Buying Everything Else - Lightings

Monday, June 11, 2012


First thing to settle: Lightings.

Yes, that's the only two types of lightings you will find in our apartment, apart from the downlights we are using in the living room.

After visiting so many of our friends' places, I realized that lightings doesn't really matter to us because after spending a whole day at the very place, I can't even remember how their lightings look like. .___.

Therefore, as long as it is functional, i.e. bright, saves electricity, minimal maintainence, it is okay for us. Most importantly, it must be affordable!

After visiting, we bought the first round lighting for our two toilets, yard, kitchen and store, while the white rectangular ones will be used in our three bedrooms. Total damage, $437, not inclusive of delivery. (Delivery is at $18)

Super happy with the purchase. :D Initially, we set aside like $1500 for our lights. We went to another lightings shop, looking for the same model, it came up to $880 ok! Savings + good stuff = Happy Jac

Kitchen & Toilet Accessories - Still looking

Then on Sunday, Nian and I wanted to look for kitchen and toilet accessories. (Think sink, tap, racks for sauces, towel racks, toilet paper holder, mirrors etc. etc. etc.) My family largely uses Songcho products for these accessories - which I really super like because they are super durable! 12 years staying in our place, none. NONE of these accessories ever got stained/rusty at all.

But good things don't come cheap lor.

After asking the prices for the necessary things we need, it turns out that we would have to pay about $1332 for everything, inclusive of delivery and installation, but not inclusive of the sink, which costs a whopping $1881!

Looks like we need to do a bit more research on this and see if we can find something affordable and good. :)

We also bought our sofa set and coffee table! More updates on that, soon. :)

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