Dylan goes troopin!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Because Dy just turned a month old, Nian and I spent yesterday running around Singapore, distributing red eggs and cakes to our colleagues, friends and family.

Of course, Dy came along too! I think this boy's a really good travelling companion. He doesn't wail, he sleeps when he's sleepy and he does a small cry when he's hungry. Nothing too annoying, y'know? Lol

It was also my first time dyeing red eggs. Quite funny because Nian went out to get the dye, only to get sabo by the shop keeper - she gave him orange dye instead of red. -__-

Orange Eggs

So all of our red eggs are orange LOL.

Had to buy a new dye (& make sure it's red) and dye the orange eggs again. Haha!

All huddled up in his baby seat and ready to go out!

Because we love Pine Garden's cakes so much, we got Dy's full month cakes from them as well. It costs us $13 per box with a minimum order of 15 boxes.

Not very cheap I must say, but the cakes are quite nice - moist and fluffy, just the way I like it.

Very cute packaging!
Set of full month cakes - 3 chocolate cakes, 2 vanilla, 2 red eggs and 2 Ang Yi
Close up shot of the cupcake art. The cream is not too sweet. Yummy gummy

I think after tasting so many different cupcakes everywhere, the one I like most has to be from Swirls, then Oni. But of course, 5 cupcakes in a set will definitely cost more than $13 for them already!
Little Dy sleeping soundly while his grand-aunt carries him. :)

Doesn't he look totally adorable? Haha!

My god. I can't believe how much I love him. :)

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  1. Your baby is such an angel! It's as if he understands the circumstances of his parents and just goes along obediently. He's going to grow to be just like his parents, ever fun and adventurous. I'm really fixated on how the kid is doing fine even with your travels.


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