Tan's Residences: We're almost ready to move in!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Recently, I've been hanging a lot at our void deck more than our place itself.. because of superstitions.

You all know that pregnant ladies cannot be in the house when renovations is taking place right? So yeah. I was reduced to waiting at the void deck while Nian is up there making sure everything is okay. LOL.

So on Thursday night, Nian asked me if I'd like to drop by our new place to look at it. Apparently, apart from having our fan fixed, the painting is also almost completed. They've also affixed lights in our house!

Funny thing was that we thought we bought all the lightings for everywhere, only to realize that we missed out two lighting points - one at the entrance of our bedroom and the other one along the corridor.

For our bedroom entrance, I went to buy this romantic ice-cube lighting for it.

I'M SO EXCITED!!! I think it's very romantic lor! (I'm thinking of how a combined effect of our bedside lamps and this work. Hehehe.) And it only costs $25 for this. I think $25 is quite affordable leh!

The corridor one is the same old white little round light la hahaha. In fact, this little round light costs more ($35) than the ice-cube light wtf.

Our contractor also acid-washed the floor, so I can finally walk into our house bare-footed and sit on the floor while I meddle with our new purchases.

I'm so happy. :')

Some pictures!

This is our spare bedroom, which will remain spare for the moment. We were thinking of converting this place to a mahjong/study room/photo taking area, but I think it will most likely remain empty until we have some extra cash for some extra furniture.

Btw, I LOVE how bright the lights are! Bright lights make the whole house look happier and bigger!! :D

This is the Master bedroom! (Keep wanting to spell it as Masterbed Room wtf) We've added a piece of red wall because our Fengshui Master says that we need some red in our house (cuz we're too mild hahaha).


Here's our attached toilet. The shower screen is up, the lights are up.. basically we're only left with the bathroom accessories to fix.

I LOVE our bathroom accessories!!!

Our very neat air-con trunking lol

Air-con fixed! We took a System 3 instead of a System 4 - no air-con in the living room.

My kitchen, with the gas piping done but carpentry work will only start next week. To tell you the truth, I really regret getting this particular lighting for the kitchen because it's the only one that requires a starter.

You know how our normal lightings will turn on and then *blink blink blink* before it finally lights up? Yeah, my kitchen light is the only one that works this way. All other lights run on other types of mechanism (I can't remember the name for it) that results in instantaneous lighting - no blinks at all. No blinks.

Which makes me totally pissed off with it because I'm so spoiled by the instantaneous lighting, every time I turn on my kitchen light and attempt to walk in, I will still be in the dark. And then I'll go, "WTF LIGHT UP OREADY CAN OR NOT. I CANNOT SEE."

We have a little light at the entrance too! I think it will be quite nice to have it if we don't want the house to be too dark when we come home, or when Dylan is a bit older (3-4 years old), we can leave this light on so that it won't be too dark for him if he wants to wee-wee at night.

Oh mai got. Daddy and Mummy so thoughtful!

Wokay, ladies and gentlemen. This is our living room, complete with our lightings on the L-box, fan and false ceiling!!!

I think I can stop explaining why there's a red wall right?

Btw, even if it's not for fengshui purposes, I still think having a red wall to go with cream-coloured walls is a super good combination. SO PRETTY. AND CHIC. AND CLASSIC.


Actually, this is all I have to show you on our Tan's Residences. But if you would like to continue reading, everything below is all about how proud we are as a home-owner. And how glad I am to have Nian being the in-charge of this entire project. :D

We are also super proud that we could put together a beautiful house (or so I say!) that I'm so insanely in love with, with ZERO arguments. (fingers crossed)

Everyone was like telling me before our renovation begun: "It's either you let your husband decide, or you decide the things yourself. Otherwise, sure quarrel one! Scully one wants this, the other wants that. Hurhur."

I was also afraid that Nian may get pissed off with me for not really contributing much to the renovation because I'm so pregnant now. Don't contribute still never mind, I'm someone who has a lot of opinions, if you don't already know. :P

Most of the time, I really don't do anything except pointing my fingers about, "Dear dear, can you check if the timber skirting is hollow?"

"Dear dear, can you go take down the measurements for XXX?"

"Dear dear, I'm not feeling well already. Can we go? This place is SO STUFFEH."

Dear dear dear dear dear.

But, I think we are really almost at the end of this entire renovation journey already! Heng I haven't got slapped by my husband so far for being so unhelpful yet kaopeh and everything is going on so smoothly and surely, I don't even need to worry about anything.

I helped with the shopping bit though! I walked until my feet swelled and my back hurt last week, just so we can buy as much necessities as possible before I finally grow too big to continue walking non-stop.

Bought everything we could think of:
  • Rubbish bins, 
  • Laundry nets, 
  • Kitchen sponges (6 for $2 wtf!), 
  • Washing brushes, 
  • Clothes pegs (in rainbow colours! Here's a picture of it for those who are interested!)
  • Magnetic whiteboard with duster, 
  • Knives, 
  • Knife sharpener, 
  • Hand towels,
  • Anti-slip mats to put below rags for yard and kitchen
  • 'Floor mop' (actually it's the kind where you fix the Magiclean cleaning paper then you push the mop around and it will attract dust & hair)
  • Bath mats (anti-slip to place in front of toilets)
  • Cutleries (like finally!)
  • Cutleries divider to place in the drawer
  • Pitcher to store cooled water
  • Electric kettle
  • Bedside tables for our room, good thing that it comes in our colour scheme too! $13 for one only HOW SHIOK.
  • LED nightlights - $8 for 3 pieces
  • Fleece blanket (2 for $10) for the guest bed
  • King Koil pillow & bolster ($30)
  • Frying ladle
  • Dining mats
  • Chopping board
  • Remote control holder
So much that I thought I wanna do a video on our hauls but wtf it would be so boring to have you guys spend 5 minutes looking at the stuff we bought HAHAHA.

Spent $223 altogether!

 Bought our dining table at $300 also. Quite pretty hor?

I tell you, this to-buy list never ends. Now that we are done with these bits and pieces, Nian just reminded me that we need to get MORE stuff like detergent, toilet cleaner, mop, pails, dish cleaner, toilet paper, tissue boxes etc. Like they've gotta be there when we move in.

STRESS. But I LOVE our house! Ahhhh! I'm SO HAPPY! :D

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  1. where did u get the dining table? my house jus renovated.

    1. We bought it from beds.sg. You can try from the site, quite affordable :D

  2. Hihi, hope u don't mind sharing where to get the rainbow colours clothes peg pls and really hope you can post a pic of it as i'm a fan of rainbow colours. hehe, thanks!

    1. Hello! We bought it at Daiso! It's like $2 for I think 12 pieces or something wtf.

      I've gotten Nian to help me take a picture of it (cuz it's in the new place and I'm forbidden entry during reno), will post it up when he sends it to me ok?

      Hope this helps!

  3. hi, can share how much is the total cost of your reno??

    1. Hello, we spent about $19,000, not inclusive of furniture and appliances. You can take a look at this post for the items that are included: http://www.thesuper-girl.com/2012/06/submitting-defects-report-renovation.html

      Hope this helps!

  4. Whoa, where did you get the romantic light thingy from? :)

    1. Hi Sabrina, it is from lightings.com.sg. They have an outlet at Tradehub, Jurong. :D


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