Renovation Contractor Rangers Design & Decorations REVIEW PART 2

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I thought I should write this post because after my previous update on my carpentry work at home, many people sent me emails and comments that they will strike my contractor off their consideration list.

Of course, I sincerely wish that you guys should strike him off because... why make yourself go through such agony, dealing with contractors like him? But because of my own integrity, I'm going to be fair with my overall review:

Basically, what my contractor does is something like an ID - we sign a package from him and he out-sources it to various people. That means we have an electrical man, the carpenter, the painter... all from different places and not really working under him as his employee.

Next, when an apartment goes through renovation, there are a few motions to go through:

  • We will start off with electrical wiring, where extra lighting points will be added if you are opting for cove lights and/or L-boxes. 

I don't understand how would experienced electrician will fail to work with my carpenter to insert a power socket to where my ovens would be at. I blame Rangers for this - he has obviously failed as a middle person, considering something so straight-forward can be overlooked.

Let me briefly explain. Basically, we have an electrical point on the tile area where the fridge is going to go in. I think we did ask if one of the sockets would be wasted (one would be for the fridge already) when the fridge comes, but our contractor assured us that we could still use it for other uses.

We didn't really pursue it because we were not experienced with this entire renovation thought process... until the carpentry was up. I think before that, the electrical man advised my contractor that we should pull an extra electrical socket to where my oven is going to be. Otherwise... how would my microwave and baking oven work without it?

Uh huh. Something which both Nian and I didn't think about it and my contractor didn't notify us too, which is really shocking because he said that he has been in the business for over 10 years. 10 years and he would miss details like that?

This is how my tall shelf looks like now with the socket pulled into it. Now my ovens can work! :D

So back to this:


A logical person will ask, why is there a casing that is resting on the shelf? Shouldn't the correct way be cutting a small hole at the back of this very shelf and then slide the casing in so that it looks neat?

I'm speculating that our carpentry work went up too fast and they've already sealed our shelves to the wall before my contractor could get them to cut a small hole and do the right thing... so we ended up with something like that.

The good: When Nian asked our contractor why does the casing look like this, he didn't explain much. He just said that the electrical man advised him to do it this way and out of goodwill, he did it for us at no extra charge and with his own initiative.

The bad: He then added that this will be hidden by the fridge anyway so even if it looks ugly, it is not very detrimental.

He has a point, but... it does sound like an alarm bell that Nian and I should check all the hidden places for potential shocks of "moderately done" work. You know, like "if people can see, then do nicely. If it can't be seen, it's okay."

Mmm. Not sure if I really like this thinking. But I'm appreciative of the initiative and cost-absorbtion though!
  • After the electrical works, it will be the cement work where the L-box and false ceiling will go up. At the same time, the fridge base, cupboard base, washing machine base will be up too.
No complains about this. Everything is done very well, even the tiling works.
  • 3rd step of the renovation: Painting.
The painting is rather sub-standard. When you look at it as a whole, the wall looks really beautifully painted BUT when you look at them up-close, you will notice little paint drips, peeled paint, paint on my wooden border below... it was not as good as we had expected.

You can read in my later posts of how terrible it looked a couple of years down the road.
  • Next, fixing of air-con and the trunking
Read this post to see what the same industrial people say about Steve Ang's contacts. Hint: It is not a good review.

Most of the details are well taken care of - we missed out buying the lights for two lighting points, our contractor also got his "men" to fix it up for us at a separate occasion at no extra cost.

The only positive takeaway of this nightmare episode with Rangers is that they worked promptly to our timeline, knowing that Nian and I want to move in before I pop. It only took him 2 months to renovate the house and get ready to hand over to us. I do know of people who had their renovation works dragged for months and months without notice as to when they can move in.


I don't appreciate his attitude, which can be a big thing since he is in the service industry. Because we were introduced to him by my sis-in-law, who also engaged him, he went to call my sis-in-law to complain about us. I thought it was really juvenile and unprofessional! I mean, if there's a complain, shouldn't he try his best to rectify it, instead of complaining about how difficult we are?

While you're reading this now, Nian is over at our new place trying to correct the problems with the carpenter foreman. Of course, we've definitely learned a lot in this renovation experience, especially how a carpentry work should be thought and carried out!

Just as I thought I learned a lot from Papa and Mama Chan's experiences lol.

Oh btw, update on our Narnia Door from Nian:

Wanted Nian to get the carpenter foreman to get it sealed because it is seemingly useless, but when he came down today, he explained that it will be easier for the plumber to have access to the water pipes, should it burst/leak next time.

Without this Narnia Door, hacking may have to be done to the carpentry work (now, all the plumber needs to do is to remove the board and will have access to the pipes) and therefore will be more troublesome and destructive. Not sure if this is a reasonable answer, because I am certainly sure that not everyone has Narnia Doors in their houses, right? So there must be another way around this, a better way, but Rangers didn't manage to deliver.


Lastly, all our appliances are coming in today already!

My very expensive sink and angular tap. Nicely installed and ready to use!

Nian chose the brand and model of my baking oven, by the way. He's so awesome like that. :)

Hob also fixed.

The fridge is also delivered! Like what my contractor said, the ugly trunking is no longer visible... but we all know that it is there. (I dunno how Nian is gonna get them to correct it already LOL) And then like what I've mentioned previously, because of the bad design from HDB's end, we have a slight protrution of our fridge as seen from our living room.

Regardless, I am still happy that we have our own apartment and family. :)

Our dining table came as well, very pretty but we haven't assembled it yet. As in the chairs are still in the spare bedroom cuz contractors are still moving in and out so no pictures.

And of course, another important happening in our lives. We're 4 more weeks to go, Dylan boy! :D

Phew, what a lengthy post. O_O

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  1. Love your glossy finishing for the kitchen! Max refuse to let me have glossy finishing and the blue that we picked didnt have glossy finishing either. :P

    1. How come? Given Max, I'm sure he has a good reason! Maybe difficult for cleaning?

    2. Yea, he say cleaning will be hell. fingerprints will be all over >.<

  2. Where do u do ur eternity ring?

    1. ROM Post

      Most wedding-related questions are answered in the above post. :)

  3. Hey there Jac! :) Your place looks awesome, and as a slightly crazed cookie/muffin baker, I am particularly envious of your epic oven.

    Hope to catch you soon - Dylan looks like he is coming along well!

    1. Hello Suan!!

      You should come by to my place so that we can bake together! (And then maybe have some make-up/skincare session after that hahahahaha!)

    2. You're a sweetie! Well, I just might take you up on that offer :P

  4. your rom post didn't state where u made your eternity ring? it's $2500 for a pair right?

    1. I think there was another reader who asked before where I got it. Anyways, it's from More Than Diamonds. You can visit their website at

      Hope this helps :)

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