The 40 Hours

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Today, Dylan turns 1 month old!

Amazing how time pass so quickly; it does seem like it was just a few days back that I deliver him. :P

Talking about delivery, I want to pen down (or keyboard down, since this is a virtual diary wtf) my delivery experience - for memory's sake. Actually, I think I'd be able to remember it for the rest of my life but I just wanna type it down anyway cuz I gave birth #likeaboss.

40 hours.

People can fly from Singapore to Switzerland and come back and I still haven't give birth yet wtf.


5 August 2012

3AM: Woke up suddenly to a dull stomachache. Wondered if it was a cue to go to the toilet for big business, or if the time has come to grab the maternity bag. Decided it could be the former because I was still 11 days ahead of schedule, so I climbed down the bed and headed to the toilet.

Nian was doing night shift that day so I was sleeping alone. *EXCITING RIGHT*

6AM: Went to the toilet earlier on at 3AM and managed to pass some motion. Pain subsided for a while, but came back every 15 minutes or so. Decided to download an iPhone app that calculates contraction timing cuz I've a nagging feeling that I may be in labour.

Called Nian, and his first sentence when he picked up the phone was, "Stomach pain is it?"

Think he knows his wife very well that I won't bo dai bo ji call him at 6AM lol.

9AM: Nian got home. I still couldn't tell if I were having contractions or Braxton Hicks. I told him to go play soccer anyway until I was more sure what the hell the pain was about. Called my tuition kid and told her I won't be able to make it for tuition even though I think I still have quite a long way to go - just in case my body decides to push Dylan out right?

Our soccer friends were still asking Nian when I was gonna deliver that very day.. Just imagine their faces when Nian just went, "She's having stomach pain now lol."


Anyway, there was absolutely nothing he could do even if he had stayed beside me in bed. He wouldn't be able to relieve my pain in any way, and I thought it was a little too early to get admitted into hospital. Contractions were like every 10 minutes apart.

10AM - 3PM: Didn't know wtf happened. Only remembered telling myself to eat, because I may not be able to get any food if I had to be in the labour ward. I also bathed and washed my hair.

By 3PM, contractions were every 5 minutes apart and I thought it is about time to check myself into the hospital. Nian then drove us down.

4PM - 7PM: Plain waiting. And feeling the damn pain every 5 minutes. Tried watching Running Man because I had the plan to laugh off my contractions but this is impossibru. Don't even try. It's like trying to laugh when someone stabs your stomach repeatedly wtf.

Managed to get dinner because the nurses say that I was only 1cm dilated and I won't be ready for delivery until I am at 10cm. And on average, the cervix dilates 1cm per hour so that works out to 9 hours more. T___T

8PM - 10PM: Watched Race to Witch Mountain on TV. Feeling even more mother-painful. Contractions were still once every 5 minutes, but they last much longer now.. like about 1 and a half minutes. It was only about 50 sec to 1 minute earlier on in the day.

Nian had to leave because visiting hours were over and I was in a two-bedded ward. I was sleeping alone in the first night though, so still quite shiok.

11PM - 12AM: Decided to get out of the bed (not limited to the bed cuz I haven't taken any pain killers yet. Can I have a round of applause please? :D) and walk cuz I read that gravity will pull Dylan towards my cervix and help with the dilation.

So I walked... and stopped, and banged my head against the wall every time the contraction sets in. The wall in the ward has a hole now.

Ok... kidding. I tried all sorts of ways to relieve the pain without the use of any painkillers (cuz I wanted to go au naturale, remember?) - I bent forward while standing up, I knelt down on the floor, I hugged the back of the chair, I squat... I really did every single damn thing I read about and thought it was going to work.

But it didn't. It was really killing me - every 5 minutes I break out into cold sweat. Can't even talk!

6 August 2012

12.30AM: Couldn't take the damn pain any longer and pressed the button for help. By then, almost 21 hours have passed since my first contraction. I told the nurse I needed to know how far I have dilated so that I can make a decision whether to take any painkillers or not.

Was sent down to the delivery suite again. Was only 4cm dilated KILL ME NAO PLEASE.

1AM: Decided to take the laughing gas first. My plan was to take the laughing gas, then if it doesn't work, I'll move on to Pethidine and then finally epidural.

When I asked for the laughing gas, my nurse was like.. "I think you should just go for epi."

I refused. And she tried pursuading me again, "Laughing gas won't do much help one."

I said I want to try, at least.

Then she warned me, "If you want epidural you better ask early ah, now 1AM already later the doctor sleep you have to wait very long for him to come down you know!"

I tried laughing gas for about 10 minutes and I realized the nurse was right. THIS GAS IS SHIT. It only made me giddy and nauseated and it didn't help relieve the pain at all wtf.

1.30AM: Decided to settle for epidural because I was only 4cm dilated, STILL. It will be day-break before I am even close to delivering Dylan and I need to sleep to get sufficient energy for the actual pushing.

Doctor came in about 30 minutes.

2AM: Before I gave birth, I always thought that epidural was just one super-thick needle that they will inject into your spinal cord, squeeze out the content and then retracted from the body.

Imagine my shock when the doctor and nurses got me into a fetal position (bringing my kneecaps near to my chest as much as possible and then curl into a ball), pierce the needle through me at the peak of my 458726345th contraction and that was it.

They didn't take the needle out, and there was a long tube attached to it. Cool fluid starts to flow into me.

I feel like an Avatar with that tube wtf.

I've also always thought that epidural will work instantaneously. Like "AHHHH FUCCCCKKKK GIMMEEEE THE EPIDURALLLLLL!!!" then as soon as it is injected, you get this relieve. Kinda like morphine, you know?

Except that it doesn't. I still felt the contractions - it was as vivid as before the epi so I questioned the nurse, "Uh, is the epidural working because..... *face twitches in pain, cannot talk*"

"Eh xiao jie, epidural needs time to work one. Give it another 20 minutes."

20 minutes = 4 more hellish contractions OMG.

3AM: Epidural worked. Could even blog and finally fell asleep.

8AM: Woke up, feeling really happy cuz there was zero pain. I thought maybe I would be delivering really soon! 4cm since I slept, 5 hours has passed. SURELY I AM ABOUT 9CM AT LEAST? :D

My gynae came by, checked my dilation and announced that I was 5cm dilated.


Cuz vaginas cannot dilate. Only cervix can.

Called and told Nian to take his time to come because my cervix was not cooperating and I won't be delivering in the morning afterall. *deflated*

My gynae then said that he would come by at lunch time. If I am not fully dilated then, he would induce me. (YES PLEASE)

9AM - 12PM: Updating Facebook, watched TV. Sleep, wake up. Sleep, wake up. No food, no water. Talked to Nian, then he went for lunch, then I slept some more. No gynae came. First round of epidural ran out at 10AM.

1PM: Gynae said that he was stuck in his clinic and would get his partner to come around 2PM. I was still hopeful.

2PM: Nobody came.

3PM - 6PM: Doing the same shit, waiting for my gynae who didn't turn up until 6. By then, my 2nd dose of epidural ran out. I think they also reduced the dosage of the epi because there was this sharp pain on my right pelvic.

I kept complaining to the nurse, but wa lao eh they keep telling me it's the "pressure" I'm feeling from the baby. Like Dylan's perched on my right pelvic, it's not s'posed to hurt, I'm just supposed to feel a dull "pressure".

Pressure my ass.

6.45PM: I started to tear. One because the pain was more intense than before and two, I was really mother-tired. It has been 39 hours since my first contraction and almost 24 hours without food and water already.

Nian was annoyed because my gynae was still busy delivering other babies and after waiting for so long, it wasn't my turn yet.

When the nurse came in and checked on my dilation, I was 9cm dilated. Still 1cm shy but I couldn't give a shit anymore. I told the nurse I was going to push and deliver Dylan because the contractions are TOO painful and I'm not gonna wait anymore. She can go get my doctor in.

As soon as I said that, I raised my legs and started pushing on my own LOL. By the 2nd push, Dylan was crowning already and Nian was the one who saw and told me. O_O

The nurse then hurried out, got my gynae in. My gynae took a look at my vajayjay and decided that I could cut the queue and he would deliver me first. In another 2 more contractions, Dylan was out.

Gynae threw the little munchkin on my tummy and I was like... happy + confused + relieved + tired everything lumped in one. And I just kept tearing wtf.

7PM: Got pushed back to the ward and saw my happy friends.

End of my 40 hours in a happy note. And a new journey begins. :)

Happy 1st month, munchkin!

Daddy and I hope that you will grow up to be a caring, happy, healthy and considerate man. :) We hope you will always live by a good set of principles, always knowing what is the right thing to do, and DO it, even though it may be difficult.

I also hope that you won't be a crazy animal lover (like them enough to not abuse them but not enough to want to have an animal while living with us lol) and will not let your girlfriend/wife boss you around.

Also, I hope you won't go around breaking girls' hearts because you're so handsome like that. :p

We hope you will lead a good life.. and yes, we are thankful you are our baby.

Our life was amazing, but you light it up even further. We love you SO MUCH. :)))

Day 1 to Day 30 - a photo every day.

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  1. happy 1st month, baby Dylan :))

  2. 母亲真的很伟大!
    Happy 1st month Baby Dylan!!!

  3. 40 hours of labour is CRAZY, but u did it anyhow, super amazing lah!!
    Happy one month old, Dylan!

  4. Your baby is so cute.......... Labour room experience is indeed very traumatic!


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