[Adv] Happy 50th Birthday, Havaianas!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

There are so many different pairs of Havaianas sold everywhere, from solid colours to metallic colours, gold Havaianas logo with solid colours, Havaianas with country names on the soles, Havaianas X Missoni.. the list is never ending and I love them all!

To me, Havaianas is like the mother of all flip-flops. If you wanna look chic at the beach, you've gotta be wearing a pair of Havies. Wanna dress down but still not look floppy? Wear a pair of Havies X Missoni and you'd look in-style instead!

But of course, my deepest desires is to have a pair of customized Havaianas flip-flops. I mean, why not? Even though Havaianas comes in different colours and designs, I know that to truly own a unique pair, it would be one that I mix and match myself. Nothing beats self-expression like your own pair of Havies no one else has.

I think The Secret is working (even though I don't practice it like super crazily), because Havaianas heard my deepest wants and made it all come true this July 14 and 15!

MYOH has been around in other countries for several years (like in the Philippines for example, it's a SUUUUPER huge event that every Havaianista look out for), but this year, they are coming to Singapore, finally!

*throws confetti in the air*

Apart from customizing your own pair of Havies, I think it is super fun to check out new pins and soles too.

Some really pretty pins that really got me super excited. I saw them being featured in MYOH Philippines. So nice right? :D

Can I have the soccer ball for Nian please? And then... I wanna have the parrot one or the gold butterfly!

How about the aviators and the bow tie? Very cute also. I hope they are all available in Singapore when I head down tomorrow for the VIP session! :D

If you wanna own a pair of unique summer-lovin' flip-flops, MYOH is the place to go this weekend. See you there!!

Make Your Own Havaianas
14-15 July, 10AM onwards
The h store, Takashimaya B1-38

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