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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last year, Nian and I enjoyed Essilor's Crizal lenses very much because it makes the things we see through our glasses so much clearer! With its ability to remove 5 harmful elements that we spectacle-users experience, I really, really loved my Crizal-fitted specs a lot. :)

The five elements Crizal lenses fight against

Fast forward to this year, Essilor took another step forward and developed the 1st high performance and durable anti-fog eyeglass lenses, the Optifog.

Now apart from reducing reflections, scratches, smudges and dust, my Essilor lens is anti-fog as well!

No more foggy lenses while I drink my hot milo!

Basically, the Optifog lenses are already coated with a layer of anti-fog coating. But to activate this fog repellent feature, you will need this tiny, but powerful Optifog Activator:

It comes with a complimentary first bottle (I think. LOL). Subsequent bottles can be purchased from your optician too.

Optifog lens is suitable for individuals with all types of vision correction needs (short-sighted, long-sighted etc.) It is also available in clear and tinted sunglass lenses, and can be requested in the option of polarised or Transitions lenses.

In fact, I think this Optifog lens will be very useful for scuba divers & swimmers, because I've never experienced more hardcore fogging than diving and swimming.

Talking about diving and swimming, do you know how divers/swimmers prevent their masks/goggles from fogging up?

They spit on it.

Really ewwwwww!!! Imagine the saliva smell. And the bacteria. And you put it on your eyes. Omg I think it's time they use the Optifog on their masks and goggles. Seriously. No joke. Do it immediately.

The Optifog lens is now available in major opticians, so do drop by and give this new lens a chance if you're thinking of making yourself a new pair of specs. I'm sure you won't regret it. :)

Here's some of my posts on Essilor's Crizal lenses, if you're interested. Apart from Crizal and Optifog, Essilor also carries Varilux and Definity lenses too.

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