Week 38 - Last fortnight to go!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Today marks the last day of work for me before I start on my maternity leave at Week 39.

I cannot wait to go on maternity leave because I feel so tired so quickly for the last week all I want to do is to lie down in bed, watch TV, fall asleep, eat... then suddenly stomach pain, water bag burst, go hospital and in 2 hours Dylan is out and we live happily ever after.

It's been so fast! Can you imagine in another week, I'd be carrying Dylan in my arms? Every time I think about it, I get so overwhelmed with emotions. T__T

It's like for the past 10 months, he has been in my tummy growing, squirming and reacting to my voice and laughter by giving me kicks and nudges, but he's always silent. In a week or two's time, he will be wailing his lungs out asking for everything!

Things I'll Miss

Many mummies told me that the first thing that they miss right after they gave birth, was the feeling of their babies inside their tummies. Like.. it became so empty after the delivery. My mom said that she nearly toppled over when she first got off the hospital bed because she couldn't get used to the sudden weight relief!

I think I may feel that way too. Especially now, when Dylan contributes a significant weight (he's estimated to be 2.6kg now btw! Healthy weight. Healthy son = happy mom) that I'm carrying, I'm sure my stomach muscles would be surprised after I give birth. Like, "Hey! Where's the weight? Great, now I can slack, right?" And then proceed with some saggy stomach skin wtf.

Another thing I think I'd miss is the ability to never feel cold.

Really! Especially during cold, rainy days. I'll never feel cold. For the past 9 months, I can work in my office without a shawl/jacket when everyone else is wearing one. I can sit in a cinema for 3 hours straight without shivering at all.

I think I will also miss being able to definitely get a seat on the train lol. And being able to eat every 3 hours and not growing fat at all.

Couldn't have done it in the past!

Things I've Learned

Like our wedding, I learned that many people will have many many many opinions and comments. Even when you didn't ask for them.

"You shouldn't be eating this."
"Are you sure you can do that?"

Throughout these months, I learned how to filter them very well. Good advices, I listen and keep and share when needed. Bad opinions and comments? Especially when you try to shove it down my throat? Ha. Ha. Ha. Sorry, none taken, none remembered. I mean, who are they to judge how I should be a mom? Who are they to think that I'm immature / childish?

Who are they to judge, especially when these people are barely married and have not even given birth before themselves? Even if they're a mom, just because we're different doesn't make them better or me worse off. They think they can be a better mom or a better person in general by judging me? Pfft.

Okay. Now I sound a bit agitated LOL.

In the past, nobody ever taught anybody how to be a mom. We just become one when we get pregnant, and then the instincts just come. So, don't let people make you feel unhappy with their opinions because your baby can feel your feelings! :)

And honestly, now that I'm a mom, I feel like I'm on a pedestial. Like, when young girls talk about things that they *think* they know, I would never fail to think, "Ah... young girls thinking that they know what they're saying."

OMG lor. This is a mom-syndrome cuz these young girls are not exactly young some more. O_O Like just cuz they are unmarried and spouting nonsense, I just classify them under that category wtf.

Photo Shoot

On other pregnancy happenings, Nian, Dylan and I also had a mini photoshoot 2 weeks ago, thanks to my uni friend, Samson! I really love the pictures that he has taken even though Sam just started shooting not long ago so I thought I'd share a few! :)

 Six packs vs baby bump  
Dylan actually reacted by squirming when Nian kissed him you know?
Everyone's saying that my fairy gained weight. -___-
Nian loves this photo cuz he thought it was really arty, and can see our wedding rings.

More six packs vs baby bump
When my MIL saw this photo, she was like "How come your tummy look so small here one!"

I thought it looked rather decently huge leh. O_O

I like the colour combination of Dylan's name in this picture. We brought like zero props for the shoot btw, this one is from Uncle Samson who actually went to Kiddy Palace to buy some toys for the shoot lol.

Eyeliners are very good for graffiti art on a father's stomach.
Ok! That's all for today!

We bought more new stuff for Dylan and our new house too - just updated our Becoming Mummy & Daddy page. Btw, the Lock & Lock and Algo sale that happened over the weekend was splendidly evil. We bought so many storage containers for use from the kitchen to the store to my vanity table omg!

More on this soon. Bye!

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  1. Wishing u a safe and quick delivery! :)

    1. Thank you dear! I'm hoping for the best too!~:D

  2. very nice pics! i like! :D

    1. Hehe thanks dear! Next time if you want, I'll recommend Samson also! :p

  3. Nice pictures! Have a safe and good delivery!


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