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Friday, August 24, 2012

Ever heard of Bio-oil? Roughly a month ago, the good people of Access Coms sent me a bottle to try it out. It claims that it will help me to prevent my pregnancy stretch marks, soothes eczematic skin and heal all other sorts of scars (surgery, accidents, pimples, insect bites etc.).

In fact, during clinical testing, the percentages of users noting improvements are 90% for scars, 100% for stretch marks and 93% for uneven skin tone.

So let's put it to the test! I applied the Bio-oil on my elbow, where I still have active eczema.

Rough, reddish skin. Eczema haunts me ever since I was young and because of this, there are many food I have to avoid. :( Apart from that, when it heals, I get very ugly pigmentation. Show you guys later!


By the 7th day of daily application, you will notice that my eczema is no longer reddish. I still get the stretchy dry skin though, but I was kinda excited about the improvements! Last time, I had to use steroid cream to control this skin condition. The downside about steroid creams is that you can't use it when you're pregnant - and that's why my eczema flared up with the lack of medication.

Even though Bio-oil promised an improve skin condition in a month, I was rid of my eczematic elbow by the third week!

Look how my skin heals without a single scar. Usually, it will leave an ugly dark pigmentation, but this time, it was almost like it didn't exist!


To let you see the improvement better, here's the three pictures I took over 3 weeks. I'm pretty pleased with the results!

Then, I tried its efficacy in uneven skin tone. Remember I was telling you that eczema often leaves me with very ugly pigmentation? Here it is. My ugly thigh, behind my kneecaps.

It still looks a little dark after 3 weeks of application, but don't you think this looks less gruesome than the terrible pig trotter at the top?

I've also been applying on my tummy when I was pregnant. Here's a not-so-glamorous shot of my post-pregnancy tummy - you would realize that there are no stretch marks, but there is still a dark line of pigmentation that I got from the pregnancy.

I'll continue to apply Bio-oil, hopefully it fades off nicely! (Will also train up this flabby tummy hahahaha)


Bio-oil originates from South Africa and is now the most recommended product by skincare doctors to fight against scars and stretch marks. Containing the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, together with vitamins A & E, natural plant oils – Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary and Chamomile; Bio-oil is rapidly absorbed without leaving oily residue.

I'll definitely recommend this for ladies who are pregnant, to avoid the stretch marks, and especially people who suffer from eczema like me. You can apply it anywhere, even on your face, and it won't cause pimples at all. #truestory

It is available in 60ml size, costing $15.50 at all leading pharmacies, selected hospitals, departmental stores and Sasa.

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  1. thanks for the info..i am currently pregnant and having rashes out break. will get a bottle this weekend and try.

  2. sounds really good! will recommend to my friend who has very severe eczema

  3. Dear Jacqualine,

    Thank you for your post! We're really glad that Bio Oil worked really well for you. <3

    The Access Communications Team


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