So, they hacked the walls

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Remember I was telling you guys that we had a leakage just outside our bathroom just a week ago?

Turns out, it was a full-scale pipe leak that took the Building Service Center (BSC) several days, but they haven't detected exactly where the leak is.

Initially, the engineers thought that it could have started in the guest toilet where we drilled our towel hanger & toilet paper holder, so they started hacking the walls there to, hopefully, find the said puncture & mend it.

But nope. All the pipes were intact. Then they told us maybe it came from our master bedroom's toilet. So they hacked the walls there too. But no leaking pipes.

Then i realized, to my horror, it was a guess-and-check thing. They had no idea where the leak is! 😱😱😱😱

Things got worse over the days when during drilling, water started streaming out of the electrical PVC pipes (which was not supposed to happen) & the engineers got really confused. We had all the experts in our house that day - the "hackers" to hack the tiles, the electrician, the plumbers...

But no one knew where the leak is. It could be anywhere in the house. (& that means there would be A LOT of guessing & a lot of hacking!)

My whole apartment looks like a typhoon has just blown past, with debris of broken tiles everywhere, and everything is coated with a thick layer of dust.


Yesterday, we were down to the yard and the kitchen. After hacking these two places, we have officially hacked all the places that had water pipes wtf.

We were presented with the possibility that we may have to tear down our carpentry works in the kitchen (noooooooo!!!!) if they still can't find the leak after they hack all the hackable walls.

BSC also mentioned that it was highly possible that Rangers could have accidentally punctured the pipes when they are fixing up my cabinets.

Long story short, Rangers said that they would pay for the manpower for tearing down and putting up my cabinets again if BSC can prove that it was indeed a mistake on their end.

On the other hand, BSC would have to compensate Rangers if it is proven to be a glitch from the apartment itself (like maybe the pipe decides to burst out of no rhyme or reason).

Regardless, Nian and I foresee that this could be a really long repair process. (imagine tearing down the carpentry, hack, mend, patch, place carpentry back, paint necessary walls, & clean the house)

We are just crossing our fingers really tightly that it will be done in another 10-12 days so that we won't need to postpone Dylan's baby shower party.

My confinement very happening right.

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  1. Dear Super Girl,

    I just saw your post on leakage. Im horrified that it is a guess and check thing.
    Hope the problems would be resolved asap for u.

    Meanwhile,do take care of urself ya. Confinement is also quite important for post-pregnancy!

    With warmest regards,

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Sabrina!

      Well, they tore down my kitchen carpentry eventually and realized that the leak was right inside one of the kitchen walls. Apparently, a worker from BSC accidentally punctured the water pipe but instead of mending it properly, he pasted cement over it and then continued to cover up the wall.

      When we got our keys and activated water and electricity, the water started leaking out from that hole. But because it was stuffed with cement, it took about 3 months before it finally travelled throughout the whole house (imagine that!) and seeped out from my MBR, where there were some gaps in the wall.

      We got our builder to compensate us 3 months of water and electricity, and also they had to compensate Ranger to rebuild the kitchen cabinet. Btw, when they tore down the cabinets, most of the backing were soaking wet and mouldy already. I want to faint!

    2. Yikes, that is very very scary :( I hoped all went well eventually and Rangers did a good job (the 2nd time round).
      Oh, I meant "Oh no" instead of "Oh now" :P Just realised the spelling error.

      I like reading all your detailing about your house :) Thanks for writing your stories down, gives future home owners a prep of what they may expect :)



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