We are Week 32!

Friday, June 22, 2012

I've been blogging so much about our house and its developments, I thought maybe I should do up an entry for our Dylan. :D

So... we are at Week 32 now! If Dylan is as punctual as his dad, we are more or less down to the last 8 weeks of the pregnancy. I think I'd definitely miss this period very much.. so I plan to do a recap of this incredible journey.

The First Trimester (Week 4 to Week 12)

Dylan at 11 weeks. Barely saw him!

By the time we found out that we were pregnant with Dylan, I was already like in my 5th week. Logically, the first trimester should be the fastest to zoom by because you spend the first month not knowing what the hell was going on inside your snug tummy.

But not for me.

My 1st trimester was a nightmare. I suffered from every Tom, Dick and Harry symptoms a pregnant lady can suffer - full-blown morning sickness (I vomited after every meal. Like EVERY MEAL. Sometimes, I vomit even when all I did was drinking water wtf O.O), heartburn, boobs pain and a leaky bladder.

I was also grouchy and emotional. I get upset when my mother-in-law doesn't cook because I think she doesn't love me anymore, I get upset when Nian has to work night shift sometimes and I had to sleep alone. I get upset at everything.

Remember I was also super protective of letting people know about my pregnancy? I didn't want to tell anyone that I was pregnant. In fact, the only people I told to during the first tri was Nian, XY, Laien, my boss, Mama Tan, Mama Chan and Papa Chan.

And I got really angry with people announcing my pregnancy for me. In my head, I was like, "WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM?"

In a nutshell, I was a whiny, insecure woman who needed attention every single freaking hour... But I kept up a strong front because I cannot stand whiny pregos myself -__-

Despite these terrible "moodswings" (hardly ever swung at all - I was perpetually emo) and pregnancy symptoms, I had a reasonably controllable craving.

I'm sure you've heard of how some pregos will demand their husbands to go buy Bak Chor Mee in the middle of the night because they can't sleep? Or if they don't satisfy their cravings, they keep salivating (lol #truestory)?

I don't get these at all. I only remember I love Fish Maw Soup in my first tri, I had to have it at least once every week, haha! I am thinking it's probably the vinegar that I was craving for - something sour.

The Second Trimester (Week 13 - Week 24)

Dylan in Week 22 - Hello boy!

Second trimester was slightly better. I was still vomiting, but it was pretty obvious that the frequency was getting lesser and lesser. I probably vomited only once per day between Week 13 - Week 16, then Week 17 to Week 24, I only vomited occasionally. 

Some pregos vomit when they smell strong smells, some vomit because they are on a vehicle for too long. But there were no specific reasons as to why I vomit.

I remember there was once, when I was about 20th week, I felt unwell on the train while on my way back home after work. I was nauseated and contemplated to get off the train, just in case I really puke because I didn't have a plastic bag with me.

But I thought I'd hang in there, since I was only 3 stops away from my destination when I felt sick.

You know the feeling of nauseousness? Like you feel like you need to gag, but you keep pushing it back by swallowing your saliva and breathing deeply? I kept swallowing my saliva, hoping that I could keep my vomit down while the train travels on.

Long story short, my vomit burst out of my nose while I was trying to make a quick escape when I reached my stop. Thank goodness it didn't land on anybody! After the 'explosion', I sat at the entrance of the station, continuing to vomit. And the puke was green.

Such a bloody vivid memory lol.

By the 2nd phase of pregnancy, I was less emotional already. In fact, I had so much positive pregnancy hormones in me, I was happy every day! Actually, I was more of thankful. Because the first trimester is also a very dangerous phase (many ladies lose their foetus in the first tri because the pregnancy is very unstable), I was glad Dylan made it through and he's on his way to the cot I've prepared for him in our new house. :)

I remember I ate a lot of ice-cream in this trimester - Swensons, McDonald's.. and so many tubs of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream! I also ate a lot of Tau Sar Bao lol wtf.

The Last Trimester (Week 25 - Week 40)

Now that we are at the 32nd week, most people would see me waddling around instead of walking properly. During the last check-up about 3 weeks back, we found out that our Dylan is slightly overweight lol. He was weighing at about 1.5KG then, when his ideal weight should be about 1 - 1.2KG.

By now, I've gained about 5kgs - not a lot for a prego, but given that I wasn't skinny pre-pregnancy, I am glad that I didn't really bust the weighing scale! Besides, I'm happy that most of my weight gain went to Dylan - that means he's growing well. :D

You would also realize that my bump isn't majestically ginormous; I could still fit into some of my looser pre-pregnancy clothes even though I've also started wearing some maternity dresses. Despite this, I still feel very, very heavy. I can't really sleep on my back for long and I fidget around in bed because I feel so freakin' hot Imma burst into flames.

My pelvic bone is also getting very stiff; I can't bend down to pick up things anymore. In fact, I have to kneel/squat down to pick up things on the floor, and then struggle to hold onto something to pull myself up LOL. I also cannot spring up from my bed when I wake up, like I always do. Instead, I have to roll over, bend my legs, prop up my body with my hand and then push myself up!

On the positive side, I'm no longer vomiting now. My face is free from blemishes and my nose isn't swelling up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though! I hope I don't get the common last tri symptoms!
Last trimester symptoms include heartburn and swollen legs as most common.
For now, all I am experiencing are leg cramps. It started with my left calf, then now, my right. In some nights, it alternates between left and right fml. I also wake up at weird hours in the morning, wondering why the hell I am awake. O.O

But other than that, I feel really happy, blessed and thankful to feel my baby kick me every single day, every single hour. I like to make people that I like to put their hands on my tummy so that they can feel Dylan squirm... But I don't like it when people attempt to touch my stomach without my permission.

Once, my youngest sis touched my tummy. That's fine, she always touches my tummy when we meet up, and I like it that she's interested in her nephew. But after stroking my tummy, she started scratching it, gently. And then I got really annoyed. Like WTF mei?! Why the hell are you scratching my tummy for?????

Anyway, this was a one-off incident and since she's my sis, I don't get annoyed with her for long. LOL. But, if it was a friend who did this, you'd be sure I'll ban him/her from touching my stomach ever again, for as long as I live. WTF WHY WOULD YOU SCRATCH SOMEONE'S STOMACH.

Surprisingly, I don't get much cravings this trimester. The most I get were like pizzas and bruchettas, but that only happened like twice this entire time I don't think it's considered a craving at all.

But OH. I drink a lot of bubble tea this trimester. Yes. Now that I've typed it out, I think I need to have a cup right about now. D:


At about 8 weeks more to go, my gynae visits will be more often. We also need to start packing our hospital bag, which I haven't done so.  Heh.

We've bought most of the things for the hospital bag (going-home outfit, socks, old panties, breast pads, maternity pads, nursing bras etc. etc.), but haven't really packed them in. Let me know if you need the list! I can share/email it to all mummies-to-be. :D

Nian wanted to get me a button-down pyjamas last night so that I can breast-feed more conveniently, but instead of getting what we were supposed to get, we went home from Kiddy's Palace with...

1. Cot mattress (which we had a hard time deciding between anti-dust mites, latex and foam type. It is so complicated wtf!)

2. 2 sets of cot bedsheets + a bolster + a pillow

3. Washing liquid for Dylan's pacifiers, milk bottles etc. - 1 BIG bottle + 2 packs of refill (sibeh kiasu!)

4. Wet tissue - 1 BIG bottle + 8 packs of refills (lol)

Everything came up to about $228, but I think it's quite worth it because Kiddy's Palace is having 20% storewide member sale. It would have cost us more without the discounts!

And you know what? We only spent $5 between ourselves for dinner because we couldn't bear to spend too much on food. Look how much we spent on Dy.

#BestParentsAward lol

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  1. Hihi

    Congrats to your baby boy coming ahead.
    I am a preggy just like you & my EDD is in Oct.

    I like the top and the dress you wore in Post- We are Week 32! Care to share where did you get it?
    any suggestions for affordable maternity clothes? be it retail shop or online shopping sites **headache arh**

    thanks and i look forward to hear from you soon. hugs!, Shir :)

    1. Hello dear, I got the top from http://www.perfetti-shop.com/ :) As for the dress, it was actually a gift from my sis-in-law. She got it at the flea market outside Baby Expo about a month ago at only $5!

  2. Thanks babe!

    Am searching around for bb clothes nowadays, guess the motherly instinct getting closer and occurred more frequent nowadays :)

    You have any good lobang for bb clothings/ items to share too?
    Some of our baby clothes are passed on, but I'm determined to buy more for my precious bump, despite the expenses coming ahead :P

    1. Haha! Most of baby's clothings are also hand-me-downs by friends, or they would buy it for him. I would suggest buying the clothings from Baby Fairs, they are usually quite cheap. We got some of his onesies at freaking $2 only!

      For items, I'd suggest signing up as member for Kiddy's Palace! Recently we got Dylan's bedsheets, mattress, pillow etc. etc. at 20% cuz of GSS! (15% off for non-members during GSS, usual days 10% off for members)

      We also scout a lot of stuff online. Nian surfs the motherhood forum for lobangs, hehe.

      Hope these help!!

  3. Hi Jac! The first and only time I met you was during the Bio Essence BB Cream eons ago! Love your writing style and blog posts and it has been bursting out into laughter at times. And congrats on your baby boy thats coming soon! ^_^

    1. Hello Jaslin!!

      I remember you!!! We should meet up more often during bloggers' events, haven't seen you around a lot! :D


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