"After All These While?"

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


This is my favourite quote from the entire Harry Potter series. In fact, after reading this memorable quote, Severus Snape suddenly became my favourite character despite his curt sentences, deadly potions and oily hair.

How can someone be forfeited for anything so trivial, given his love for Lily Potter?

I remember I was only in Secondary 3 when I started reading the first two books of Harry Potter. Since then, I think part of me always think that Hogwarts is real... and that there could REALLY be wizards and witches living in a world hidden from us!

Knowing my love for Harry Potter, Nian brought us out on Saturday morning to visit the Harry Potter Exhibition and here are some pictures we took!


Half-opened Dinosaur Egg

All the way until 30 September, so do drop by if you're a Harry Potter fan! The tour was quite short though, even though Nian and I walked really slowly (I mean, how fast can a prego woman walk?), looking at every single exhibit, we completed the whole tour in about 30 minutes.

We had to wait outside for a while before we go in too, because they only let visitors in by batches. That's not too much of an issue, because the wait was so worth it!

(Spoiler: We were ushered into this area with a few TV screens, and then a video began to play. It featured the main characters and it was like we were on Hogwarts Express... and then suddenly, we were greeted with the bright spotlight of a REAL Hogwarts train wtf!

After which, we were ushered to the "main hall", where volunteers would be sorted by the Sorting Hat. We had a lot of Hufflepuffs and Griffindors in our group!)

There were a lot of details even before we stepped into the exhibition proper. Decals like these were found at the end of the escalator, which already put me into this little crazy fan-girl mode. I was like humming the theme song all the way hahaha wtf.

"Hey Ron! We saved your car from the Whomping Willow!"

Still before we got into the exhibition proper. All the movie posters were displayed along the aisle. I couldn't decide which is my favourite book though, probably The Goblet of Fire because the Tri-Wizard competition was super exciting, but Cedric Diggory died because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. :(

I think he was Voldermort's first kill of a wizard since his resurrection, isn't it?

"Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right, and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort."

And then we were released into the exhibition area!

Photography and videography is actually not allowed, but with so many beautiful artifacts from such an amazing story, I really cannot resist secretly snapping some pictures to share!

Crazy Cornish Pixies that Gilderoy Lockhart released in class when he was a professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts!

That's Nian, attending Herbology with me instead of Professor Sprout. Hehehe. Today, he tried re-potting a baby Mandrake! Little did he know that they make crazy squeaky noises that can knock anyone out in seconds. :P

Quidditch robes! My favourite would be Slytherin's quidditch robes cuz they are in my favourite green. Sometimes, I cannot decide if I would wanna be in Slytherin (cuz I get to wear my favourite colour) or be in Griffindor (cuz I think character suits it more).

Well, not like there's a real Hogwarts for me to choose in the first place!

There were also Quidditch hoops for us to throw quaffles into them. I think I'm better off beating Bludgers. I couldn't even score a goal!

Nian scored a couple of them though, so I think he would make a good Chaser. :P

Hello Buckbeak!

We also visited Hagrid's Hut and I got to sit on his mega sofa. Everything's plus-sized here, including me! (Btw, Fang is really HUGE as well!)

Actual clothes that Hagrid wore in the movie.

We then crossed-over to the Dark Side and saw many interesting things as well! Like Bellatrix's wand for example, which I think is the most nicely decorated wand among everyone else. Even the Elder Wand isn't as nice IMO!

Dementors. The ones that suck happiness out of you. I was very fascinated with the little boney tail though!

Towards the end of the exhibition already. We then entered the Great Hall again, saw Fawks (Dumbledore's pet), the Griffindor Sword, loads of food from the Hall and Hogsmead, before exiting to a wall of moving photographs.

Yes, they were actually moving. Clapping and cheering for us as we exited the exhibition, into the Harry Potter Shoppe.

Of course, in the shop, there were popular Harry Potter tidbits like Chocolate Frogs and the Every-flavour beans. Nian wanted to buy the Every-Flavour Beans but I stopped him because I cannot imagine swallowing one with a Vomit flavour.

The next terrible will probably be Dirt or Booger, followed by Grass. And then Soap!

WTF I just spotted Earthworm flavour. -___- Luckily we didn't buy. LOL.

Saw this hologram picture that Harry Potter keeps - it depicts Lily and James Potter before they were murdered by Voldermort, and then some other friends in the Order, like Sirius Black, Lupin etc.

Almost bought this!

I also wanted to buy a wand actually... (cuz it chose me, you see), but it costs $75. -__-

Looks like I'm not destined to be a witch afterall.

Thanks for the trip, Hubba! I really had loads of fun immersing myself in "Hogwarts", where my favourite story came alive. :D

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