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Thursday, July 05, 2012

I always like to explore ulu ulu places for delicious food with good ambiance. For me, a place that will capture my heart would be somewhere quiet, breezy, spacious, affordable food with splendid service. I don't mind travelling when I wanna be a foodie sometimes!

Back in 2007, my then-boyfriend introduced me to this motorcycle-themed bar. It was located in Lock Road a few years back, and I never really went back because it was too far away from where I live. A few years later, the area was cleared out for other developments and I never really thought about it after that.

Fast forward to 2012, some five years later, Handle Bar suddenly popped into my mind, so I decided to check out if they are still functioning, perhaps in a new place I could visit. Lo and behold, they've moved up north and they are just about 15 minutes drive from my place!

They still have very sexy menu, as we can all see.

As compared to their premises in Lock Road, this new place is definitely more spacious. The tables were sparsely placed all over a clearing, and it faces the sea.

I also like the fact that we can ride a motorcycle right up to their doorstep. Too bad Nian's bike is still in the repairs! But anyway, I'm too pregnant to pillion. :P

A few things I didn't like about Handle Bar though:
  • Difficult parking - there were simply not enough parking for all the patrons if they drive in (free parking though!)
  • No cordoning of smoking & non-smoking area - I had a bunch of Indian patrons blowing waves of cigarette smoke over us while we eat
Apart from that, I really enjoyed my dinner there with Nian and Raymond. I thought one of the waiters who served us gave a splendid service too.

You see, we were ushered to the side bar to look through the menu while we wait for an available seat. This waiter came along, broke into a friendly conversation with us and then he noticed that my bulging belly. (The other waiters and waitresses didn't notice that)

Immediately, he apologized for having me to stand around and proceeded to ask a table if we could share the seat as it was good for 6, but it was only occupied by 2.

I really didn't mind sharing and I was thankful that the couple didn't mind too. And most importantly, I was impressed that the waiter actually took the initiative to find a solution, instead of the usual "Oh, no space, gotta wait" reply.

It would definitely be one important factor to determine if I should go back to the new Handle Bar again. :)

Ok, some pictures before our food arrived:

A caddy for the sauces - there's even a toothpick dispenser and a generous wad of serviettes. Makes me happy that I don't need to constantly ask for different varieties of sauces from the waiters and waitresses.

Super cute pepper and salt shakers in hand-grenade shapes.

A Red Indian teepee. Maybe that serves as a make-shift sleeping place for those who had a drink too much! :P

We waited around 20 minutes for our food, which usually, it's an okay waiting time for us. However, we went down immediately after Nian's soccer and Raymond just woke up, so everyone was famished!

We were getting just a little bit impatient when my Fish Burger ($12) arrived.

Not too bad I'd say! The fish is still as fresh as I remembered it. (The last time I had Beer-Battered Fish & Chips and Beer-Butt Chicken - good thing that I keep a blog to remember little things like these!)

Onion Bloom - one of my favourite sides since five years ago. Loads of farting going on after that? No problem. Challenge accepted! Don't remember how much is this, probably $16 or so. Good for 4 person I think, or 2 really huge eaters.

You should also finish this as soon as it is served because when it turns cold, it gets really oily and soggy. Quite a turn-off after that.

Also tried half a dozen of Cocaine Wings in Medium (is it medium? I only remember it's the 2nd level. I think it starts from Mild...). A little choking at the first bite because of the Tobasco sauce, but after that, we thought it was really delicious!

Glad that Raymond came along with us, otherwise, it may be a bit too filling to eat 3 wings at one go, with the Onion Bloom and mains.

Fish and Chips (breaded) for Raymond.

Total bill came up to $60 over, which is slightly expensive I'd say, given that we didn't order any beer.

Handle Bar still doesn't charge any GST nor service charge, so I guess that kinda balance out the price for the food.

Given that it is so near to my place now, I think I'd definitely visit them more often, especially for their Onion Bloom and Cocaine Wing. It shouldn't be too expensive for 2 small-eaters - I'm expecting us to hit $40 max the next time we head down. :)

Handle Bar
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