverine having the powerful Pilot FriXion Clicker instead of his usual adamantium claws!

And here's me doing the same thing lol

Here's another one. This is still a very raw drawing with just random sketches here and there, using the BLUE FriXion Clicker.

Anyone has any idea who he is?

Because the pen is mightier than the sword. In this case, the light sabre.
He is Anikin Skywalker from Star Wars!

Resemble this picture or not. I tried very hard leh!

And here's a final one. From one of my favourite movies as well:

 I think this picture is not very flattering to Harry Potter. LOL.

And you know what we usually do in schools right???? WE USE OUR PENS AS OUR MAGIC WANDS!!!

Accio FriXion Pens!

Here are my three drawings again!

All heroes use PILOT lol

All in all, this Pilot FriXion Clicker offers me a more convenient way of writing - click, write and erase. No more worrying of not having a correction fluid with me, missing pen caps or messy notebook. It is definitely a pen that I will recommend to my friends, family and tuition students!

The FriXion Clicker is available at major bookstores at $2.80 each (before GST).

Do note that the FriXion series is not recommended to be used on documents that require a permanent nature - cheques (you wouldn't want people to erase your writing, from $50 become $5000!), legal documents and exam papers. Also, don't leave your writings in places where it may be subjected to temperatures above 65 degree celcius.

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