A Meaningful Weekend

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Usually, Nian and I spend our Saturdays doing really the usual routine:

Sleep in until about 10am, go for a nice breakfast at the nearby hawker center, go back home, laze around, go for soccer session, dinner somewhere and that would be about the end of the day.

The last Saturday was a bit different. Because of the accident, Nian couldn't play soccer for at least a week or so. So, with the extra time, we decided to do some shopping for our new flat. :) In case you haven't noticed, I will usually update our house progress in our Tan's Residence page. Now that we've gotten our keys and renovations coming along, you can expect more frequent updates as compared to three years ago! (You can also surf solely on the apartment with the Super-house tag)

On our house.. and my tummy

After looking through the house for defects, we've gotten the HDB haulage people to lay our floors with sturdy cardboards to get ready for our renovation that will start this Friday. The HDB in-charge was rather nice to Nian, but the PRC foreman, I feel like yanking all his hair off if I can.

Today, Nian dropped by our apartment to check if they've fixed our defects. Turns out, most of the defects were repaired rather half-fuckedly - our kitchen bi-fold door is still not installed properly, our unit number is still slanted, our master bedroom toilet cover is still scratched, our main door still not fixed (some wood peeled off).

The only thing they did in TEN days was to fix a faulty light switch. I don't know what took them so long.

And when Nian got the in-charge, who in turn got the foreman up to our apartment, that PRC dude was not even remorseful. He just went, "I fix already what!" 

HELLO! If he has already fixed it, explain why my unit number is still slanted! Explain why my toilet cover is still scratched! Explain why my main door still has that empty wooden hole!

They also opened our windows while working (that's fine), but they didn't close it when they left. It had been raining for the past few days, so our cardboards are now soggy.

Omg I need to go kill some teddy bears now. I wanted to take a full day leave tomorrow (am already on half-day) but I just realized another colleague is on leave too! That means I can't go on a full-day leave. And that means I can't go yank all his hair out tomorrow.

I have to hold my explosion for another day. Omg.


Talking about the size of tummies, I'm feeling really heavy now. I'm estimating Dylan to be about 2kg currently, since he was 1.5kg a fortnight ago, and babies are supposed to gain about 200g per week.

I was telling Nian that I can completely understand how obese people feel. When you're heavy, you walk slower. Then you start to waddle because the weight at the tummy is too much to bear for your back. And you feel soooooooooooo tired.

I also perspire much more! I attribute it to the extra weight because it takes me extra effort to move. Extra effort will release extra perspiration. It all make sense! Now, I want to slight jog brisk walk across the road while the timer counts down from 5 seconds also a bit difficult. -__-

But better to enjoy this while it lasts! We're like almost 9 weeks more to go only. I know I'll miss this entire pregnancy before I know it. :)

And and and! This is the only time where people can't laugh at me for being 'fat' cuz I'm quite small for a prego actually. :P


Picnic at East Coast Park
Oh sorry. This post should be about our weekend right?

On Saturday, Nian and I spent a splendid evening at East Coast Park, sitting on ground sheets, chomping down potato chips and watching Oceanworld.

It's all for a good cause, actually. Organized by WWF Singapore, this is their first ever public screening! Basically, this effort is to increase the awareness of our ocean life - how our demand for seafood has somehow endangered many species of the water world, and how we can be more responsible in our consumption.

There were many, many people who attended this movie event! I think WWF Singapore also did a good job with the tentage, lightings and fans as well... it made all of us much more comfortable during our picnic-cum-movie session.

Of course, that's us, looking very contented and happy. See Nian's bandage on his wrist? That's the resultant from the accident happened earlier in the week. His whole palm was swollen & super blue-black just a few days' back! Luckily, it is less swollen now. He's recovering very well and has gotten back to work! :D

Oceanworld is a really interesting documentary. I mean, some documentaries are like super boring. Some have narrators speaking in weird accent you don't really understand what they are talking about. Some, all you see are Parrot Fishes (which is super common) swimming all around.

But this one is about the life of this mother-turtle who migrates back to the beach where she was born, to lay her eggs for the next generation. On her way back, she met many different types of sea creatures where sometimes she had to hide to save herself.

Most of those animals that were featured were either endangered, or almost at the brink of extinction already. :(

After which, the volunteers from WWF Singapore then handed us this little brochure to tell us what kind of seafood we should eat, and what to avoid. Let me share with you!

I'm going to try my best to stick to seafood that are from sustainable stocks. No more Tiger Prawns from Indonesia! No more sharks fins! No more Coral Trout!


We also caught Madagascar 3.

Officially the funniest installment among the three I think! I laughed so hard, I thought I was going to deliver. O.O

Remember in Mada 2, these animals crashed into Africa and then was stuck there? Well, the penguins actually managed to repair the damn aeroplane!

Loads of funny conversations and crazy music and dance. Perfectttttt for a weekend.

New speckies!

Also got my new Marc by Marc Jacobs glasses, equipped with Optifog lenses. More details on this on Thursday! (Already scheduled a post on this! *hardworking blogger*)

Told ya I had a fun-packed meaningful weekend. Hehehe.

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