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Monday, June 25, 2012

After my post on Saturday, more things have been completed while we pass day by day. :D Here are some of the completed stuff in our little apartment since last week!

Despite the ridiculously huge entrance to our kitchen (complained as per previous post), Nian and I, together with our contractor, managed to source out a door huge enough for the space. It's supposed to be clear acrylic (didn't want glass just in case my poor son conk into it or something LOL), but the plastic hasn't been removed yet. I'm quite happy with it!

In fact, our hob, hood, oven, sink, tap and all our toilet accessories were also delivered last Thursday for installation (cuz we didn't do anything much in our toilets) and measurements (the case of appliances for our carpentry work).

Talking about carpentry work, here's a 3D drawing my contractor drew for my kitchen, but I edited it because I want the carpentry work done my way lol:

I did the colouring too. Very amateur lah but I think it gives us a pretty good impression on how our kitchen will look like if we go for red laminates on the cupboards. Basically, I re-drew the hood, because mine has a chimney (although it freakin' leads to nowhere wtf) and gave myself one more slot in the tall unit to put microwave above my in-built oven.

Too bad the fridge we bought was only available in black, white and stainless steel. Otherwise, I'll definitely buy a red one! We didn't buy the white one cuz it doesn't look elegant... and it looks really normal. Like super normal until it's not even nice wtf.


The above sets of laminates are different from the bottom, even though the colour shades are similar. No wonder Nian wants me to choose. You know how different women see colours as compared to men.... no?


Here's the difference:

Ah, now you get it.

So in case you still don't see the difference (I think it's quite hard from pictures), the above laminates are rough surface, while the below are smooth surface laminates.

I think I will go for the ones below:

Definitely going for the ASP1234567890 Red for the kitchen, and then Neon Green for the sides for all my other cupboards in the living room and bedrooms.

The remaining bits will most likely be something whitish, but how white is white? I don't think I'd go for Polar White in my kitchen cuz I don't want it to look like it's National Day every day wtf, with my red already so freakin red.

Maybe I'll go for something with a slightly red undertone for the white. Like Champagne. Or Neutral (which has no red undertone at all lol), because Neutral is quite close to my wall colour.

Do my male readers even understand what the hell I'm talking about now?

Oh. But I think I may choose Polar White for the rooms because it goes with Neon Green, right?

Aiyah. I still cannot make up my mind. It's so hard to visualize the whole house with such a small piece of sample lor!

More 3D drawings are coming up for the living room and our master bedroom (Dylan's room is just a 5ft wardrobe hahaha, poor him!), so I'll share it when I get them! In the meantime, let me chew on these colours again.....

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  1. haha I can't wait to blog about mine too!!! MY hub is more detail, so we r both the women!

    1. Hehe yah!! I wanna see your house too! Please blog about it soon soon soon! <3


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