Buying Everything Else - Kitchen, Toilet & Yard Accessories

Monday, June 18, 2012

After the previous trip to Songcho but not able to get anything because the prices exceeded our budget, we headed for another accessories trip down Jalan Besar. This time, we managed to get all our shopping done!

Initially, we set our budget to about $1200, not inclusive of water heaters. However, we managed to squeeze it in at $1,250 with 2 sets of heaters. :) Very proud of ourselves!

I think the very reason why we could spend within our budget was because some of the accessories we wanted, was available in sets. That really saved us a lot of money as compared to buying them ala-carte!

Never knew these sets were available until we start shopping for all these knick-knacks. :)

Our kitchen and toilet accessories came in sets that cost $180 and $125 respectively. They include:

Kitchen set
- 5ft long stainless steel bar (for mounting on the wall)
- 4 S-hooks
- Knife & chopping board holder
- Sauce rack
- Pot lid rack (no more drippy pot lids & nowhere to put them)
- Cutleries holder

Knife & board holder | sauce rack (2-tiers in actual)

 Toilet set
- Toilet Glass Rack
- Soap dish (Boss recommended us to use it for key dish if we don't use soap)
- Toothbrush holder
- Toilet paper holder (we're planning to use this for hand towel cuz we prefer our toilet paper holder with lid)
- Hand towel holder (for the kitchen)
- 2-bar towel holder

Glass rack | Toothbrush holder | Towel rack | Hand Towel rack

After getting these sets, we are more or less almost done with our accessories. Other ala-carte items we bought were:

- Instant heaters at $90 each: We wanted a central heater initially, but we didn't have space in the yard. Besides, given Singapore's crazy weather, we deduced that we won't be using heated water as much (like at the sink wtf?)

- Toilet roll holders at $25 each

- Corner racks for shampoo & shower stuff at $25 each

- Mirrors: Got a plain one like below for $23 each.

 - Bidet spray at $15 each

- Sink and Tap: Decided to splurge $445 for the sink and tap (you can buy sinks at slightly over $100) because I really like the design and depth of the sink. The steel is also slightly thicker, so when water runs, it is quieter. It also comes with a chopping board that I can mount over the sink (saves space!) and a sieve that I can either store the sponges, or use it to wash vegetables.

Yes! The sink is rectangular like that, with a matching tap also angled quite rectangularly. (not this tap in pic)

Overall damage for kitchen + toilet accessories came up to $1250, with free delivery.

We bought all these from Royal Franco, 135 Jalan Besar.


Yard Accessories

Went straight to Ikea Tampines to look for some of the accessories I would need when I do the laundry.

Bought this Bygel trolley at $79. I really like this one even though it was supposed to be for the kitchen lol. I mean, I think the compartments are quite suitable for my needs in the yard: Drawers for the clothes pegs and the bottom is slightly higher so I can put all my softener and detergent.

I was thinking maybe the middle slot I can get a little basket and store all my hangers... or Dylan's detergent or something.

Nian also topped up $2 to get me two little cuppies to hang at the side, where the hooks are. I don't know what to use the cuppies for though. :\

And then of course, laundry bags! There's another one that's going for only $7.90, but Nian didn't like the protruding metal bits from that one. This one is pretty neat with the metal bars inside, and folds flat when not in use.

We also like it that it is available in quite a few colours, so we got a white one for the whites, and a black one for coloured clothes.

After getting all these, we got distracted and saw really beautiful lightings at the first level. Ended up with a pair of bedside lamps at only $9.90 each (not inclusive of bulbs)

I think this looks much better in real life. :) I can imagine how sweet our room is going to look already!

Total damage in Ikea was $148.

Current outstanding items to get:

- microwave oven
- rice cooker
- cushioned stool for my vanity table
- open-shelf cabinet for the common toilet
- display cabinet
- bookshelves
- dining table
- bedside tables
- frying pan
- frying ladle
- cutleries
- knives
- anti-slip mats for toilets
- table mats

I honestly don't know how the list suddenly got so long again. O.O

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  1. Thanks for the weekly blog entries on shopping for new house's item. All these information are so interesting & useful to me(moving into my lovenest in 2yrs time). I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up & stay happy. :)

    1. Thank you Anon. :) I'm glad all these sharing are useful to everyone who is building a home too. :)

  2. Hello, been a silent reader for a while but I blog over on Lj. I read that you are still short of a rice cooker. I won one in a recent lucky draw and if you don't mind, I can sell it to you at a cheaper price. It's a Phillips one.. and before I forget, wishing you a smooth last trimester: )

    1. Hello dear!

      Thanks for the offer, but aiya! I just bought a Philips Rice Cooker + Microwave set a few days back at Taka sale. :(

  3. I want that same kitchen set. I like it when it's just hanged. Where did you get that, super-girl? :) With your toilet set, I must admit a bidet spray is necessary. Oh, actually, it's a must I guess. Coz it's easier and much comfy to use, isn't it?

    1. Hi Fluffy, I'm sure most hardware stores will sell the kitchen set, but I got ours at Royal Franco.

      Their address is: 131 Jalan Besar Singapore 208849

      Hope this helps! :)

      P.S. Bidet is very good not only for washing backside, can use to wash the floors too! The strength of the jet is quite good to remove stubborn wet mould stains. Hehe.


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