Revisiting Tan's Residences

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To be honest, this is probably like only my third time to our new place ever since we collected our keys. Nian visits the house much more often, checking the house again and again for defects, liasing with our contractor and the HDB foremen.

I'm very, very, very thankful for all his efforts. Especially so when I hear ladies complaining that their husbands don't really care about the development of their apartments, and even more so when Nian doesn't have a bike now, but takes public transport down to our place. THANK YOU HUBBA!

Anyway, since I was on half-day today, Nian and I decided to drop by our place to do another round of checks for the defects because it was very poorly done when Nian went down yesterday. Turns out, they were a bit more on the ball today & they just got it fixed (according to them lah).

So, Nian is going down AGAIN tomorrow to verify all the fixing, hopefully just in time for our renovations that is starting on Friday. *excited*

When we were down today, we were pleasantly surprised that our contractor had taken the initiative to install our windows at the yard already!

Yay! Yard windows!

Things look very different as compared to the last two times I went over. There was also a pile of sand sitting in the corner of my kitchen, although I don't really know what they would do with the sand, since we are not doing any flooring or hacking of walls.

 I also always have the impression that my kitchen is very dark. But now that I take a look at this picture again, it doesn't seem that bad. But you should see our living room and bedrooms. I love love love how bright and windy they are!

Here are the cardboards laid down by the Town Council. It looks super soggy and ugly cuz the contractors forgot to close our living room windows and everything got wet. -__- I hope it is still functional during the painting though!

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