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Saturday, July 21, 2012

What is Sunbrella?

Before I even begin explaining, let me tell you why having a proper sunscreen is important.

I knowwwwww.... everyone knows that sunscreen is important because the harmful UV rays from the sun will cause premature aging, sunburns, dark spots etc.

But do you know that there are 3 types of UV rays, UVA, UVB and UVC and one of them is extremely lethal?

UVA has got the longest wavelength, followed by UVB, then UVC. Because UVC's wavelength is much shorter, our friendly ozone layer blocks out most of it. Some UVB will pass through the ozone, but ALL of the UVA will make it through to our Earth's surface because of its long wavelength (high penetrative power).

So let's talk about UVB first. With the partial UVB that made it through to the Earth's surface, this UV ray is only able to penetrate our epidermis layer (i.e. the most surface layer of our skin). It is the culprit to sunburns and premature aging.

When you use sunscreen, you will realize that every bottle of it comes with an SPF rating ranging from SPF15 to as high as SPF70. Basically, the higher the SPF, the longer it will allow you to stay in the sun without getting burnt.

How to calculate the time you can stay outdoors with each SPF:

If it normally takes you about 20 minutes baking in the sun to turn red and you use a SPF15 sunblock, you will get 5 hours of sun exposure without getting burnt.

Formula: 20mins x SPF15 = 300 minutes = 5 hours

Similarly, if you use an SPF70 sunblock, you will get 20 mins x 70 = 1400 minutes, which is about 23+ hours.

And do you know that in order to fully enjoy the SPF protection, you should use at least one teaspoon size of sunblock? Otherwise, you'd only be getting half of the SPF... or even only a quarter of it.


Now, let's talk about UVA.

UVA has the highest penetrative power - it is able to penetrate through the Earth's ozone layer, through the clouds, through almost everything, including your windows. That means, even when you stay indoors, you cannot avoid the effects of UVA totally.

And if that is not enough, the penetration of UVA not only ends on the surface of the skin, it goes all the way to the dermis, which is the 2nd layer. (You know tattoo? The ink is deposited in the dermis layer, that's why it's permanent. Just imagine UVA going all the way in and the damage it can cause.) This is also the culprit for skin cancer!

There's no number to indicate the blockage of UVA, instead, they use a PA rating to determine the efficacy of a sunblock to block off this harmful ray. In order to efficiently block off UVA, you need to ensure that Titanium Dioxide has to be one of the active ingredients.


Ok, I know I'm quite loh soh already so here's what Sunbrella is! It's actually Enavose's spray-style sunscreen.. as you can see below.

Apart from having SPF45 in this UV Mist, it also has a PA+++ rating. That means, this product is effective in blocking out the harmful UVA rays.

Also, because it is in a spray bottle, you can easily operate it with one hand - just spritz it on your face with/without make up. Initially, I thought my eyes would probably sting because the sunscreen will get into my eyes when I spray them on my face - but that didn't happen.

After trying them for a couple of days, here are some pros and cons of this sunscreen.

  •  My skin feels slightly sticky after spraying on my face. However, to be fair, most girls do not experience this when they tried it out with me at the Sunbrella event I attended on Sunday. I was the only one who had sticky residue after application.
  • I can't actually aim properly with my eyes closed so some of the sunscreen went onto my hair, ears and lips instead.
  • Fully functional with just one hand
  • Can use before or after make-up, that means you can reapply the sunblock as and when you need it. Normal sunblock would usually require you to apply before your make-up.
  • Handy size that fits easily in any handbags
  • Has a non-spill mechanism so it will never stain anything accidentally
  • Has a full PA+++ anti-UVA property, which not many sunscreens have
  • Suitable for body and face

For the Great Singapore Sale, the Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist is retailing at $29. The usual price is $39.90.

You will also get a $20 voucher when you spend $100 and above and an additional 2-piece travel set when you spend $180 and above.

*Promotion only valid and Suntec City and online store
**Purchase must include an Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist

You can get it at Enavose's Online Shop, Facebook Store or their outlets at:

Concept Store
Suntec City Mall, Tower 3, #02-079/081

Beauty Counter
Tangs, Vivocity Beauty Hall

Get a full refund/exchange within 30 days if you don't find satisfaction with the product you've purchased! (Exchange only available in Suntec City Store and less than 1/3 of the product used)

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