Saturday, August 11, 2012

Today, Nian and I had to admit Dylan back into the hospital because his jaundice level was a little too high.

While jaundice in babies are really common (more than half of newborns have jaundice because their blood contains more bilirubin from the breaking down of old red blood cells from their mummies), it was nevertheless heartbreaking when we sent him into the phototherapy room. :(

You know, I've never felt this way before. The heart wrenching feeling when I look at him, looking so innocently at me, not knowing what's in there for him.

The tear-jerking moment when I think about how he would look for me when he wants milk and comfort but I cannot be there.


It's a super short 2-day therapy by the way.. But it has been probably 7 hours since we admitted him, and I miss him like crazy already.

On brighter thoughts, the UV from the phototherapy session will break down the bilirubin much faster so that his little liver can remove it, so Dy won't be yellow for long!

Mummy Jac must stay strong & do my confinement properly so that I can take care of him when he comes back on Monday into my arms.

Get well soon, munchkin!

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  1. Totally understand how u feel. I cried quite a bit when Zac was admitted coz of jaundice too. Hope little Dylan will be fine soon!

  2. Can understand ur feeling.. I also undergo the same thing 4 mth ago.. But nw my gal s fine nw.. U just relax relax do confinement n reduce ginger intake if u are breastfeeding.

    Enjoy ur motherhood


  3. Congratulation for your new born. It is normal for new born to have jaundice. My son only managed to clear off after 1 month. Just bring him out for a short morning stroll and an evening walk and he should be fine. Cheers!


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