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Thursday, September 20, 2012

When you stop working, even for a short one month, you lose track of time. You begin with not knowing the date for the day, then slowly, you don't even know what day is it anymore.

It's like... when you're at work, you look forward to the end of the day so that you can knock off. But when you stay at home, there's nothing to look forward to because you don't knock off. I don't even know whether this is a good thing or not, hahaha.

After spending these 6 weeks at home, I have a restored respect for stay-at-home-moms (SAHM). Which brings me back to my previous statement: You don't knock off at all!

It was kinda difficult initially, no wonder everyone gave me this O_O look when I told them I take care of Dylan on my own. Things got better and easier as time passes. It's kinda like you somehow develop a schedule, and then things just flow.

Dylan's milestones

In these 6 short weeks, I've witnessed how fast a baby can actually grow. In fact, it's like one day he would ignore you when you wave the rattle in front of him like crazy, but suddenly the next day, he learns how to turn his head and actually find where that ruckus comes from. It's amazing!

- Introducing the pacifier

We introduced Dylan the pacifier when he was 3 weeks' old because I realized he loves to suckle for comfort. At 6 weeks now, he still doesn't really know how to suckle the pacifier immediately, but I'm okay with that because that would probably mean it is easier to wean him off later in the months.

A lot of moms have tried to discourage me to give him the pacifier because that would add on to another thing that we would have to wean him off eventually. Honestly, it's either one or the other. Dylan would suckle on his fingers if we don't give him my boobs or the pacifier - I think that is a habit more difficult to get rid of when he grows older.

A few days back, we went out with Dylan for some ice-cream and waffles. An auntie saw us while we were queueing outside Gelare and she came up to us. She said that we shouldn't give Dy a pacifier unless he was going to sleep.

We nodded and smiled politely even though it wasn't really her business but she went on and yanked the pacifier out of Dy's mouth!

My god, you guys don't know how much I detest these moms who try to teach me what to do when I didn't ask for advice. Usually I still maintain a polite gesture, but that... was seriously out of the line.

- Feeding him from the bottle

Dy was briefly bottle-fed when he was in the hospital for jaundice, but went back to solely boobs-fed (hahaha what kinda term is this) subsequently. However, when he turned 6 weeks old, we've also decided to introduce the bottle to him so that his daddy can feed him and he gets acclimatized to bottle-feeding when I send him to the caretaker's after my maternity leave.

- Reusable diapers

Today, I've also gathered the courage to start him on reusable diapers. Initially, he poops a whole lot, so we stuck to using disposable diapers. Btw, disposable diapers are so expensive these days! We started with Huggies, but it runs too short at the back and Dy always have poo-poo leaking. -__-

So we changed to Drypers, which is pretty good. Daddy Nian did some research and apparently, Mamy Poko Pants top most of mummies' choice for absorbency, so we bought a pack for outdoor use so that we won't have to change him that often.

My god, my blog has officially transformed to a diapers / baby discussion or something now.


In other news, I had this panic attack yesterday because I tossed both Nian's, Dylan's and my clothes into the washing machine (wanted to save on the number of washes) and when I collected the clothes in the morning, everything was stained greyish-green.

I had no experience in undoing colour-stained clothes so I tossed it back in to the washing machine to wash it again, hoping the colour will fade.

How would I know the electricity in our house tripped. -________-

It never rains but pours wtf.

Then Dylan started crying for milk. So I had to feed him without the fan and he started perspiring by the buckets. Thankfully Dylan's a very cooperative baby so I could leave him alone while I go unplug all the appliances to find out which one was the culprit causing the power to trip.

Which brings me back to the first point - how do SAHM deal with all these??

My MIL could fix light bulbs when they fused, repair water taps when they burst, fix cupboards when the drawer track went undone. If I were a super-girl, she's definitely a Wonder Woman.

But of course, like mother-in-law like daughter-in-law, I found the faulty multi-plug, took it off, soaked the stained clothes and try to wash it off again today - crisis averted! :D

Could even prop Dylan into the pram, go for a short stroll, buy dinner and watch TV at the end of the day. Job well done. #selfpraise

So there. My happenings in a week - which day is it today again?


Ok last bit: Talking about watching TV, I was watching 《食在好源头3》 Food Source 3 and found out the name of this veg that I cooked a year ago!

It's called a Luffa Gourd wtf! Mama Tan calls it by the Chinese name, so I never knew the English name of it to share it online. The ripe, dried fruit is also the source of the loofah, according to its Wikipedia page. The plant is also a natural jaundice remedy. Never knew that.

Does that make me a better cook, now that I know the name of my ingredient? Not really. Sorry. LOL.

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  1. The reusable diaper s gd really save alot of $$ n gd for their smooth smooth butt.. Jus abit troublesome to wash n air dry the diaper.. Whn my gal only 2mth old my mum teach my gal to poo poo in the morning so mayb you can teach ur boy the same.. Remember if poo poo kena the diaper, u just soak it over the nite den nxt day wash it can le.. I miss my tiny gal also..



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