My belated #CookForFamily

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back in July, Daniel from Daniel's Food Diary came up with an initiative to encourage every one of us to spend time to cook for our family.

Even though I didn't have my own kitchen back then, I decided to join in anyway because I think it's really a good cause because cooking at home not only brings your family members together, you also get to share precious moments doing quality things together.

Of course, my love for family meals is the main reason why I joined this initiative!

Both my parents work very long hours, so it is very rare that we get to sit down and have dinner together. Usually, our family meals are weekend breakfasts. As such, these sessions are very precious to me.

Now that we've moved into our new apartment, I hope to cook as often as I can - especially so when Dylan is older. It will be a good opportunity for us to catch up on each other's day over dinner like this don't you think so?

To start the ball rolling, I've decided to keep my word and cook for my family, albeit Dylan is too young to taste my cooking so technically it's still Nian and I lol.

It's something simple actually - nothing complicated at all. 

Clockwise from top left: Cod Fish fillet, nuggets, pork omelette and brocolli with mushrooms and minced meat
Cooked the leftover nuggets from the buffet on Sunday with the Airfryer. I cannot stop raving how much I love the Airfryer! The food comes out hot and crispy, and the oil is soooo minimal.

The only downside is the long cooking time - if you deep fry the nuggets with a deep fryer, it will take about 2 minutes but it takes about 18 minutes for the Airfryer. But it doesn't really matter to me cuz I can attend to the rest of the ingredients while I set the stuff to fry.

I haven't even started using my Happy Call Pan lor! I do hope that it is a good buy as well! I've been saving quite a bit of recipes online so I hope I can cook more complicated meals when Dylan is a bit older and have longer sleeping hours for me to werk it. :)

Here's another #CookForFamily meal for today:

Top (L-R): Egg tofu with black fungus, pork and YIFON Nameko Mushrooms | Steamed Otah-otah, Bottom: Pan-fried Teriyaki Cod Fish

Mama Chan came over to visit Dylan, so we kinda combined efforts for this one. Mum made the Egg Tofu (one of my favourite dishes! LOVE the black fungus :D) and Teriyaki fish while I just steamed Otah. Hahaha.

Life is always good when mommy is around.

Even though the actual #CookForFamily event is over, I think it is an intiative that should be continued week after week after week.

So say yes to whipping up a storm!

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