2012: Our Fourth Anniversary

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Annyeong everyone! I'm finally seated in the living room, with my husband and laptop. We've put baby Dylan to bed and while waiting for the Man Utd game to come up at midnight, I've decided to blog about our anniversary celebration!

While we are not couples who celebrate monthsaries (because there are too many to celebrate wtf. And do people actually celebrate their 325th month together anymore?), we take anniversaries rather seriously. In fact, we celebrate both our wedding anniversary and the day we became a couple. Hahaha quite kiasu already wtf.

Anyway, we went back to Changi Village Hotel for our staycation, again! We try to make it a point to go back there every year because it reminds us of the day we exchanged our vows. Apart from that, we really love the serenity of it, and the staff there are really friendly. Plus, it is quite affordable for a cosy room. :)

Nian actually booked it for us on the 8th of August, which is our wedding anniversary, but Dylan arrived two days earlier so we had to push this staycation back. So Nian decided to have it on 26 September, which is another anniversary we celebrate.

This year is really special because instead of just the both of us, we have our little Dylan joining us! It seems like this munchkin enjoyed himself very much as well, watching the TV in full concentration, as you can see in the picture above... and sleeping so soundly, just like his daddy lol.

After feeding Dylan, the three of us then made our way to The Coastal Settlement for lunch.

I had the intention to visit this place after reading quite a bit of reviews online. You know lah, these days, there are many interesting cafes sprouting up in our little Singapore and all of them seem like it's worth a visit!

I'm also intending to visit Antoinette, Choupinette (simi sai why the name so close one), Grin Affair, Kombi Rocks, Little Part 1, etc. etc. etc. Nian and I visited the Old School Delights about three months back and we really love the Chocolate Lava cake, but that's story for another time. :p

Back to The Coastal Settlement, I didn't have very high expectation of the place because hungrygowhere had kinda mixed reviews of the place.

Clockwise from top left: Toasties ($16), Five Cheese Pizza ($20), Bread and Butter Pudding ($12) and Portobello Fries ($15)
Here are some of my reviews of the cafe:


Toasties: The Roma tomatoes in the sandwich was too sour and salty, so we took it out from the bread. I didn't like the potato salad, but Nian thought it was okay. I had the salad, it was so-so, nothing fantastic. The multi-grain bread was very well toasted and went very well with the honey baked ham. Serving is huge enough for two to share too. (5/10)

Five Cheese Pizza: The pizza is rather delicious, with the taste of Gorgonzola, Mozzerella, Chedda, Parmesan and Buffalo Mozzerella <-- This one I copied from the menu one. I had no idea wtf is buffalo mozzerella but overall, it is quite worth the $20. The only thing we didn't like was the burnt edges that tasted bitter. (7/10)

Bread and Butter Pudding: I think it's very nice! Served warm, the pudding has little raisins embedded within - just the way I like it. You'd probably not like it if you're not a fan of raisins though, like Nian, he didn't like the change in texture of the pudding. Served with vanilla sauce and vanilla ice-cream, I think this is my favourite dish among the four we ordered. (8/10)

Portobello Fries: The Portobello Fries is one of their must-tries, among many others. At the first bite, the portobello mushroom is very juicy. If you dip in their Truffle Mayonnaise, it tastes even better. The bad part is that it gets very gelat after eating too much. I'd suggest you to share it between four people will be more ideal. (6/10)


Despite having many wait-staff in the cafe, I'd say that their service can be rather sloppy and slow. Some staff are very prompt with their work, but they are usually busy with other customers. The rest of the not-so-on-the-ball staff are seen hanging behind the bar, pretending that they didn't see us waving to them. :(

For example, when our pizza came, it didn't come with side plates even though it was very obvious that we would be sharing it. I thought that was pretty common sense... It also didn't come with tobasco sauce, neither did it come with pepper flakes and cheese. I know lah, our pizza already have so much cheese but they should still give us right?

They also took a long time to refill our ice water, but they gave us a bottle of it to refill it ourselves so I don't really mind. I'm a hippo - as long as I've my iced water as and when I need it, I've no complains.


As for the location, it is actually quite hard to find. When I searched on my Google Maps for 200 Netheveron Road, it says that it was 1 minute walk away from Changi Village Hotel. Turns out, we walked a good 15 minutes because the whole bloody stretch of road was 200 Netheveron Road wtf.

All in all, I think the ambiance is very nice for a weekday chill-out with your friends or family. Other than that, I think that the location is too way out for convenience and the price range is kinda high for the quality of food and service. Regardless, Nian and I still enjoyed ourselves very much because... it's always the companion that overrules everything else. :)

We took another long stroll back to the hotel, washed up a little, watched TV and played with Dylan while waiting for evening to come so that we could eat again. Hehehe.

I think that's how we celebrate. We chill around, eat, chill again, then eat again. Eat and eat and eat.

So dinner was of course at La Cantina Restaurant! Coincidentally, I also bumped into a reader there and she looks absolutely lovely! Half the time while I was talking to her, I was eyeing her beautiful red roses bouquet (she was also having her anniversary celebration) and her super cute daughter, and her. I had no recollection how her husband looked like LOL. Hello nutfairy!

Of course, I had my favourite crabmeat linguine. In the past, Nian and I always order the same thing - crabmeat linguine, crabmeat linguine, crabmeat linguine.

But this year, the husband decided to be a little bit more adventurous and decided to order something else - the Seafood Aglio Olio. He didn't like it, hahaha! I mean, the Aglio Olio was nice. In fact, if you haven't tasted the crabmeat linguine, you would probably like the Aglio Olio.

But anyone, I repeat, anyone who has tasted the linguine will not find any pasta up to this standard anymore. So I don't blame the Aglio Olio for tasting not as nice. It's us, Aglio, it's never you.

Ordered desserts for the first time too, and we settled for a traditional cheesecake. Very yummers. :D

To end off this post, here's a short Outfit of the Day for the celebration!

Yellow Girlish Tube Dress from Wear and Love (U.P $29.90, now $23) | Galaxy skirt | Reversible dress with Banane Monster Black from e.t.c store (U.P $85, now $60)

Thanks to Wear & Love for the pretty tube dress! I got this dress several months back, but then I was heavily pregnant and was not able to fit in. This dress is really a fab piece with inner lining so that it is not sheer and is breast-feeding friendly for me. It's a great time for you to grab some pieces from Wear & Love because they are having a store-wide sale now too.

I've also received the Banane Bag in Monster Black back in May, but I never got around bringing it out cuz we were planning to move house, so I thought it was better to be unpacked after we've settled down in the new place. So some 4 months later, here's me carrying the bag, finally!

For those who don't know what Banane Bag is, it was a very huge hit in Taiwan last year. People have to wait up to months to get their hands on one of these bags and many celebrities were seen carrying one of them too.

In fact, Da S Barbie Hsu actually also designed some Banane Bags herself and gave it to her guests at her wedding!

Of course, with this hype over the Banane Bags, imitation bags are inevitable. I was prompted to do a research to check whether my Banane Bags are authentic or not because a reader left a comment in one of my posts that mine could be fake because it is retailing at over 100SGD outside, but e.t.c store was only selling at $60 - $80.

I've written a post on how to identify an authentic Banane Bag! [CLICK TO READ!] So beware, cheap may not be good, it may be fake. :)

You can check out the posts I've written for Wear & Love and E.T.C Store. Both shops are having a sale right now, so don't miss out!

Wookie, just in time for the Man Utd game. Tata!

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