Lava & Usof's Wedding Day

Friday, June 29, 2012

Last night, while we were at Lava and Usof's wedding, they played a video of how their friends think of them as a couple, their old pictures... etc. I think such videos are really nice to watch, especially when you've been a couple for a decade.

It's like literally growing up with these friends, and it feels super heartwarming. :)

While the rest of their friends speak on the TV screen, it makes me think of how I know this couple. Actually, I was supposed to know Usof first, since we were from the same secondary school (that works out to be FOURTEEN years ago wtf). Why did I use the word 'supposed' ? Well, we kinda knew of each other's existence, but never spoke - probably because our classes were too far away from one another.

Then Usof and I, along with a whole hoarde of my secondary school mates, went into the same JC.

At about 17 years old then, I played netball for my CCA. Lava too, and that was when I knew her. We played netball in the same team for a while, then she left JC and headed for Poly. Never saw her after that... until six years later, in 2008.


Nian, on the other hand, graduated from his secondary school and headed for Poly. By some stroke of coincidence, Nian got to know Lava because they were poly classmates, and Usof because they play soccer together.

Nian and I never knew one another then, even though he hangs out pretty often with quite a bit of our common friends. We just never got introduced.

So in 2008, Nian and I met and got together. He brought me to one of his soccer games, where he played with Usof in the team. And then I met Lava again. I could still remember Lava's first sentence when she saw me was.. "Oh my god," in complete disbelief. Like "How the hell did Nian end up with Jac?????"

LOL. So we talked again. And then we played netball together again. And then, the friendship kinda started forming again.

What I'm trying to say is that I can't believe this friendship goes all the way back to more than a decade ago, when we were all teenagers. We have had disagreements and drift-aparts, but I think, most importantly, the friendship that is forged between Nian and I and Lava and Usof stayed, despite these 'turbulence'.

How many decade-old friends can you have in a life? And to see old friends finally getting married, really makes my heart buzz in happiness. :)


Talking about the wedding, I really like garden-themed weddings like these! Chairs under a canopy of beautiful plants, sunset and loads of happy people. In fact, this entire ceremony reminds me of the day Nian and I got married so much, it was like reliving the moment, except that we were audiences this time round. The only downside about an outdoor wedding is the still & humid air in Singapore, and of course, the commando-mosquitoes which attacked everyone. :P

Beautiful garden settings, complete with a little stone house and a solemnization table in the middle.

Spice and herbs garden! This was something I really wanted when our new house is ready, but my corridor is too shady for a good growth I think. Plus we don't have a balcony for these, so I guess we shall leave this idea for our next house, hopefully it will be bigger, with a nice little garden patch for me to do all these nonsense. Hehe.

The pre-solemnization goodies. These brownies are so bloody delicious I don't even...! My favourite was the brownies with marshmallow-flowers. They just go SO WELL together omg.

Some pictures before the solemnization began. Here's Nian, Dylan (hidden) and I.

During a solemnization, we would often hear many, many inspiring stories from the solemnizer. About how important it is to love one another and how marriage is not a destination, but a journey only two person should walk together.

The highlight would be the groom saying his vows to his bride. Always make me tear. I remember when Nian took the microphone during our solemnization and promised that he will always take care of me and never make me cry... I was reduced to a crying wreck immediately. -__-

Almost two years ago already, can you believe it?!

After which, we adjourned to the function room where we ate to our desire with the delicious buffet. The scallops with melted cheese was super good! I also like the dory fish, even though it was cooked in some algae-green vege that made it look sewagey.

The wedding cake - we were introduced to its name but I really cannot remember it... so I shall just call this a Profiterole Mountain. Which is indeed made by so many profiteroles stuffed with so much cream, sugar and chocolate...... I could feel like it's a sin to be actually enjoying it.
Ok that's all! Shall end off this post with a mega full-length picture of myself.

Happy Friday!!!!

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  1. wow babe! u look SO PRETTY in these pics.. u are glowing leh. :D

    1. Haha! Thanks dear, you're too kind!

      I'm suspecting these "glow" come from photo edits and make-up. Hehe. But it still makes me happy la thanks! <3


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