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Monday, June 04, 2012

After a few days of inspection, here's some of the defects we found in our place. Again, we were quite lucky because while some of our neighbours have very bad defects (cracked tiles, holes in the ceiling O.O), ours are generally easier to rectify.

The HDB contractor was also very prompt in handling these defects report - most of our neighbours got their defects rectified almost immediately, or in a few days. Today, our town council haulage department is also coming over to our place to lay all the cardboard boxes (to protect the tiles) so that our renovation can start by the end of next week. Our haulage costs us $280 (inclusive in our renovation cost).


Last week, we've also gotten our contractor over to do the necessary measurements for our carpentry work. We try to do everything as simple as possible because of budget constrains (imagine, wedding + new apartment + Dylan: very shiong!)

In all, we will be paying about $19,000 with the following items:

Living room
1. L-box lighting (inclusive of 7 downlights + installation of lighting points)
2. False ceiling
3. 6 ft TV console (we went for the suspended one cuz it's cheaper)
4. Window grilles
5. Installation of all other lighting points in the living room
6. Shoe rack
7. Shifting of TV point and electrical points

1. Base for the fridge
2. Base for washing machine
3. 26 ft L-shaped kitchen cabinets (top and bottom)
4. Solid top (didn't go for granite cuz of budget constrains also)
5. Windows at the yard
6. Installation of kitchen and yard lights
7. Installation of hob, hood, tap, sink and oven
8. 1 tall cabinet
9. Sliding kitchen door

Dylan's bedroom
1. 5 ft wardrobe (lol. That's all)
2. Installation of lights
3. Installation of air-con

Master bedroom
1. 6ft wardrobe
2. 5 ft TV console
3. 2ft vanity table + mirror
4. Installation of lights
5. Installation of air-con

Master toilet
1. Installation of sliding glass door
2. Installation of lights
3. Installation of bathroom accessories (towel bar, mirrors etc)

Guest toilet
1. Installation of lights
2. Installation of bathroom accessories

Other miscellaneous items
1. System 3 air-conditioner
2. Purchase of downlights
3. Painting & wall treatment
4. All wardrobes lined with interior lining so that it doesn't stain it yellow over time.

Personally, I think this is considered quite cheap, after asking for a few quotations. Most of my friends spend about $30K to $40K on renovation, so I think what we got is quite a steal. Besides, we really wanted something fresh and cheap.

For example, we didn't want to settle for a contractor with no shopfront cuz they can always "disappear" after taking our money. And I wanted to see his workmanship before letting him do our place. Choices of laminates were also important to us because we didn't want to be limited by only a few colours, then we have to top up for more variety etc. I also grilled my contractor to be sure that there were no hidden costs at all - what we will pay, is what's on the invoice.

If you're interested, my contractor is Steve from Rangers Design & Decoration (link).

Currently, we are left with the following items to purchase:
1. Curtains for the living room + 3 roller blinds for the bedrooms (budget $1000 - right within budget!)
2. Furniture: sofa, dining table, bedside tables & maybe a coffee table (budget $2500 $900 - spent only $350 lolol)
3. Lights: 3 bedrooms, kitchen, yard, 2 toilets (budget $1500) Spent $437!
4. Toilet accessories: mirrors, toilet roll holders, water sprays, simple cabinets, water heater (budget: $1500) Spent $1,250!

We've already purchased our electronics. Thanks to Nian's hard work, I think we got these at a very sweet deal too. Basically, we paid $4140 for the following:

Washing machine | Hob | Fridge | Ceiling Fan | Oven | Hood

All these are from Kah Hock Repairer & Trading, Blk 87 Circuit Road #01-989.

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