Soft Launch of UFM100.3, Hot91.3 and Kiss92

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So... Laien and I attended SPH Radio's soft launch party last week. Thought I'd share some pictures!

Picture from Instagram - Jewel Box cable car!

Dylan is so lucky, I think I've only been on the cable car once for cable car dining, but he's on it even before he's born! :p


I self-trimmed my fringe the night before. Practice makes perfect. Hehe.

With Margaret and 老大. I think my hair is like super black, don't you think so? I'm getting really used to not dyeing my hair (haven't done it for at least a year already), but seeing the recent ombre trend, they are really pretty not to do it!

Ok sorry, I don't know why I keep talking about my hair lol.

Lucky to be standing beside the very handsome 啊栋. Btw, I was chewing my curry puff halfway and had to hold them in the corner of my mouth while I posed for this pic. HAHAHA unglam!

Rod Montero announcing the launch of Hot91.3 - sounds very exciting, can't wait to tune in to Ryan Seacrest!

Ok, ending off with a gorgeous picture of 小猪 and us. Bye!

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