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Thursday, October 04, 2012

So! I've been cooking very often these days to get back my cooking skills! (I'm assuming I've got some skills........)

Reposted from previous entry: Teriyaki prawns & coleslaw, Stir-fried potatoes with baked beans, 姜葱猪肉 (ginger & spring onion pork) for Monday.

CP wonton soup with carrots, crab sticks and enoki mushrooms, stir-fried heng cai and steamed egg tofu with prawns and crab sticks. The soup... was a disaster. :x

Clockwise from top left: stir-fried egg tofu with pork bits, black fungus (FAVOURITE!) and spring onions, Sze Chuan Pork Bits, pan-fried fish and more stir-fried heng cai. Yes, a lot of repeated ingredients cuz usually the amount they sell is too much to cook for a single meal.

The dinner I'm most proud of, I think! Gourmet pork burger with side salad and onion rings. I stuffed our burgers with home-made pork patty, tomatoes, cheese and a very runny sunny side-up egg. Yum yum.

We then ate it with Campbell's soup and a mug of orange soda. This was a very enjoyable dinner cuz Dylan was already asleep, so we got to eat at our own pace, catch up with little things in life that we were too busy to talk about. :)
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Here's this week's:

This week's cooking was actually significantly better tasting as compared to last week, in my opinion. I've also more ideas of what to whip up, thanks to readers who drop me emails with very nice websites with recipes. Those gave me a lot of ideas! :)

So, I came up with a list of stuff I wanna cook for the week and I try to achieve it.

Let me share with you guys some of it. Most of it are inspired or recipe taken straight from Ellena's blog or noobcook.com hehe.

- Steamed egg tofu with minced meat
- Meatballs in crabmeat egg sauce
- Chye por omelette
- Chicken & Mushroom salad cups
- Hotplate tofu (again!)
- ABC soup
- Prawn omelette
- Gourmet burger  (done!
- Laksa
- Spicy chicken pasta

Now that Dylan is 8 weeks old, I only have about 8 more weeks to do all these before I officially get thrown back into the work force again! So... I really hope I can accomplish this mini project and hopefully, manage to bake some stuff but I'm not really thinking it's possible at this point of time LOL.

Seems like my life now revolves around food and Dylan. :x Which is true! Do you know that I'm eating like a Godzilla now? My gosh, I used to eat only 1,200 - 1,500 calories per day, but now I'm chomping down 2000 calories easily. And I keep getting hungry! D:

Our family had lunch at Empire State two days ago and I thought it was worth a mention because their food is quite value for money! I had the impression that the Empire State was similar to NYNY, but this one has similar (huge) serving (uh huh. For the Godzilla me) but at a smaller price.

Both Nian and I love the seafood rings. The ribs also not bad, we almost died eating half a slab! The mushroom pizza was nothing to shout about though... We were expecting the meal to come up to $40 - $50, but it was surprisingly at the lower end of $30, if I remembered correctly. The mains were like $12 - $18, and the seafood ring was $6.90.

I appreciate lunch with my little family on a quiet weekday in an almost empty shopping centre very, very much. Dylan's sleepy, as usual! :p

Had Xin Wang with the Tan's last night for dinner. On the other hand, it was disappointing.

First, they took a bleedy long time to serve us our drinks (our food was here but drinks were still on the way. Had to ask them for it three times before they were served, what the hell.).

Then, they didn't cut Mama Tan's pork chop as per requested. It came as a huge chunk of pork wtf, like that how to eat??? Then when we got them to cut, it was cut half-way. Like the slices were still attached to one another. -_____-

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE, MAY I ASK? It is still difficult to eat right?!

Then they got my sis-in-law's order wrong. She wanted noodles, out came bee hoon. We sent it back and it took them another two millenium before it came back out again. I ordered another drink. The waitress nodded her head, but she never came back with it. -___-

I don't even. Sigh.

Anyway, now that I know they are so problematic during peak hours, I think I'll avoid it so that I won't have to resort to scolding people. :x

Ending this post with more outfits for the days. I've been stocking up so much front-button tops these days because they are breast-feeding friendly (I think I must have repeated this a million times over my posts lolwtf). Recently, I've also bought another 2 more front-button tops that are good for work and play. Can't wait for it to come! :D

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