Checking Out Tan's Residences - Boo-Boos of HDB

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The previous visit brought me many surprises - the yard windows were up and there was a pile of cement and sand in my kitchen which I didn't know what it was for.

Looks like the answers were revealed to me last Sunday, when I headed back with Nian to check on our renovations. :)

First things first, the contractor started building the cabinets base when we headed over. By then, our electrical points were fully done!


Just a day later when we headed back, we realized that the fridge base and the cabinet base was completed. If you're sharp enough, you'd realize that our fridge base exceeds the wall. That, I blame HDB for the bad design.

You see, the very smart designer wanted a big entrance to the kitchen. So he assigned like a 1-meter wide entrance for us. Usual width is about 70cm - 75cm, which will be good enough. Most kitchen doors are about this width as well, so a 1-m wide entrance like this makes it difficult for us (& the contractor) to look for a proper sliding doors to separate the living room and the kitchen.

Also, with the crazy width, the fridge area is much shallower. Most fridges wouldn't fit the shallow space above, so I think most of us will have our fridge peeping out of our kitchen walls - unless you hack off the walls to have an open concept kitchen.

Kitchen base completed

We did consider on having an open-concept kitchen because the entrance of the kitchen was also very badly placed, resulting in a lot of space in the living room wasted. We couldn't put a dining table without blocking the 1-m entrance, but there's nothing else we can put if we don't put a dining table. It's quite lame.

But in the end, we decided to pay a bit more for a bigger sliding door (which also requires the contractor to join two pieces of acrylic together to get the size we need) and not have an open-concept kitchen because I cannot imagine having grease all over my living room while I cook actively.

Besides, having a door to partition off the kitchen can prevent Dylan from venturing in when he learns to walk. :)

The base for the washing machine is done also, but can you let me complain further about HDB's brainless designing?

As you can see, there are two pipes right in front of the wall. It's okay if both pipes are to either sides, but stupid designer decided to have them in the middle. With a ridiculous gap no less. Which brand of washing machine can squeeze in between that small space wtf?

Repeat this stupidity on BOTH walls.

So in the end, my washing machine has to be placed in front of the thick pipes. That is okay if the yard walls are longer, so that it can hide my washing machine right?

Wrong. -__- The wall was so short, I have my washing machine peeping out from behind the wall!! Just like my fridge!!!

I want to kill the designer, really.

Shower kerb done, now waiting for the glass partition to be up

Here's another boo-boo in design, but I think this one is pretty common. You see, when the toilet bowl is not at a corner, it makes mounting of the toilet roll holder difficult. We had to drill the holder on the left (right side is taken up by glass partition already), which is not our master hand and we had to twist our body in order to get the paper for our buttie. Saw this in a couple of flats already - when will the designers learn?

And then you will realize that in order to reach for the toilet paper, we can't drill the holder too close to the toilet bowl. So the holder will end up somewhere below the sink, where the white tile is. -__-

The position of the stupid window will also hinder my fixture of a 60 x 45cm mirror (quite a normal size btw, if you notice the size that I draw in the picture, some part of my mirror will end up on the metal frame of the window). That means, I'd have to settle for a smaller one. I don't even understand why is this happening wtf.

So there! Here is my list of silly stuff our designers do for our BTO. What are some of yours? Feel free to share hahahaha

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