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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On Saturday, Nian and I spent a very delightful afternoon at JCube's Nandos, doing nothing except eating, laughing and ice-skating.

If you haven't dropped by to Nandos before, here are some dishes I would recommend (after eating like soooo many different stuff on their menu!):

1. Peri-wedges ($5.50)

Basically, they are just potato wedges deep-fried to perfection. However, a little sprinkle of those paprika powder gives it an extra oomph to the otherwise normal potato slices. Dip it in the orange sauce (which I have no idea what it is! It is called Perinaise in Nandos language though), this dish tastes awesome even when it turns cold.

2. Wild Mushroom Soup ($6.50)

Officially one of the best soups I've tasted around. It consists of really chunky bits of mushrooms and is thick and creamy. We didn't even need pepper to flavour it further. The garlic bread is soft and fluffy on the inside while slightly crispy on the outside.

I think we are quite used to eating rock-hard garlic toasts, but I think this comes as a delightful change. In fact, I enjoyed this softer bread because it absorbs the soup more readily too.

3. Nandos Grilled Chicken (1/4 chicken: $14.90, with 2 sides)

Their signature dish. You can choose the spiciness level of this grilled chicken, from Lemon and Herbs (non-spicy) to extra-hot. I like my chicken mild. That way, I can taste the freshness of it. I love how juicy it is when we eat the thighs.

4. Crimson Cola ($4.90)

Nian had their Crimson Cola, which is basically pomegranate juice with Coca-cola. There's even little pomegranate pips that will pop in his mouth!

5. Sparking Apple ($4.90)

I had their Sparkling Apple juice - fresh apple juice that goes with... I don't know, some sparkly juice that tastes really zesty. I had 2 servings of this.


Apart from the above, Nian and I also tried the Espetada Rustica - basically, the chicken is grilled and served on a skewer. I wouldn't recommend the potato salad side dish though, I think the potatoes are too hard for me. Personally, I prefer a mashier kind of potato salad. I didn't really like the dressing as well.

Talking about side dishes, Nandos has just recently released new side kicks - healthier, I'd say! Right below this bunch of text are the three latest 'vegetable' series - Spinach, sweet potato and peas. I like both the spinach and sweet potato, but didn't try the peas cuz uh.. I hate peas.

Because Fathers' Day was around the corner, Nandos also gave us a set of coasters with very quirky quotes. Almost wanted to give to Papa Chan (for the hair transplant one especially LOL), but I decided I cannot be naughty like that. :P So we kept it for our new place!

Then there's a redundant picture of me wearing Daen's shades. Amazing how he can look so cool with it, but I look like a complete fool.

He's cool and I look like a fool. D:

And the fourth picture of me, with a tag stuck on Dylan (or rather, my tummy) because I was so very lucky to be the winner of a Canon Ixus camera!

I didn't need to do anything actually. All I did was to sit down at the right seat, and then got Nian to help me look for the winning stub under my seat while I sat down watching all other bloggers looking for the stub simultaneously.

Having a big tummy is good, hehehe.

We also played thumb-wrestling. My competitor was Shanice, and I won her by distracting her with a, "OMG why is your thumb so long?!"

Then I got into the finals, where I met Jessie - and got this SUPER unflattering shot of me. Like. Fuck my life right now.

I've got like flabby arms, double chin (I've never had double chin wtf kill me) and I look anything but prego. Where's my baby bump? None! I am just ROUND. T____T

Moving on from this devastating picture, Nian then joined the rest of the bloggers at the ice-skating rink while I sit down one corner and grow fat.

All of us #cluckers (Nandos' affectionate term for their bloggers). This time, you can see my baby bump. I swear I don't look like the previous photo in real life lah (even though my arms are blocked), it was just disastrous angle. :)

Thank you, marketing team of Nandos and my awesome PR guys from Vibes for the hard work and invitation! I really had a great time hanging out with my ex-colleagues (Daeny, Melly and Jem), eating, laughing and catching up with everyone else.

And winning the camera was like the cherry (no, icing is too minor already) on the cake!

P.S. I'm a bit regretting putting up that ugly photo of myself now. -__-

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