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Sunday, August 19, 2012

As soon as I delivered Dylan, Nian and I moved into our new place. It was still quite messy when we first moved in because we were hoping for Rangers Designs to touch up on the badly done paint job, so we didn't really want to unpack from our boxes until the walls are done.

Previously I've mentioned that the paint work was reasonably done in the earlier posts, but unfortunately, upon close inspection, we found nothing but uneven paint work, still-visible marker inks that the contractor scribbled on the walls during renovation & unpatched walls.

It was very disappointing. Regardless, Nian and I decided to pay him the remaining 5% because Dylan is already home and we can't carry out paint work anyway when a baby is in the house.

Did I mention that he engaged a part-time single-woman "consultancy" to come chase $1000 from us? LOL.

It makes me think about how he always bragged about driving a Jaguar and our $19K means nothing to him, yet he engaged a "consultancy" to chase a miserly $1000 for him... For a job badly done.

This man makes me speechless.

Just as we thought that we are problem-free after sending Steve off with the thousand dollars, we reached home yesterday to find that water was seeping through one of the walls in our master bedroom and this morning, the wall behind our main door. -___-

It was super annoying because the seepage was quite severe, but we just can't find out WHY it is seeping and then prevent it.

Doesn't help that it's the long weekend now and we would have to wait until Tuesday before any help can be rendered to us. *sigh*

Other than that, our sofa is also giving us problems because the China workers (we got our sofa customized and made in China... like many other products you & I have at home) hasn't cleared the goose feathers that are leftover at the bottom of the cushion.

This results in the ends of the feathers sticking out of the sofa, poking our backsides when we slump into it too hard. -_____-

This isn't such a big problem because we've contacted our supplier and they would be bringing the sofa set to the Singapore factory to get it cleaned of the residual goose feathers but that would mean that we won't have a sofa for a couple of days LOL.

I'm staying very positive despite all these problems because I think we need to "live into" the new house. There might be a lot of problems in the beginning, but at least they can be solved. And although we hope that there won't be a next time, I know that next time if something similar arises, we would be experienced to know what went wrong and what to do to rectify it.

It's all part of the process!


On things that we can actually help it, Nian and I hung up our wedding and pre-wedding photos up on the wall yesterday!

And because my corridor is too shady for some decent plants, I decided to have some mini, low maintenence plants in the house instead. :D

Pots of Frittonia with the left one placed in the living room to freshen up the place with oxygen and a smaller pot in the guest toilet to remove excess humidity.

The next two pots I'm gonna get are for our master bedroom and toilet. Perhaps one more for the dining table but I think that will totally be like crazy-mode with the plants!

What else? Hmm. Maybe try to tidy up even more boxes before Dylan's baby shower. Because that is when we are holding our housewarming too omg.

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  1. I'm very impressed with your optimism and positivity despite the nasty result from your contractor!

    I'm feeling overwhelmed lately from my wedding preparation and house sourcing and am incredibly inspired by you even though it seems like such a small issue. Thanks a lot for that!

  2. Good to have lots of greenery in the home, especially in toilets and kitchen.
    but minimal in room hor. :)

    Important to stay positive ... make ourselves feel whole lot better.
    And yes, relying on self to get things settled sure have much more sense of achievement de. :)

  3. The water leakage is terrible. Have it been rectified yet? Your plants give me an idea to combat excess humidity :)

  4. Are you 100% satisfied with the house renovation?


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