[Review] Pizza Hut Launches 'Good Dining Everyone' with 7 New Dishes!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Hello everyone!

How's Monday alreadyyyyyyyy. :P I'm not really into the new week for these next few weeks because I'm coming really close to my maternity leave, and that means that I've a lot a lot of things to hand-over before I'm gone for the next 16 weeks.

That just spells b-u-s-y and t-i-r-e-d. :\

But then again, looking on the bright side, it won't be long until Dylan officially joins us in the Tan's family!

Over the weekend, Nian and I were invited by the good people of Pizza Hut and SPRG for a round of food tasting. Do you know that Pizza Hut serves a good variety of pastas and side dishes now as well?

I think it's super good news because with a better variety, more people can enjoy dining in the restaurant! You don't need to just have pizzas, pizzas and MORE pizzas lol.

Let me start off with the latest release from Pizza Hut:

Here are 6 out of the 7 new dishes. Will show you the last one later, because it's one of my Top 2 favourites! You should give them all a try because every single dish you see above is created by Executive Chefs Jason Lee and Victor Tan.

Hello Chef Jason and Chef Victor!

These two chefs have 23 and 20 years of Italian culinary experience behind them you know? 

Let me run through every single dish that Nian and I have tried, with you. Below them, are my verdict. 5 stars obviously means it's super good and 1 star means you can give it a miss.

Let's go!

First dish: Garlic Herb Crusted Baked Fish ($15.90)

We started off with something light before we plunged into the heavier pasta dishes. When the dory fillet first appeared, it looked really normal. First impression, maybe 3 stars.

However, when we divided the fillet equally among ourselves and took the first bite, I really, really like the dish! The cream sauce is delectably concocted with a slight lime taste. With Thyme also added to the veloute sauce, it brings out the fragrance of the perfectly baked dory fish.

The fillet is succulent and juicy, and not overcooked at all. No wonder this is one of the top favourites among Pizza Hut's customers. :)
Second dish: Chicken Cordon Bleu with Portobello ($15.90)

The next dish we had was the Chicken Cordon Bleu with Portobello Mushrooms. Personally, I think the chef's special sauce is rather delectable and complements the chicken well. Also, the "Cordon Bleu" in the name makes my ears perk because I think Cordon Bleu goes very well with meat!

I like my Cordon Bleu in beef and pork, so I was quite confident with the dish even before it was served.

However, after tasting it, I thought the chicken, along with the turkey bacon, tasted a little too salty for me. The black gills under the Portobello Mushroom was also not removed, so when we cut it, the black colouring from the gills leeched out and it kinda made it less appetizing.

Third dish: Rigatoni in Hazelnut Creme ($14.90)

Our first pasta dish! This is my second favourite dish apart from the Garlic Herb Crusted Baked Fish. With the Rigatoni pasta done to a perfect al dente and tossed in the white hazelnut creme with button mushrooms, I love how nutty the whole dish tastes.

There are also chunky bits of hazelnuts in the dish, giving it an extra crunch as you bite. Love the different textures! Nian thought the smoked chicken was too salty for him, but I thought it is just right for me.

I just wish it is slightly less creamy though.

Fourth dish: Chicken Spinach Cannelloni ($12.90)

One of Nian's favourite dishes - hand-rolled chicken and spinach lasagne rolls, baked on a bed of cream sauce and cheese and then topped with parmesan crisp.

Nian has always been a fan of lasagne. This one, he likes it even more because there's only one layer of the lasagne skin, making it easier to eat and less gelat. For me, I think there are too much cheese. It covers the taste of the spinach that I was really looking forward to.

But all in all, I would recommend you to savour this dish with the parmesan crisp. It makes the entire dish wholesome and much more delicious!

Fifth Dish: Squid Ink Linguine ($14.90)

Prior to this food tasting, I've never tried Squid Ink before. To be honest, I don't like the black colouration of my pasta because it never seemed appetizing to me.

After I tried my first Squid Ink, I was even more sure of my 'taste' - the Squid Ink not only look unappetizing to me, I totally didn't expect the fishy smell that accompanies it! Personally, I think Squid Ink pastas have an extreme end of reactions when you eat it: It's either you love it or hate it.

And I honestly don't think it's a good idea to try it on your first date. Hehehe.

Sixth Dish: Braised Beef Pasta in Broth ($14.90)

This is another surprise on the menu. While both Nian and I were thinking, "Broth? With pasta? Isn't it a bit.... erm.", this dish gave us a pleasant cheer-up when we tasted it.

The broth is not too watery (which we had expected it to be) and it was really fragrant and flavourful. The squares of pasta was also done very well. Together with the braised beef, I thought THIS should be an example of soupy pastas!

Great for a cold afternoon I think, and without the cream nor tomato base, you can definitely finish this dish without feeling sick in the stomach.

Next up! The last main dish: Snow Crab Crema Rosa ($14.90)

Nian was really looking forward to this dish because he's a superb fan of snow crabs. In fact, before we attended the food tasting, he was telling me that if he can only order ONE dish to try, he would choose this.

Basically, from the name itself, Crema Rosa means a mixture of cream and tomato base - which I really SUPER like it because it is done just the way I wanted: Creamy, but not overly so, and a slightly tangy taste from the tomato sauce that coats the pasta evenly makes me crave for more!

However, like the Squid Ink, the snow crab was very, very fishy. I think it is not normal because I've eaten quite a bit of snow crabs but I don't remember any to be as fishy as this! :(

If I can choose, I'd wanna have the smoked chicken from the Rigatoni dish to go with this Crema Rosa pasta. I think that would be my absolute favourite pasta dish. Hehehe. In the meantime, I shall award this dish a 3 star.

All these dishes are only available dine-in. If you visit them between 11AM to 5PM, they would also give you a serving of criss-cross fries, soup of the day and a glass of drink at no extra cost!

Maybe you all can go today to cheer your Monday up lololol.

You can also choose to have the Chef Creations 3 course meal at $15.90, which consists of 1 Chef Creation, 1 Soup of the Day, 1 glass of Cooler (Berri - strawberry flavoured / Summer - mango flavoured / Emerald - apple flavoured, all come with little bits of fruits!).

Side Dishes

Apart from the mains that we had, Nian and I also had a great dining moment trying some of the side dishes that we never knew it was offered in Pizza Hut!

Here are some that we tried, but I'd really love to recommend some of them.

Hut's Platter - a bit of everything from rocket shrimps to criss-cross fries, calamari and Pizza Hut's signature Hot & Spicy drumlets. Great if you have a couple of friends and everyone can have a bit of everything.

The calamari was a bit unpredictable though. When I met up with Nian's poly classmates in Junction 8's outlet, the calamari was very oily and not very delicious. However, when we were at City Square Mall's outlet, the calamari was very, very well done.

Thick fries with dips ($4.50) - very freshly prepared fries that is crunchy on the surface and mashy on the inside.

Cheesy Mushrooms ($5.20) - MUST TRY!!!!

I never knew this existed in Pizza Hut but these little button mushrooms are filled with cheese and then baked until the fillings melted. Served while it is super hot, omg the cheese totally fills your mouth and all you can do is to have another one.

I love how tiny these mushrooms are so that I can chomp them down in one bite!

Here's another must-try that I've never known it existed:

The Riblets - It tastes a bit like the Har Cheong Kai we have when we eat tze char, except that the outer layer is much crispier and all the riblets are super meaty!!

What's amazing is that the meat is also very tender and it doesn't get trapped in between the teeth.

This is something I'd order again and again from now onwards. :D

Ok! That's all for now, I hope I've brighten your Monday with all these delicious food.... instead of making you hungry and grouchy wtf. :x

Once again, thanks a lot to Pizza Hut and SPRG for the delicious food tasting session. Nian, Dylan and I really enjoyed ourselves very much. :)

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