Dylan is coming!

Monday, August 06, 2012

It is 3am, 6 August as I'm typing this. 24 hours ago, I went through my first contraction - some 10 days earlier than Dy's EDD.

Within this 24 hours, I think I may have experienced the world's greatest pain. Even me falling down & breaking my tooth once, at a netball game, had no fight for this.

I just got my epidural shot btw. All along, I wanted to go au naturale & not use epi at all, but I tried the gas, & it is bloody useless! It didn't relieve my 4-minute contraction pain. Instead, it made me giddy wtf.

Ok! Gotta go now. My nurses say that I should be delivering Dylan in another 8-10 hours, so fingers crossed everybady!

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