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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Among the many emails I receive regarding Dylan, one of the many are asking about the process of delivery. I thought it will be a good time for me to post some stuff on delivery because even after reading so much pregnancy books, most of them tell me what to expect when I'm pregnant, but not many actually told me what to expect after delivering.

For example, I couldn't understand why Dylan suddenly increased his milk intake in the 3rd week. He was feeding at every 2 hours initially, but suddenly, he started feeding every hour and was extremely grouchy.

I had to ask around experienced mummies before I realized that it could be the wind in his tummy that is causing him discomfort and he wants to nurse to soothe himself and not because he was hungry. There! No books told me this!

Recently, Dylan changed his 'style' again. His feeding time goes back to every 2 hours, but this time, he pulls off the breast after a while, gets angry, and then latches back on again. I didn't know what he was angry with again - like wtf why did you release the boobie when you still want milk, boy?

Turns out, this is one of the ways babies do to get a faster milk flow.

Also, he gets very, very cranky between 9PM to 11PM for about 3 days last week. It was very frustrating cuz I don't know what he's upset about and therefore I was pretty helpless.

I start to ask around. Many friends give me different possible reasons, but most of my friends told me it's probably because he's going through a growth spurt. I never knew kids get cranky when they go through a growth spurt! Anyway, I'm not sure if that's the reason, but I came up with a routine that has so far calmed him down quite a bit for the past few days, so fingers crossed!

Anyway, here are 10 tips I'd like to share with everyone if you're gonna deliver soon!


Yes, I'd advice you to go for a Brazilian wax a few weeks before your delivery because you wouldn't want your gynae to see a forest.... and then cannot be sure whether your baby is crowning or if that's just, well, pubic hair.

Besides, without all these stray hair, it makes stitching easier and more hassle-free. I'm not sure if the gynae will actually shave the part where they make the stitching though, but I wouldn't want anyone to shave my private part for me!

 After stitching from the episiotomy (which is the process of slitting the vagina to allow the delivery of the baby), do not squat. My MIL told me this before, but I conveniently forgot about it and squatted down to pick up a dropped tissue in the hospital.

Some of my stitches snapped fml. Doctor said that it is okay because traditionally, ladies who give birth don't go through episiotomy (the vagina will tear on its own) didn't have stitches as well.

The downside is that the wound will take a slightly longer time to heal.

 Yes, after going on a 40 hour delivery with 24 hours without food and water, eating is very important, especially if you're going on a natural delivery and it's your first child. Usually, I hear the average hours of a normal delivery range from 12 hours to urm.. my whopping 40.

I guess I don't need to tell you why you should bathe right?

 Not all ladies use a vaginal wash. If you do, good for you but  if you don't, I'd urge you to use it after giving birth. For convenience sake, I usually use Lactacyd's wipes cuz it's quite hard to use running water to clean my vajayjay when I'm outside.

The wipes are also useful during confinement if you want to avoid cleaning your bottom with water.

Apart from keeping your bottom bacteria-free, you can also use Lactacyd's latest collection:

The very kind people from Lactacyd and TSS sent me a sample of these two feminine wash to try out shortly after my delivery. The orange bottle is Lactacyd Revitalize and the blue bottle is Lactacyd White Intimate.

Put it simply, Lactacyd Revitalize aims to enhance skin elasticity, making your intimate area firmer and moisturized while the Lactacyd White Intimate works to lighten your intimate area in 4 weeks.

I started off with the Lactacyd White Intimate because ever since my pregnancy, I've been having dark pigmentations as a 'side-effect'. Now that I've delivered Dylan, it is very important for me to upkeep the V-zone, making it go back to tip-top condition! :P

The Lactacyd White Intimate is the first intimate wash introduced in Singapore. Containing Algowhite and Actipone-B, they are both marine-based whitening agent that helps to lighten your intimate areas.

Lactacyd White Intimate
I've been using it for about a week for now. In all, I've experienced a slight lightening effect so far on my bikini line. My inner thighs have also lightened significantly and the labia area have begun to lose the dark pigmentation, revealing a slight pinkish tone. It lathers well and has a nice fragrance too.

I'd recommend this White Intimate for ladies who wear tight bottoms very often because the friction between the cloth and our skin will cause dark pigmentation to occur too.

As for Lactacyd Revitalize, I think it works very well in moisturizing the v-zone. Initially, before I started on Lactacyd's wash, I was using Cetaphil body wash on my intimate area. Even though it was soap-free and very gentle, it made the area slightly reddish and itchy. I had no choice but to stop and resort to just using plain warm water and then wiped dry with Lactacyd's wipes.

After using the Revitalize about twice, the reddish and itchiness subsided. Not too bad!

You can try these all new Lactacyd products by redeeming samples from THIS LINK. You would need to 'like' the page and key in the referral to get these samples. [REFERRAL LINK: thesuper-girl.com]

Another important point to note while you are in labour, is to sleep as much as you can. I've heard of stories of ladies who were in so much pain, they didn't manage to get any rest at all.

Eventually, when it was the time to push, they had no more energy.

So! I'd suggest you to take any forms of painkillers that you are comfortable with so that you can get sufficient rest for the final lap. :)

You can laugh at me, but I NEVER knew epidural would run out. A bit lame lah but I thought some how... the epidural will last until I deliver. One dose lasted about 8 hours for me.

This has to be the best tip I can give to any new mums because I think this is the best tip I've received.

When I was pregnant, people have things to say about you. That is fine, but when you've delivered and people starts to make comments, it becomes a different thing altogether.

I must admit that I'm also a bit oversensitive and protective of Dylan lah but you must be prepared to swallow weird comments like:

"Why your baby so small?"

"Why your baby keep crying for milk? You don't have enough milk for him is it?"

"Your baby wake up then will seek attention hor?"

If I never control myself, I think I will fight with people already. :p

So my tip will be... LEARN TO IGNORE. :)

Initially, I was overly scared of touching water after I deliver because of my mom's horror story.

Apparently, after my mom gave birth to me, her friend visited us. She then went to the kitchen to wash a cup for her friend. That was when her pinkie touched the cool tap water and she suffered from rheumatism after that; all the way until she delivered my sister where she 'made it up' during her 2nd confinement.

I definitely not wanna suffer from rheumatism so I thought I'd better be good and stay away from water for the entire month.

To be honest, I couldn't hold out for more than one day without touching water at all. WTF I didn't know how to brush my teeth or wash my face, I had a wound that I need to upkeep and surely I need to keep my body clean, since I'm breastfeeding.

In the end, I kinda 'bathed' myself every day with hot water. I feel so much more hygienic!

I didn't wash my hair for the entire month though lol.

Nian booked me a 7-day jamu massage from Babies Bellies just a few weeks before I gave birth. Personally, I think the massage was very helpful for me because I had to move around a lot when I was doing my confinement. Traditionally, confinement mothers should lie down as much as possible so that you don't put a lot of pressure on your back.

I couldn't rest as much as I wanted because:

1) I breastfeed, so I usually sit to nurse Dylan. That will set me back for about 30 minutes each session.

2) My confinement nanny left after the first week, so there were many things I had to do on my own - like cooking my food (both my MIL and mom will come over to prepare the ingredients & cook, but sometimes I had to do it on my own too), doing the laundry, bathing Dylan, changing his nappies etc. I didn't have much time to lie down before I have to sit up and nurse him again.

It resulted in very stiff shoulders and back for me. I thought the massage was really good for me because it relaxes my muscles and the wrap they gave me helped me to get back to pre-preg size very quickly too. In fact, I lost my pregnancy weight within the first week of my confinement.

Another massage that maybe you should do, is to massage your breasts if you are planning to breastfeed. Usually, you don't get much milk the first two days, but the nurses will tell you to nurse anyway. Apparently, babies have enough "storage" to last them for two days without proper food.

I'm very proud that I breastfeed by latching on because it really takes a lot of effort, patience and time. For example, you can get people to help you feed your child if he/she is bottle-fed. By latching on, you have to wake up every 2 hours to nurse.

Of course, you can get to rest more if you resort to bottle feeding but that was not the point for me. I think it's a lazy way out in some way... even though it could be good for daddies to feed their babies too.

My point is, if you wanna breastfeed, then have your child latch on you if you can. You get to lose weight quickly, your body releases some sort of hormones that helps you bond with your child... All these cannot be achieved if you express your milk out even though technically the baby is drinking the same thing.

Nian and I had no idea what to prepare for my confinement. The maternity bag was easy because you can find it online anytime, anywhere; but the confinement stuff - difficult.

Especially when we just moved into our new place and we had NOTHING at all.

I've come up with a short list of some of the stuff you may need if you're doing a Chinese confinement:

Baby's stuff:
1. Bath Tub
2. Baby shampoo
3. Little hankies
4. Muslin cloths
5. Safety pins
6. Beanie pillow + bolster

*Optional: You can buy some herbs from the TCM if your child has jaundice. I don't know what this is called, but it comes in 2 sets, one is to put under his/her pillow and the other is to mix with the bathing water. I'm not sure how well this works too, cuz at that point of time, we tried many different stuff to bring Dylan's jaundice level down.

Mother's stuff:
1. LOADS of ginger
2. Red dates
3. Wolfberries
4. Dried longans (cuz confinement mothers cannot drink plain water, so have to make longan drink)
5. Thermal flask (to store your hot drinks)
6. Herbs for showering (available in TMCs)
7. Vaginal wash (Try Lactacyd)
8. LOADS of alcohol (so far, I drank 2 bottles of DOM - quite little if you ask me lol. My XY drank like 10 bottles!)

Ok! I hope you'd have a smooth delivery and a less-happening confinement than mine! :)

P.S. I haven't slept for anything more than 2 hours in one shot for the past month already. Good luck! :p

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