Dylan's Immunisation

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yay! New blogskin and you would realize there are some edits to the sidebar! Decided to give it a revamp because I saw some people having almost the same texts written and I don't like it.  

So, change everything!

Yes, I'm very anal, but as bloggers, the least you should be is to be proud of your own writing and... don't copy & paste other people's stuff and chin chye re-write a bit lah.

You think what? University report writing meh. That one also must ownself write lor, correct?


Anyway, yesterday, I brought Dylan to have his 2nd dose of Hepatitis B vaccination done. It was quite an experience bringing him out alone because I have to choose to bring him out either on the stroller or the baby carrier.

Sounds like it's a no big deal but bringing a baby out needs more planning than going to a war, I tell you. Not like I've been to war before but... you get the drift. Choosing between the stroller and the carrier is like choosing a weapon - if you choose wrongly, you die.

Put it simply, both "weapons" has its pros and cons: the stroller allows me to walk long distance and take the MRT easily. I can even dump his diaper bag underneath and things won't be such a handful. The downside is that I can't take a bus with it because I'd have to carry Dylan and close the stroller.

All buses die die will want you to close the stroller before they let you board the bus - doesn't matter if you're alone / have only one arm / have a mega stroller with a pair of twins. You don't close, you don't board.

Since the car seat is attached to the stroller (Dy fits the car seat better than the usual stroller seat) and has to be removed before it can be closed, it is impossible to close the stroller unless I grow another pair of arms to carry Dylan, remove the car seat, close the stroller, carry all three things plus a diaper bag. IMPOSSIBLE. Absolutely impossible.

The carrier, on the other hand, is quite bulky if I were to carry Dylan and sling his diaper bag across. I feel like a commando, you know? With a row of machine gun bullets strapping across my chest while I have my field pack on, albeit at the front lol.

Anyway, long story short, I chose the carrier in the end cuz I had to take bus to get to the clinic and I can take a train with the carrier too. I'll just have to grit through the weight... so yeah.

Dy sound asleep after his vaccination jab + loads of coaxing and pat-pats

Before I became a mom, I always think that I would be super tough and hard-hearted. Turns out...

When he had jaundice and had to be hospitalized, I cried.

When he needed a blood test, the nurse pricked his foot and he yelped out in pain, I cried.

When he's uncomfortable and cries until he lose his voice, I almost cried.

Of course, yesterday, when the nurse jabbed him and he just pushed himself into my arms and cried so loudly, hoping that I'd help him, I cried too. -__-

It was like, "Mummy! Help meeeee!"

And this mummy here, could just only hold him and go, "I can't, baby. You need to take the immunization."

Then he wails even louder, "Why wouldn't you help meeee!! T___T"

I'm sure all mummies know this feeling. Right? Right? I've never lost THIS much tears to any guys before lor! (And so much so for being tough lolol)

When he came back later that night, he was uncomfortable and wailing like nobody's business. I wished I could take the immunization for him and then probably let him acquire it through breastmilk or something.

Something that wouldn't hurt him la wtf. :(

Poor baby wanting lots of hugs and kisses immediately after his immunization :(

Anyway, after a lot of coaxing, he eventually fell asleep in my arms. Poor boy.

Luckily after a good night's rest, he woke up feeling all happy and cheery again. Even smiled at me when I did a sing-song "Good Morning!" to him. :)

You know, as long as my baby's happy, I'm happy. I'm his world and his everything, and... he's mine too.

Daddy and Dylan!
Since he is feeling better today, we decided to continue with our itinerary. Woke up, fed and showered him, then strapped him up to bring him to the neighbourhood police center to update our new address, followed by a short lunch at Hot Tomato.

Molten Lava Chocolate with vanilla ice-cream
Today's my 40th day after delivering Dylan and the confinement is officially over. I know usually the confinement is a month, which is about 28 to 30 days, but my family believes in a confinement like this:

1st to 30th day: Drink red dates tea, no water, no showering, wear long pants and sleeved t-shirts (worst nightmare ever)

31st to 40th day: Can shower, can wash hair but must blow-dry immediately, can drink water but no cold drinks, no cooling and 'poisonous' food. By 'poisonous', it means food that may aggravate injuries, like sotong and prawns.


So this whole chunk of text explains why I'm having a molten lava chocolate cake with vanilla ICE-CREAM. COLD. COOLING. BUT YES I AM EATING IT. WOO-HOO! I also had my medium-rare steak, which I haven't eaten ever since I got pregnant cuz it's not cooked thoroughly. :D

Btw, Hot Tomato tried to get us to eat the dessert with a soup spoon. Then I was like... wtf. Then they gave me the big spoon - those that we use to eat rice at home one. And I was like, "SERIOUSLY????"

Then, I asked for a dessert fork, they don't have also.

In the end, we ate with a teaspoon.

Moral of the story: Wanna serve dessert, must make sure you have the right cutleries for it lah wtf.

With that, I end this post cuz I wanna go watch TV, eat dinner and kiss-kiss my baby boy. Hehe.

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  1. Hi ! I'am from Brazil! just writing to say that I love your blog! Glaucia

    1. Hello! Wow, Brazil is far away from here! Obrigado! :D


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