Rangers Designs & Decorations REVIEW PART 1 + Curtains settled!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The progress of our house renovation has been going on really well. Apart from the walls being done and carpentry works started last week, we've also gotten down to the more gritty parts of the renovation - selecting our curtains and blinds.

After the selection, we are down to just a bit more specifics to go:

  • Acid-washing the floor again, after carpentry work
  • Touching up of paint
  • Delivery of fridge, washing machine and dining table
  • Moving in of other stuff from our old place
  • Unpack!
We set aside about $1000 for our curtains and blinds, which is quite little, considering that we went around asking for a few quotations. Most quotes come up to about $1,200 to $1,500 for a 4-room flat like ours. To give you a bit more idea to compare, we are going for the following specifications:

Living room: Day and Night curtains, night curtains at 90% black-out.
Bedrooms 1 & 2: Full length single roller, which looks something like the following:

But of course, don't hold your hopes too high because we don't have French windows like these, so it would definitely not look as elegant. The transparency is also slightly different - we went for a complete black-out blind so that the room will remain dark if needed.

Master Bedroom: Roller blinds, divided into two portions because our windows are too long for a single roller. We can opt for a single blind, but it may be too heavy for the mechanism to work properly and may not be very durable if we stress it this way.

The downside about having portioned roller blinds are the little gaps you see in between them that will allow a certain amount of sunlight in anyway. It could be quite a pain in the ass if you like to sleep in absolute darkness (like me) and the sun has risen above our backsides.

Chose this shade of grey for our roller blinds so that it doesn't totally blend with our walls but yet the contrast is minimal. We're going for a simplistic kinda design since I've a big bold red wall and urm.. some green carpentry work lol.

Bronze-Copper colour for the curtains to match the red walls slightly, but again, doesn't jump out and make the whole room dark and small.

The day curtain - basically just selecting the design. We went for a pure white that doesn't come out in this picture. :\

Uncle is fixing this up next week, so more pictures on this when it is completed!


Here are some pictures of our carpentry work. As I was saying, our carpenter came by last week and got our wardrobes, shoe cabinets, kitchen cabinets and TV consoles done up. You'd realize that they are all in a green and white theme so as to match the instructions of our fengshui master....

Remember red and green? :P

But to be honest, I wasn't very happy with the work. Many brainless moments I don't even...

In addition, I don't like it when Nian went to ask our contractor (i.e. Rangers Design and Decoration), he said that he didn't propose certain ideas because of our budget constrains.

I mean, seriously? If he doesn't propose us making more cupboards and wardrobes, I understand. But I think, the very reason why we're having a guy helping us with our renovations is because we NEED advices, apart from services.

For example, we have an electrical point right above my hob but he didn't point it out / make any suggestions about it. It makes me think that he didn't think it was an issue at all.

And how could he NOT think that it was an issue since he's so experienced? The electrical points will definitely be oily... and how inconvenient and unsafe will it be if I'm cooking and using the points simultaneously? Mmmm.. deduct 15 points.

I'll show you more as we move on.

Point #2: The TV console in our master bedroom is lower than our bed. Here are the possible issues:
  • Our TV consoles (MioTV and Starhub set-top boxes) won't be able to detect the wavelength from our bed because the bed is blocking.. like duh.
  • The vanity table is equally low. I can't even put in my kneecaps when I sit down wtfisthisshit?
Nian got them to increase to 3 feet height instead. Deduct another 15 points.

Now I can sit/stand by the table to do my make-up and skincare routine. My husband is officially more professional than the professionals. -__-

Contractor also wanted to give us a casement door for the console, which is also a bit no brains cuz wouldn't our legs hit the casement door when it is opened? Shouldn't a sliding door make more sense? No deduction of points because we managed to see the problem when he proposed.

Ok fine, maybe deduct 10 points.

Notice the electrical points right above my hob? I'm sure the wires from my rice cooker will not be long enough to reach the furthest electrical point. And everything will be oily if I use them simultaneously.

This, we will definitely top up money to shift it. If only my contractor had the foresight to warn us. Now, it is too late.


Halfway through, before the solid top is placed.

Half-way through still, but my hood and solid top is inserted already. I also realized they used the nearerst plug for my hood - that would mean that I'd have to use the small in-between space for my rice cooker, which sucks because I had intended that area to let me chop my food. URGH.

Now ladies and gentlemen, get ready for Brainless Point #3

I don't even.... -____-

HELLO CONTRACTOR? This one can ah? This one actually pass your QC? Did you bother to try opening all the cabinets again to ensure that these things don't happen????????????????????

And despite it being brainless, I realize I have no solution for this. What am I supposed to tell him to do?!

One more. I almost fainted when I saw it.

Magical door to Narnia, ladies and gentlemen. WTF is he expecting me to put in this... 4" space? My husband told me that it could be inevitable because we've got a really thick water pipe behind this magical door, so maybe I can line unused water bottles along the remaining gap?


Shoe cabinet


Shoe cabinet. A very simple looking one. Nothing much can go wrong right? You'd be surprised. So far, we're having problems having smooth-travelling drawers. Same for the kitchen, same for this shoe cabinet. I'm withholding my comments for now because maybe that's not the end of construction.

Maybe they'll be adding rollers or something (I hope!) to make the thread smoother.



Completed wardrobe in Dylan's room. So far so good, except for a misaligned drawer lock that makes locking difficult and a bent line that can be seen from an angle at the side. We're getting them to redo that.

Our wardrobe. There's still a full-length mirror that's waiting to be installed, but that's about completion already.

Living room TV console

Possibly the only carpentry work that is almost perfect. I still spot uneven veneer used at the border. Crossing my fingers that they will patch it up before handing over to us!


Carpentry headaches aside, we're thankful that our carpenter helped us in fixing our toilet accessories. All of them are up and ready to be used, all in good running order, except for the 2-bar bathroom hanger in the guest toilet that is wobbly.

Sigh. I'm thinking that you can never get a perfect job from carpenters. Especially carpenters.

If I have to throw just ONE advice to anyone who is doing renovations, I'd say, "WATCH THE CARPENTERS."

Of course, you'd need to watch other things like wall paint and tiles, but bad carpentry kills. It is the most expensive bulk in your renovation but at the same time, most likely to have mistakes. And it will make or break the rest of your lives in the apartment, trust me.

And oh btw, after Nian told him off for the shoddy work, this guy actually called my sis-in-law and complained to her about us! He told her that we are difficult people to work with, cannot give and take and why are we like that when my SIL had such a good working relationship with him.

He also said that many things he gave it to us at his own cost, but we're not appreciative. I don't want to elaborate now because I'm so tired, but if you guys like, I can share with you some stories in the next post lol.


On a happier note, we've set some of our stuff up in the meantime to get ready for the actual moving in. Have to thank my wonderful handyman husband who is so good with all these things!

Hello Dylan, here's your cot and mattress already inside!


Here's a mess of the side-tables we bought from Giant. Was super excited when we could get something in the same colour scheme without customizing it!

Hubba fixed the drawer... and then voila!

Done. Something simple for our bedside but totally useful for everything we can imagine. :D

My laundry trolley from Ikea is also completed and ready to be filled with all sorts of happy laundry items. :D

Just a bit more, we will be totally ready to reside in the brand new Tan's Residence with Dylan.

Cannot wait!

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  1. Hi super-girl,

    Care to share what's the measurement of ur wardrobe?

    1. Hello, my wardrobe in the Master Bedroom is 6ft long while Dylan's wardrobe is 5ft long. :)

  2. Thank you, super-girl. What about the height of the wardrobe? The color looks v refreshing!

    1. Hmm I'm not sure what the height is cuz it's the standard HDB height. I think it's about 2.8m?

      Usually the carpentry works are done full-height x no. of feet. The ceiling height is quite standard.

      Omg hope this helps! :P

      P.S. We like this green also! It looks less limey in real life and thank goodness it didn't look christmassy in our room, where the red and green meet. :x

    2. Thank you! Btw, I love reading your blog always!

    3. Thank you too! It makes me happy to be writing it when there are people who appreciate it. :D

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Actually I did went to Ranger's website and did consider using them for my upcoming renovation. I guessed I have to strike them off my list. Their negligence of the kitchen hob near the electric point is simple unacceptable. Budget is just an excuse to brush customer off. Work integrity is very important, they should not deliver this piece of work to you at all. By the way, thanks for sharing and continue blogging.

    1. Hello! I'm glad to be sharing what Nian and I went through. However, maybe you should read the rest of my posts before striking them out (like what I told some readers when they emailed me).

      Apart from the kitchen where most of the brainless moments happen, Rangers did pretty well in other aspects. I've also done up a post last night reviewing every step along the way that you can read too - it will be up by lunch time. :)

      Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I want to known about best curtain shop in Singapore.


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