Buying Everything Else - Sofa & Coffee Table

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taken during Chinese New Year, when I was only like 8 weeks pregnant!

Initially, we had already somewhat 'confirmed' the above sofa set from Ikea. At $1,599, the set is super luxuriously huge at 2.3m, complete with memory foam material.

If you want something dead comfortable, you should always go for memory foam. Its comfort level is not what other normal sofas can compare to.

The only few cons I can think about this set is that the colour looks really ugly (wtf brown again. Our tiles are brown, building brown, now my sofa also brown fml) and other colours will cost much more - easily $1,799 to $1,999 per set. Also, memory foam absorbs a lot of heat. We don't have an air-con in the living room, so I think, sitting on this giant sofa will be equivalent to sitting in a giant oven. :\

Btw, it is very expensive to be paying $1800 - $2000 for a fabric sofa also. With this amount, one can easily get a PVC-real leather set, which can look really elegant - if you're going for the elegant route.

But for us, we prefer fabric sofa because leather sofa is too hard to maintain, while PVC leather gets too hot (similar for memory foam) when you sit for too long. Besides, I can remove the fabric and machine wash them if I want to, which is much cleaner this way.

So we decide to customize our sofa.... albeit with some help and inspiration.

We decided on something like the above picture, but with a different colour. (L-shaped, 2.4m this time LOL) We've also gotten the store to increase the height of the sofa so that we can sink our heads into the back pillow without tilting our heads too much.

My god, there were so many fabrics we could choose! From the smoother kinds (above pic) to the rougher kinds, from solid colours to beautiful floral prints, this shop had everything I could imagine. Eventually, we went for light grey for our sofa set because I wanted something dark, just in case our Dylan happens to be a Picasso who goes around drawing on walls and sofas.

Yes, we use Dulux's Wash & Wear for our walls so that we can wash his pranks away, just in case!

This customized set costs us $1,400 inclusive of delivery and installation.

Updated: We have been using the sofa for the past 4 years and fillings wise, the sofa is still puffy and nice to laze. We didn't know that the cushions were stuffed with goose feathers and the cushion's double-layer protection was not thick enough. So we spent the first 3 years of our stay pulling out feathers that came poking through the cushion.

The bottom part of the sofa, though, has frayed away.. literally into millions of tiny, flaky pieces. We have since reinforced it with thick plastic. 

Would I spend $1,400 on a sofa like this again? Perhaps not. I do hope I can find something as comfortable, minus the feathers and the average workmanship.

Also got a coffee table like this (70cm only) at $200. The interior part can also act as a storage, and the hinges allow the top part of the table to be extended upwards so that we can sit on the sofa to use our laptop. No need to sit on the floor already!

These furnitures are from S&C, Blk 338 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 Singapore 560338.

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