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Monday, July 16, 2012


Over the weekend, Nian and I headed down to Singapore's inaugural Make Your Own Havaianas event and if you don't already know, we walked away with not one, not two, but FOUR pairs of Havies!


When we entered The h Store in Takashimaya, we were greeted by an array of beautiful cupcakes, topped with loads of Havaianas! This totally brings a literal meaning to Havaianas' "buttery-soft" sole lolwtf.

We then left a congratulatory note on a giant Havaianas board, before starting to make our own pair of Havies!

It's quite simple actually, as you can see. 4 steps and you're done! The colours on the left are for the Slim Fit, which is more suitable for ladies while the ones on the right are the Top style, which is slightly wider and therefore more suitable for guys.

Immediately, I couldn't decide whether I want the Aqua Green one or the Sand Grey one already!


Nian decided on his pair really quickly cuz he likes the yellow base the best! I wanted the yellow base as well but it is not available for the slim version. :(

Apart from the range of limited edition pins I showed you guys in my earlier post, there were even more to choose from! Most of these pins are for ladies I think, like I REALLY super love the gold butterfly but Nian and I settled for the soccer ball (which I also like!) and the flip-flop one because we wanna have matching pins. <3 <3 <3

After we've made up our minds, we then head on to the assembly area where the flat, straps and pins would put together for our very own pair of Havies. *cannot wait!!!*


Here's my assembler who is securing my pins to the straps. This is my first Havies with pins, can you believe it!!!

This shot is very hard to take btw, because my bump blocks most of my feet these days LOL. I had to take a deep breath and then tilt slightly backwards to achieve this shot so please give me a round of applause, thank you!


Don't you just LOVE the colour combination? :D I haven't seen any bloggers/celebrities with this combi so far... but please don't tell me if you do. My heart will break to know that someone out there has the same design as my customized pair omg.

Then we started on making our couply pair. See the two completed pairs at the side of the table already? Yes, we are kiasu like that har har har. :D

I think both pairs of my Havaianas are super pretty. And it's actually quite easy to match also because I have a lot of bluish-green dresses and erm, red stuff. Hehe.

I dunno how Nian is gonna wear his yellow flip-flops out though, he hardly has anything yellow in his wardrobe except for our ROM shirt O_O

LOL this one!

But then again, yellow is quite versatile so I'm thinking he could go with some sand-coloured berms with a light colour top. The Havies could be super striking!

Or he can soak up all the attention at the beach with Dylan when we head down there after our confinement.... (yellow goes with a tanned, topless body best) while I try to look hot post-natal, in bikini. :O

Anyways, I've done up a video on Friday! It's a bit overdue now that you're watching it, but just watch it anyway lah cuz I always spend like 1-2 hours on a 3 minute video O_O so might as well make the most of it and post it everywhere. :D

Thank you, Havaianas, Melvin and Ting for the invitation! I really had a ball of time mixing and matching the straps to the flats, then the pins to the flip-flops.

I'll definitely look forward to next year's MYOH, hopefully then we will have even MORE varieties for us to go crazy with! (And how about baby sizes so that Dylan can get one too hahahaha).


My god. Look how much my figure has changed pre and during pregnancy. *drops jaw* 7kg is some serious shit.

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