A Short Photo Update

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hi all! I hope this week has been great for all of you so far. Ours has been really good, although we're busy... as usual.

I've also started cooking again! I must say that my cooking skills are really rusty these days, after not cooking for a couple of years - I'm like lost in the kitchen most of the time, not really sure what I should add into my dishes. LOL.

Have to apologize to my poor husband who has to endure with my poor cooking for the past weeks. :x

Another problem I face was not knowing what to cook off my mind. Like when I have a tube of tofu, all I can think of is Hotplate Tofu, Hotplate Tofu and Hotplate Tofu. Spent a lot of time these days surfing around for more recipes and planning what to cook for the entire week so that it makes grocery shopping easier too. Wish me luck on this ok?

Mama Tan has been very helpful too, every time I have problem with my cooking, she's always just a phone call away. And Mama Chan has been coming over so often with an array of ingredients for me and suggestions to cook. With these shifu helping me... I must succeed!

I've also used my oven, after moving in for 2 months! First thing baking in the oven was Spinach Pizza. Hehehe.

As for baby Dy, he has been a good boy, of course. We've been bringing him out more often these days, breakfasts with the Chan's (Papa and Mama Chan have been gobbling their food so fast so that they can carry Dylan as soon as they can. Very cute watching them with their mini competition like that, haha!), running errands and visiting the Tan's.

I've also been putting him on Tummy Sessions to train his neck. He looks like he's doing pretty well in the first picture right? :D

And as for Oppa Dylan Style, Dylan has been doing random movements that weirdly resembles the Oppa Gangnam Style. It entertains us to no end!

Of course, we also took a picture of him in Full Monty. Hahaha! All boys should have a picture like this so that I can threaten him to release it online if he doesn't listen to his mommy next time. :P

(I'm kidding ok.)

We also tried to cut his nails one fine day, but a small accident occured and we cut him accidentally. :( Poor Dy cried out loud for a moment... and there were so much blood for a small wound I freaked out too.

My poor baby. Thank goodness the wound healed pretty well the next day... and that's him knocking out on my thighs.

Finally, my flabby thighs has got some good use! Hehehe.

Other random pictures of our moments at home:

- Dy giving me a forced smile after I kept bugging him to smile for the camera
- a picture of Nian and I with his new phone (so long never see our photos right! It's always Dy, Dy, Dy and I, Dy and Nian :p)
- Snowskin mooncakes from Pine Gardens in my favourite lotus paste (pink skin) and Mao Shan Wang durian mooncakes for Mama Chan and Mama Tan

More random pictures:

- One of my outfits of the day featuring my new galaxy print skirt. Couldn't fit properly initially but all the housework has proven to be more helpful than gym and slimming parlours - shed another kilo off and now it fits! Seems like motherhood is doing really well for me: lost 10kg in 7 weeks, can you believe it? D:

- Pastamania dinner with Sissy #3 and Nian. *burps*

- Chillin' with Dylan on a fine morning. Yes, simple happiness is doing little things like that with my boys at home. <3

Finally, it's 26 September again, tomorrow! Nian and I have been together for 4 happy years... and in these years, I'm so glad to see the things we've achieved together. In this 4th year, I look forward to an even more fruitful relationship.

Let's take good care of our little blossom of love, Dylan, our home, and our common ambition. With you by my side, I can conquer everything.

Thank you for loving me, husband. :)

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  1. Hello, it's me whom met you just now: ) and coincidentally we were also celebrating today as our 3rd wedding anniversary! anyhoos, you can use those small baby nail scissors (pigeon ) to cut Dylan's nails. Much easier to handle compared to baby nail clippers: )


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