Confinement Week 2

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My confinement has been really great so far. In fact, this is the second day without my confinement lady with me and surprisingly, I'm enjoying every moment of it even more.

No, I didn't send my confinement lady away lol. It was really a bout of bad luck - she sprained her back really badly over the weekend while trying to help me vacuum my floor. In the end, she couldn't bend over, walk, sit or lie down. With that, she decided to head to the hospital to seek medical help and that was the end of my short confinement help.

To be honest, I'm more than thankful for the help in the first week cuz that is when I needed it the most. My stitches hurt, I couldn't walk/sleep/sit properly and I obviously cannot touch water, according to the rules of confinement or I'll suffer from rheumatism. So aunty came at the right time. I had all the help I needed and I got better.

Now at the 2nd week, my stitches have more or less recovered. I'm more mobile and I can make do with a lot of chores with warm water. I also kinda cheated by wearing thick rubber gloves to wash my dishes do that I don't touch the cold water.

So for the past 2 days, I've managed to do the laundry for Nian, myself and Dylan (bare hands throw clothes into washing machine. Gloved hands to pick out clothes & throw into dryer. Bare hands pick out clothes again lol), bathed Dy, made red dates drink for myself (can't drink plain water).

I feel like a supermom already lol. (yes even though these are chores I should know how to do, but I did it w/o touching cold water at all!)

The kitchen is also neater now because everything has been rearranged to my convenience instead of the nanny's. I love to be in control like that hehehe.

Mama Tan and Mama Chan has also been helping out a great deal by coming over regularly to cook for me. Cooking is quite a bit of problem since I'd need to handle water to wash the fish, soak the veg etc so I still can't exactly do this without help.

Here's Dylan at 9 days old! You know, I'm so glad I've him. The bond the two of us share is so indescribable, it's amazing. :)

Grow up strong and well, munchkin! Mummy & daddy loves you!

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  1. jacq jiayou! Dylan is looking very healthy. =)

  2. your baby is soooooo adorable :)

  3. love your Dylan's eyes! so big and full of life! :)
    take good care of yourself too!

  4. Hey Jac! I'm just your long time blog reader and though I'm only a reader, reading the posts about Dylan is so heartwarming :) Congratulations to you and Nian. Dylan is so adorable! Please don't stop blogging and keep the posts coming. It feels like I've grown up with you.

    Wishing you happiness and good health always!

    PS: I still can't figure if he looks more like you or Nian!

  5. Hi jac,

    U ar my idol able to take care ur boy by ur own meanwhile taking gd care of urself..

    Remember to drink more soup n breastfeed regularly. Enjoy ur motherhood.



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