So, they hacked the walls (Part 2)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Previously, I've mentioned that we needed to tear down our kitchen cabinets to locate the leak and I'm glad to announce that we finally found it!

Yes, after hacking two toilets, the service yard, our false ceiling, the leak is in the kitchen - as expected.

I also dunno why the BSC insists on hacking all of our walls to be super sure. -__-

Anyway, this is what has remained of my red kitchen. I don't know how to feel - a little heart broken because my entire kitchen is wrecked, but relieved because that means we would have a chance to correct all the horrifying carpentry works in the kitchen at no extra cost.

The leak was a 20-cent size drill-hole found just slightly to the right of the hacked area in the above picture. If you were to look at it closely, you can see some parts of the hacked area at the bottom right.

While BSC thinks that it was highly likely for Rangers to be the one at fault, it turns out to be quite the contrary. Apparently, one of the workers accidentally drilled a hole at our water pipe. Instead of mending it, he conveniently covered it with cement and left it be.

As soon as we took the keys and activated water services, water has been leaking from the pipe very slowly, but surely.. since July. It took the water about a month plus to flow through most of our walls and finally seep out outside our master bedroom and behind our main door, where there are crevices.

In fact, our cement slab built for our cabinets were soaked through too. And all the base of my cabinets were wet and mouldy!

With all these mould growing on my cabinets, there is no way for us to reuse all these wood-works, so we're scrapping all of these and get new ones instead.

All in all, it has been proven that it is BSC's fault, so they will be compensating us with the following:

i. Manpower for tearing down and fixing up our new cabinets
ii. Cost of our new cabinets
iii. Water bills from July to September
iv. Tiling works
v. Painting works
vi. Repair of our timber skirting

I kinda wish we could get compensated with the time loss and the inconvenience caused too. You guys know how many PAILS of water we have to drain every single day until they finally found the leak?

Easily 10 pails a day. 

Nian and I got blisters and abrasions on our hand from wrenching the soaked rags and I had a sore back from squeezing water from my mop. It was really crazy.

Apart from that, the hacking and drilling forced our family to move out, back to my in-laws to stay. So much inconvenience and trouble, all because of one irresponsible construction worker.

I don't even wanna think how much water has been wasted. And how much washing my husband did previously has gone to waste. Shame on this construction worker, I hope they could identify and punish him!


Anyway, this episode is coming to an end very soon. They've mended the pipes yesterday. Apart from the normal water pipe, one of our hot water pipes was also leaking, just that we didn't know because we didn't use centralized heater, so the hot water pipe was never utilized.

I cannot imagine the amount of water that would have leaked if we had a centralized heater, omg.

Today, the workers covered all the water pipes with cement. Tiling and painting works will be done over the weekend, before handing over to Rangers on Monday to fix up our new cabinets.

I am hoping, crossing my fingers and toes, that they don't give me any more stupid carpentry works. That will be totally a last straw on a camel's back lor.

If we can move back in on Tuesday, it will give Nian and I enough time to wash up the mess just before Dylan turns a month old.

Once again, gosh. What a happening confinement period.

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