Happy Anniversary, husband!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

It's surprising how we have a turn of events so quickly over the week. I remember I was at work when Nian sent me a menu to my email, asking me to choose a dish I like.

He said he has planned out all our anniversary celebration & wanted to bring me out for a good meal. Actually, apart from that, he also booked a room in Changi Village Hotel (where we got married) & got them to decorate the room and prepared me roses!

Then Dylan arrived just 1 day before we checked in. Now, Nian is busy preparing groceries for my confinement while I'm cuddling Dylan as he sleeps after his feed. It's a whole lot of difference from what we were expecting last week, but we are so happy.

Plus, we are going home today! Happy 2nd anniversary, hubs. I'm so glad I married you. And happy birthday to both Grandpa Tan & Grandpa Chan! (did I mention before my FIL & dad share the same birthday?)

August is such a splendid month. :D

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  1. congrats to proud parents of handsome Dylan :)


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