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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just like bubble teas and cupcakes, everyone would know that the recent trend in the skincare/beauty world is the rising of BOXES.

Nope, not just empty boxes.

There are boxes that when you pay a certain amount of money, you will receive them full of goodies every month, ranging from skincare products (sometimes sample sizes, sometimes retail sizes) to cosmetics to vouchers.

The thing is, you can't really choose what you want to have in the boxes, can you?

Well, now you can with Happybox.

What I have in my hands is the happybox Beauty Delights. In it, you will find:

1. A Gift Card

and 2. A Sexy Booklet

Wide variety of choices
In the sexy booklet is basically the various treatments you can choose to have.

With the 15 Beauty Delights partners, you can expect to choose from these huge range of beauty treatments:
  • Diamond Peel Facials
  • Full Body Massages
  • Tanning Services
  • Waxing and Hair Removal Services
  • Foot Detox Therapies
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Wash and Blow Hair Treatments
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Collagen Treatments
  • Exchange for Beauty Products
  • Slimming Therapies
  • Gua Sha and Ba Guan Services
For me, I went for Hair Removal services because I've always wanted to be sponsored for that. Hehe. I think this comes at a good time because I don't wanna be too hairy when I deliver Dylan. And you know what's amazing? I was *just* telling Nian I wanted to go for a waxing session before I pop!

Looks like practicing The Secret does work.. to a certain extent eh? :p

So, I went for Fabulous Tan's Brazilian and Underarm Wax + Eyebrow and Upper Lip Threading.

Value for Money
I think it is a good deal for happybox holders to go for the waxing and hair removal because it usually would have cost more than $59 (price of happybox, regardless of treatments you choose). I like it that I get to choose the particular service that I think is the most value for money, and that maximizes my appreciation for the box!

In fact, I think $59 is good for manicure and pedicure sessions also - I tend to spend $70 easily for the both of them on normal days. I also think using it for slimming therapies and eyelash extensions is also quite value for money.

The last time I did an eyelash extension (sponsored, read post here), it costs a minimum of $120 for a good quality, soft and comfortable one. Even the kuku-sai one that I first experienced (and paid for myself: read the same post for story) costs $68.

Now that I look through the list again, I think $59 is affordable for almost everything in the list lor!

With the ability to choose, happybox will make a good gift for everyone. While I think girls will be more likely appreciate the gift more, most of these treatments are also extended to the guys too.

Besides, some merchants offer 2 times the same treatment. Like in the case of Fabulous Tan:

See? Some of the treatments can be used simultaneously by 2 people, so it will be good for couples who choose to do treatments together!

Easy to use
In case you're wondering how to use the happybox, it is quite simple. Just Register your giftbox when you receive them, choose whatever treatments you would like to have, call for a reservation and appear when the time is right. That's all!

Review on Fabulous Tan - very long portion lol

Talking about making reservations, if you guys are taking up the hair removal service like me and are planning to make an appointment at the Cineleisure outlet, I'd suggest you guys to confirm and re-confirm because they are very, very busy. I think that is probably the reason why I met with so much cock-up while attempting to make an appointment with them, even with the help of HappyBox.

What happened was I was down at the Cine outlet on the 5th of July for my supposed appointment, but somehow, there were some miscommunication which resulted in my slot not being confirmed. And exactly because they are very busy after working hours (my appt was s'posed to be at 7.30pm), they couldn't slot me in at all.

I thought, "Well, that's okay la. Shit happens. I'll just make another appointment and then go down." So, I made it immediately over the counter for another slot. I even asked the counter-boy which days do they have the 7.30pm slot available, because I know that any earlier, I will definitely be late... and looking at them being so busy, I'm very sure my slot will be given up if I don't turn up on time.

Counter-boy told me to go back on Tuesday, 10 July, which was yesterday, because the 7.30pm slot was available. Ok, so I made the appointment. The next day, a lady called me and asked if I could go down at 7pm instead.

I told her it will be difficult because I only finish work at 6pm, and Cineleisure is terribly far away for me. I told her I will try, but no promises. She added that there were multiple appointments made for the 7.30pm slot and require me to go over earlier.

Multiple appointments again?

Anyway, after the conversation, I received a confirmation SMS on Monday from them, telling me that they will see me at 7.30pm. So on Tuesday (yesterday), I turned up on time.

Imagine the horror when they told me that they can only do eyebrow and underarm threading for me because I was supposed to appear at 7pm, but I appeared at 7.30 and there were a lot of customers who were already kept waiting.

Of course I was not happy! I told them that I told the lady I would TRY to be there as early as I can, but I didn't tell her to change my appointment timing to 7pm! (And if she has already changed it to 7pm, why is it that the confirmation SMS was still showing 7.30?)

Plus, I don't like it when they made it sound like it's my fault. It's not my fault that they've only one eyebrow threader in the outlet, it is not my fault when their counter staff made multiple appointments. I've kept to my end and appeared on time. I kinda kicked up a small fit and said that I wouldn't travel all the way down just for an eyebrow threading (I had the intention to skip the underarm cuz I don't have underarm hair #truestory).

I was offered to make another appointment to go down for my Brazilian waxing because I am pregnant and the therapist would need at least an hour to work on my vajayjay because it was supposedly more sensitive and they will need a bit more time. But counter-boy I spoke to on Thursday didn't leave a note telling them I was preggy.

Maybe he didn't see it... would give him a benefit of doubt on this.

Anyway, the bottomline yesterday was I was not going to give in again and make a third trip down just for waxing, when I could have, and should have gotten it all done in one day.

In the end, another therapist assured me that I would get my Brazilian wax and my eyebrow threading - I won't need to go back again. I followed my Indian therapist into the room and started my treatment about 15 minutes later at 7.45pm.

The Treatment

Despite a very cocked-up registration and appointment making, I think I shouldn't discredit my therapist. When she started pulling out the thread towards my eyebrows, I cringed because eyebrows threading is a very painful process for me, all the time.

But at the first "riiiiiiip", I was pleasantly surprised because while she worked swiftly on my brows, I felt zero pain. Totally no pain at all even though I haven't been threading for at least 6 months! I told her she was good man, so far, I've tried maybe three different therapists on different occasions and they all hurt like mad.

She was done in about 10 minutes, and my brows looked so good! O_O

Super large image of my eyebrows today lololol.

Then we moved on to Brazilian wax, which, of course, no pictures of anything. (like duh)

My therapist was also very swift and professional with my waxing experience. She wore her surgical gloves, turned on the hard wax machine, wore her mask and off she went.

Throughout the entire treatment, I didn't feel embarrassed, neither did I feel that she was rushing through her work even though there were tonnes of customers outside waiting for her to thread their brows/lips/armpits. Btw, I've never heard of armpits threading lol.

She was also very thorough with the treatment, ensuring that I don't feel pain when she ripped off the hardened wax, no stray hair anywhere, cleaned and moisturized, cleaned and moisturized repeatedly. I went home easy, breezy and happy. Hehehe.

Overall experience

All in all, if you're looking for a fuss-free and quick service, like having the session over lunch time, you can consider Fabulous Tan (ensure your appointment is made & confirmed though!). You will get a room rather quickly, but don't expect any soothing music nor gentle lights (not for a customer looking for a relaxing and zen environment). In fact, when I looked up, all I saw were wires and air-con piping from the shopping mall itself lol.

My entire session lasted for about 45 minutes and I didn't need to change into any robes - but I was glad that I made a right choice of wearing a dress so it's less troublesome.

Of course, my review is solely limited to the Cineleisure outlet. There are also the TQL Suites and the Holland Village outlets, which I believe may provide a more relaxing service.

Will I go back there again? Yes. Because my therapist is so darn good it overrides their terrible appointment-making counterparts.

Wine & Dine Happybox
Apart from the Beauty Delights, you can also choose to purchase the Wine & Dine Happybox ($169). It may seem rather expensive, but after looking at the range we are entitled to, I think $169 is rather reasonable. Let me share some with you:
  • 5-course dinner at Min Jiang (Goodwood Park)
  • 3-course dinner at Esmirada, inclusive of 2 house wine
  • 7-course dinner at Pavilion Restaurant
  • 10-course dinner at Bodega Y Tapas (I think I'd try this lol)
  • 7-course dinner at IndoChine
Not bad right? And it's good for 2 person to dine, so imagine paying only $85 for a freaking 10-course dinner wtf.

All in all, if you're looking for something to thank your bridesmaids with, or your very hardworking secretary or your loving boyfriend who didn't forget your anniversary, maybe you can consider buying them a happybox. I think it will make them very happy. :)

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  1. What a great gift! Looks like you had a ball on your spa visit! I've always wanted to get a big gift certificate to a nice spa!


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