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Monday, August 06, 2012

After a series of unhappy posts of me ranting about my incompetent contractor / ID / middle man, here's something happy to talk about our flat!

(To read more about my incompetent contractor, click [this post], [this post] and [this post]. Remember, my contractor is Rangers Design and Decoration from Yishun Central. Please avoid at all costs!)


Bought a 3-tier drawer from Algo Sale at $25.80. I love the height of these drawers but to be honest, I think the Lock & Lock and Algo sale is not really a sale leh, most of the items were still pretty expensive (like we paid $11 for a Freezer Lock & Lock, which I think it's still ex).

That being said, we still spent like $100 there cuz we could buy almost all our storage needs so might as well la. #sucker

Nian packed all my skincare products for me into this drawer, can you believe it?! I cannot believe my insane amount of skincare can actually fit into three-tiers like this. I feel so defeated. :x


Nian set up our LED TV that I won at my D&D last year! We didn't open up the entire year until yesterday, only to realize that there was a red panel of defect on the screen. -___-

Have to call the AKAI people to repair / give us an exchange lor.

Btw the little green woven basket above my three-tierd drawer is very pretty right! I got them in big and small sizes. Hehehe.


Dylan's room with most of his things inside. Only left with confinement auntie's bed which we would be shifting over from my old place. Bought the green and blue Algo storage at $11 each. I think this one is considered quite cheap. :D


Mama Chan sponsored a little standing steam iron. Good, because her daughter cannot iron with the usual iron and ironing board very well. :x


Bought these rolls of cupboard liners from some thrift stores at only $1.80 per roll, with adhesive some more! Nian spent a long time sticking them on each panel though, but you know what? He sticks these stuff better than those carpenters sticking our laminates lor.


Got a rack for our store room at $130. Love the white even though we have to top up additional $10 for it. Better than the ugly gray and brown right. :D


Bought whiteboard, markers holder and duster from Daiso. Dunno what we'd scribble on, maybe the rate at which Dylan drinks milk? Love messages? But we think this would be useful... some how. :p


Nian set up my kitchen set. I AM SO HAPPY I DON'T EVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Got another electrician to come in and moved our electrical socket. This PRC's workmanship is much better than... *eh-hem*. If you need their contact, I'll be happy to give. This is one guy who is proud of his work and does them properly.


Yard. Still short of a dryer.


Our $299 dining table. Bought a plastic cover for it and it turned out too big LOL.


Since the last time we selected our curtains and blinds, here are the final set-up! Our curtain man is very good and professional also, everything is done very nicely and neatly.

What did we say about people who are proud of their work? :)


Fully black-out roller blinds for Dylan in his room.


Uh... colourful clock at only $6.90. #win

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  1. Hi Jacq.. I'll just spoilt my room's electrical socket box/outlet and I just remembered you blogged about this electrician who does his job great. Would you be able to give me his contact? Thank you so much in advance!

  2. Hi, his name is Kay. 94552624

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hi, may I know where u get the $299 dining table ?


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